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I decided a couple of days back to start working on a little pet project (at this point I already have one too many unfinished pet projects). I'm putting the current stable working iteration here to make it more accessible to my play testers *cough*friends*cough*. I'm gonna be updating the file as frequent as I can.

Just so you know it's not a game yet. It's currently just the game start screen.

It's made using Stencyl. Everything so far is done by me including the music.

version pA.0.1.0

- added more buildings in the background

- opening credit scene in finally complete!

Keep up to date with the development over at PIX3L_NATION's Facebook page! I occasionally do live streams there.
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Ohhhh boiiiiii looks fab!
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Thanks! Can't wait to actually start working on the rest of it lol
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still hella cute tho :'D
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