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I can aim better than you by The-Other-Knight I can aim better than you :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 4 11 Urban Alice. Derek...not by The-Other-Knight Urban Alice. Derek...not :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 2 1
My life as a teenageCyclonien5
My Life as a Teenage Cycloniean 5
Dear journal,
Well my life sucks.
I just spent the last FOREVER learning how to play the violin. So now I am pretty good at it,
ok but here is how my solution suddenly turned into a problem once again.
I was playing the violin pretty freaking amazingly in my room, then a friend who is also on Ravess's squad, (FYI not really my friend, just some dude I call friend cause if you say his name really fast it sounds like your saying friend) told me that it was time to battle.
First thing I thought was, are we actually going out to pick a fight or are the other guys already here? I hate picking fights with other people, I never know what to pick a fight about I end up saying stuff like
"I don't like your face!! I am going to take you to the mall and get you a make over!!" so then I end up going to the mall for the day instead of fighting. Which is still nice.
So here I was on my skimmer ready to take off when Friend ran up to me and handed my violin.
And he's
:iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 0 3
myLifeAsATeenageCycloniean 4
My life as a teenage cycloniean #4
Cycloniean #4564 is the name, fighting boredom is the game, and oh yeah, fighting those good for nothin do gooders. I sometimes wonder why I even became a cycloniean cause generally, I don't really care what other people are doing. I think I just joined for the free suit.
One size fits all you know. You could gain a bunch of weight, which happens cause we get a truckload of donuts delivered to Cyclonia like everyday, and your suit would still fit like a glove. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. I'm just saying, there's a reason why Snipe doesn't have to wear the skin tight uniform. AHHHHHH I just pictured it.
In case you haven't noticed reader it has been a while since I wrote in my journal, cause I have been busy with my lessons.
What kind of lessons you ask? Well ever since I got kicked off Dark Ace's team, I got moved to Ravess's squad.  Cool right? Not at all. First thing she did when I told her I was gonna be working with her from n
:iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 0 7
Star Hawks Storm Wars by The-Other-Knight Star Hawks Storm Wars :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 1 2 Teen Poof by The-Other-Knight Teen Poof :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 6 3 Girl at the Rockshow by The-Other-Knight Girl at the Rockshow :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 1 2 mad hatter by The-Other-Knight mad hatter :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 1 0 4564 Quizzle by The-Other-Knight 4564 Quizzle :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 1 2 9 and monster by The-Other-Knight 9 and monster :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 0 0
myLifeAs a teenageCycloniean 3
My life as a teenage cycloniean
part 3
well, here I am. In the jail cell in Cyclonia, writing what may be my last entry. I have a few words to write for whoever finds this JOURNAL (not diary) among my other stuff when they get rid of me in some horrible way. Its not my fault that the Dark Ace is a show off? Is it? Am I really going to be punished for something that brought so many people joy?
I hear footsteps coming down the hall.......this is’s the last day I’m gonna be alive......the last day I get to write..........GASP
Ok so the footsteps I heard weren’t for me, it was for the guy in the cell next to me. Poor guy. Oh wait.....that guy was a sky knight.......I HOPE HE GETS WHAT’S COMING TO HIM!!
I am a cycloniean after all. Don’t hate the player hate the game.
Sooo, I have a few more minutes to write down my final
Nope....nothing. Oh well.
Wait I hear more footsteps!!! their coming for me!! This is
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night crawler by The-Other-Knight night crawler :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 2 2 Eir wings by The-Other-Knight Eir wings :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 0 3 childlike stork by The-Other-Knight childlike stork :iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 5 2
MyLifeAsATeenageCyclonean 2
My life as a teenage cycloniean 2
well my name is cycloniean #4564........yeah, not that important right? I don’t really get noticed around here much. Especially if I am flying behind the Dark Ace. Cause he steals everyone’s attention away by standing on the wings of his ride. But what most people don’t know is that he needs a little help to be able to stand on his ride like that. Everyday someone gets chosen to put glue on the bottom of Dark aces shoes so he doesn’t fall off when he’s showing off.
So yesterday was my turn.
I never did this before.
I’m not good with responsibility, and that combined with my short attention span....well lets just say it was really funny for me and not so much for the Dark Ace.
I only put glue on one boot. Your supposed to put enough glue on so he can stand but not enough so he would be stuck. But I put on WAY too much glue on one boot. So he put his boots on and just sat on his ride.
He didn’t notice anything, I didn
:iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 1 4
my life as a teenage cyclonian
Well, uh, oh yeah my name.
Hi my name is....uh apparently my name is Cycloniean # 4564, that’s such a weird number, why couldn’t I get like a 5 or something? This is sooo low on the totem pole. I’ll never get any respect with a 4 digit number!
Well anyways, I’m guessing that you already guessed that I am a Cycloniean, with a number for an identity, brilliant. Um something about me.....I forget easily, I love pranks, I get distracted very easily, hey did you know it Cyclonia has its own hair dresser?? Yeah totally!! Did you think everyone’s hair was just naturally awesome?? No way, you should see Ravess in the morning. She looks like a wet sky cat!! Haha one guy giggled when he saw her hair like that and she threw him out the window!! SERIOUSLY, out the window!!
Um what else is there to know about me...I forget easily, I talk in an accent in front of Snipe just to mess with him. I fight along side with the Dark Ace. WORST JOB EVER!!
I know all the girl cycloniea
:iconthe-other-knight:The-Other-Knight 2 4


