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The Owl House is an American animated fantasy-comedy television series produced by Disney Television Animation. The series was created by Dana Terrace, and premiered on Disney Channel on January 10, 2020.

Luz is a teenage human girl who accidentally stumbles upon a portal to another world instead of going to Reality Check Camp. When on the Boiling Isles, which is made from the remains of a dead Titan, she befriends the rebellious witch Eda the Owl Lady and an adorable demon warrior named King. Despite not having magical abilities and having to pose as a witch due to the prejudice towards humans, Luz pursues her dream of becoming a witch by serving as Eda's apprentice at the Owl House and ultimately finds a new family in an unlikely setting.
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Journals and Literatures
Thoughts on Eda's Requiem For starters, Raine Whispers. I like their character. I don't know much about nonbinary people aside from the general basis that they do not identify as male or female. Not my experience, but I am happy for nonbinary/genderqueer people that they have some representation. For what it's worth, I loved their character and interactions with Eda. Seriously, they blushed so many times that they could rival Lumity as a power couple.We know that the Day of Unity required the head covens' magical aid and wild witches to join covens, but we know that it requires performing a huge spell. What would happen then? Well, I had a theory that it is all a part of the Titan's plan of likely resurrecting itself, but that is neither here nor there.Barb magic is actually very powerful: it can slice through solid objects and telekinetically puppeteer people around. Eda actually can still perform that kind of magic...but if she kept it up, she'd literally be decaying everything around her.Poor Eda. She developed empty nest syndrome: she just got her sister back into her life only for her to leave; her mother finally understood the error of her ways, but she also left for home; Luz is still trying to return home; and King was seemingly intent on leaving when he manages to find his father's whereabouts. Of course while we as the audience know that Luz would never just go away forever or that King was actually wanting to legally be acknowledged as a Clawthorne, it is just endlessly sad.We get to see Eberwolf and Darius, the heads of the Beast-Keeping Coven and Abomination Coven respectively. I ain't gonna lie when saying that Darius was kind of hot. With the way that Eberwolf was listening to King officially getting it documented that he would now be a Clawthorne does kind of give me the impression that Eberwolf is...well, more susceptible to perhaps turning over a new leaf largely because of his status as a beast-keeper who'd understand the creatures on the Boiling Isles quite well.The worst part of this is the idea that Belos needs all the heads that there's really no option of getting replacements because that would be too time-consuming. So Kikimora enacts a spell on Raine's tattoo pretty much meaning that they WILL help enact the Day of Unity whether they wanted to or not. Yeah...could someone seriously kill Kikimora now? Please? Maybe feed her to a Slitherbeast and make it look like an accident? I'd pay you for the little job.
Most Hated Characters from The Owl House4) Boscha; she is Amity if you stripped her of her redeeming qualities and have her just be obsessed with her social life and goes out of her way to bully students she viewed as "weaker" than her. And then came where she harasses Willow for no good reason beyond "oh, the nerd is stealing my glamor? Well, I can't have that." But I do kind of think that she does have some potential to become slightly better...not to the point where she is a tag-along accomplice to the Hex Gang, but maybe have her haughtiness be broken a smidge? Plus her reaction to acquiring her crab palismen was cute.3) The Blights. As it was kind of obvious, I love Odalia's design. But aside from that, not a really pleasant person. She could be on the running for worst mother in western animation among the likes of Lois Griffin, Peggy Hill, and Sheila from South Park. She is the very definition of a Karen who throws fits when things don't go her way such as when she was considering calling up everyone she knew to prevent Luz and her friends from reentering Hexside. Add in the obligatory "I want to speak to your manager," and you can check that off you Karen bingo board. Alador, I do like a little more because of his odd mannerisms such as chasing butterflies and the like. But just because he is seemingly less verbally abusive than his wife does not mean that he is a good guy: he was likely henpecked by his wife to force Amity to end her friendship with Willow; he thought nothing of demonstrating his Abomi-ton on Luz (even if he did agree with Luz that the demonstration itself was enough...he doesn't even try to push his wife to not kill Luz). And he shows shades of being an opportunistic bastard.2) Bria. I don't care much for her lackeys since they were relatively flat. Bria at first came off as being concerned how her school was being run on some Social Darwinist rhetoric with stronger students bullying the weaker, and it seemed at first she would be a genuine friend for Gus, and likely be seen as "cool mentors" or whatever. But nope. She blew it because it was obvious she wanted to get the galderstones so that she could benefit from them. And then there's robbing graves. Can't get much worse than that.1) My most hated character from the show is not surprising, but it's Kikimora. I just have this...unholy urge to punch this midget in the face so many times, it rips her head off her neck. To describe her, it's kind of like if you were at home just unwinding, and then you see this big cockroach crawling on the wall. Not only is it a big, unsightly freak of nature, but it's hairy. You just have this innate need of crushing it to death before it could lay eggs. That is Kikimora to me. Anytime she is on screen, I just want to smash her with some cartoonishly large mallet like you'd see in a Tom and Jerry cartoon. She is a condescending prick with that grandiose sense of self-worth because of her position in the Emperor's Coven who was a dick to Lilith, and then tries to kill Hunter. What the fuck, lady? What kind of yandere shit is that? It was bad that Odalia tried to kill Luz, but Hunter's case is worse because he would be the most intimate with Belos because of him being his "nephew." And why would she do something that irredeemably evil? Just because she was jealous that she wasn't at Belos's side. What the hell, gremlin? Even worse, you could contrast her with Lilith and Hunter: Lilith served Belos partly because she was trying to cure her sister to atone of her mistakes and ultimately tries to become better. Hunter was emotionally abused/manipulated by Belos and follows his commands without question even when he was curious about wild magic. Kikimora has no redeeming traits, sympathetic motivations, nor complexity. She is just some arrogant, psychotic, pint-sized asshole who needs to be destroyed....
Measuring Parents in the Owl HouseWillow's parents. While shown as a bit pushy when she was expelled, they nevertheless love her with one even pretending to not see anything when she was going to save Luz.Gus's Dad is okay.While a lot of people tend to demonize Camila, keep in mind that she is a struggling single parent who does at the least acknowledge her daughter's interests, and it is not unreasonable that she would want her to break out of her fantasy world a bit out of genuine concern. But I think that can explain Creepy Luz.Eda; she is actually someone who understands Luz for the most part, and goes out of her way to provide for her such as buying griffin eggs for her despite them being expensive. And she was willing to use her magic even if it meant her being unable to return from the Owl Demon form in order to save Luz. She was also a great parental figure for King; while making him indulge in his beliefs that he was some fierce overlord, she did it with good intentions and gives him the piece of his horn that had broken off back.Gwendolyn Clawthorne is someone who genuinely loves her daughters but made a lot of mistakes such as not listening to Eda and unwittingly making Lilith feel unloved due to her dedication with curing her younger sister's curse. Ultimately well-intentioned.Odalia, thiccness aside, was pretty much what I envisioned: a controlling sociopath who values her social status more than the wellbeing and happiness of her children. She is verbally abusive using her oracle abilities to mistreat Amity among other things.Alador is a different flair of abuser. His problem is he is inattentive and neglectful of his kids. He willingly goes along with his wife's plans and while he did put his foot down, that was largely out of pragmatism instead of him understanding that Amity loved Luz.Belos and Hunter. I don't care if he's more gentle towards him than his other servants as that can be seen as emotional manipulation like him saying "is that the thanks I get for bringing you in" when GG failed to retrieve the palismen. Seems to me his care can easily turn sour if he stepped out of line.
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