Elizabeth and Victor by BeatrizMartinVidal Elizabeth and Victor :iconbeatrizmartinvidal:BeatrizMartinVidal 78 10 Frankenstein -- Monster by thenumber42 Frankenstein -- Monster :iconthenumber42:thenumber42 81 41 frankenhole by soup13 frankenhole :iconsoup13:soup13 13 19 Mad scientist by THZ Mad scientist :iconthz:THZ 760 60 Phineas and Ferb by Wolf-Fairy Phineas and Ferb :iconwolf-fairy:Wolf-Fairy 284 72 YAY FOR SCIENCE by Shubbabang YAY FOR SCIENCE :iconshubbabang:Shubbabang 13 29 selfishly vindicated by WeOwnTheNite selfishly vindicated :iconweownthenite:WeOwnTheNite 1 3 INCEPTION - Dream of Me. by YoukaiYume INCEPTION - Dream of Me. :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 4,883 645 INCEPTION - The Last Donut by YoukaiYume INCEPTION - The Last Donut :iconyoukaiyume:YoukaiYume 7,670 1,110 INCEPTION by hakuku INCEPTION :iconhakuku:hakuku 4,361 345 Inception by DoctorNorik Inception :icondoctornorik:DoctorNorik 693 103 Arthur and Ariadne - INCEPTION by nami64 Arthur and Ariadne - INCEPTION :iconnami64:nami64 3,397 282 Scott Pilgrim vs. the World by staroksi Scott Pilgrim vs. the World :iconstaroksi:staroksi 510 62



This account represents fifty people. We are all wannabe sitcom writers from the 90's trying to get a break, in this sitcom world.
so we made this account to just to ignore something.
"I'm not a wannabe! I wrote an episode of Friends!!"
"Shut up Derick!! No one likes you!!"
"Ouch, that was hurtful,"
"NO it wasn't, it was nessa, it was completley nessa."
"That's not a word!"
"I can say what I want!"
That's all you need to know really. That and we love Neil Patrick Harris, as a unit.

deviantWEAR sizing preference: actual
Favourite photographer: Peter Parker, like HOW does he get sooo many awesome pictures of Spiderman!!!???
Shell of choice: shell phone, an imaginary shell phone.
Favourite cartoon character: ....Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: going outdoors just means you have nothing better to do INDOORS!!
  • Listening to: some girl singing on tv.
  • Reading: a story about memory loss....i dont know the title
  • Watching: storm hawks!! :D
  • Playing: a really FUN game
BAW HAHAHAH wazzz up peoples!!!
I decided that I didn't do a random journal in a while so before you click away and be like "this gurl, THIS GURL, is boring and I'm not reading" just read the rest and you'lll Lq2y (laugh quietly 2 yourself)

0k!! I went to go on Deviant art in like the first time in a LONG time, (which I will, might, maybe, most likely) be in the process of putting up more artwork, or men at work, haahha hyper now cause, just cause I LOVE TYPEING!!! I feel like a girl from the 50s when I type!! Somehow anyways!!

OMG in lOVE with this one guy!!! HAhaha sooooo unnaturally CUTE!! its...........ELIJAH WOOD!!
what??? but that doesn't make any sense?? WE are already married!! pfft stupid memory loss that I gotten when I fell down the waterslide at the white house. (yeah, they got one!)
anyways!! I was telling a story,

so I was gonna go on and like I never log of my account on deviantart cause its like NOOO thats one step I don't needin to be takin!!! and also I forgot my password,

BUt when I wents to go on I needed a pAssword And I was as confused as Colin Firth when watching the Black Swan when making a kings speech on the social network that showed he had true grit cause he still had a toy story 3 kids are alright but the rest are winters bone for at least antoher 127 hours.
hmm, did I leave anything out??? OH yeah!! the rest  of my story....

anyways, I remembered my password on teh first try and then I typed this thing out JUST FOR FUN!!

haha anyways, I dunno. BYE!! Comment if you think Cake Boss is the best show EVER!!


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