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:star: ATTENTION: All submissions must be submitted to the correct medium folder :star:

Welcome to #The-Original-Magic, a group that focuses on traditional art, such as: pencil, pen, crayon, paint, pastel, chalk, clay, etc. If you love making art with those media, please feel free to join!

Why did I chose the name, The-Original-Magic? Well, these traditional materials were what people originally made art (magic) with. I love traditional art. It's the good ol' fashioned way to make art.

Some things you should know before joining:

- You can only submit 2 (two) deviations per day.
- Founder and Co-Founder requests are not allowed.
- Contributors must be approved by the founder.
- Anyone can become a member. Member requests are automatically approved.
- Anyone can become a watcher.
- Deviations submitted must be approved by the founders and contributors.
- Favs are voted on.
- Only submit your best work, not your whole gallery.
-***Please have your submission cleaned and ready for viewing purposes. What this means is that you must have the photo cropped, with your watermark/personal signature, and proper lighting.****
- Submissions must be TRADITIONAL. No digital please!

CONTRIBUTORS: Guidelines on accepting submissions.

First and most important one: It must be traditional art

I know some people have a different perspective on what's traditional and what's not, so here's what's allowed in this group.

- flat pieces made in pencil, colored pencil, marker, paint, ink, etc.
- sculptures made in clay, glass, and any other material (there's someone who makes flowers with soda cans, so I mean stuff like that. 'found materials')
- food art (cakes and stuff. We occasionally get those too)
- hand-made jewelry
- artisan crafts (stuff you can stitch and sew)
- tutorials on how to make a certain type of traditional art
- collages made with mixed media (cannot be digital)

So basically it's things you can physically see, touch, smell, etc.


- photography
- digital paintings
- literature
- photo-manipulations

If you're not sure if something's digital or not, hover over the deviation to see what category it was submitted in.

Another important rule:

In this group, we accept everything as long as it follows our rules. Please don't only accept pieces you like. I don't want to discourage anyone who's deviation wasn't submitted because it 'wasn't good enough' even though it followed all the rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.







Group Info

We are a group that mainly focuses on traditional art. For example, art made with: pencil paints, pastels, clay, chalk, etc.

Let me explain what should be going into each of our gallery folders
Airbrush_-:-Traditional airbrush techniques by gradually adding paint similar to a spray paint gun or a spray paint can.
(Example: Car re-touching)
Acrylic_-:-Used thickly, like oil paint, or watered down to be like watercolor.
(Example: Wood paint, for a rocking chair)
Body Art_-:-Made on, with, or consisting of, the human body.
(Example: tattoos, body piercings, body painting)
Chalk_-:- Similar to charcoal, it is usually used on white or black or brown board. Colors are various
(Example: chalk designs on the sidewalk)
Charcoal_-:- Carbonized wood that gives off a white, brown, or black color. Very similar to chalk.
(Example: Fireplace cinders)
Crayon_-:-A pencil or stick of colored chalk or wax, used for drawing
(Example: Crayola Crayons)
Colored Pencil_-:- Colored pigment inside of a regular pencil
(Example: drawings for school projects)
Cuisine_-:- Food artwork.
(Example: Cake Decorating)
Fashion_-:- Beginning artist sketches or actual clothing.
(Example: Mannequin wearing a dress you designed and made)
Graphite_-:- Pencil or stick art made of graphite mineral
(Example: Black and white portrait art)
Jewelry_-:- Sketches or finished products of jewelry created by the artist
(Example: A finished necklace)
Ink_-:- Indian ink, black or colored ink, or pen.
(Example: Black and white canvas work)
Markers_-:- Crayola or Prisma color marker.
(Example: Coloring a coffee mug)
Dry Pastel_-:- Otherwise known as "Chalk pastel" using the hard and flaky sticks for artwork
(Example: sketches or speed paintings)
Oil Pastel_-:- The smooth pastel that tends to blend better in a thicker coat
(Example: Long and very well blended paintings)
Oil Paint_-:- The smooth and long drying paint.
(Example: Any kind of painting. This can also be used on furniture)
Tutorials_-:- Fellow member works showing how they made something or how to make something.
Sculpture_-:- Clay, wood, resin, paper, Kleenex, bottles or any kind of 3-D artwork.
Sketches_-:- Fast, Blurred, or sloppy figures/drawings of almost anything.
Watercolor Pencil_-:- Artwork using watercolor pencil.
Watercolor_-:- Artwork using the actual watercolor paint with no pencil
Works in Progress (WIP) _-:- Anything that is in the making
Ask the Artist the Medium_-:- IF you do not know the medium of the works of art, please submit here and write the artist a message asking them for the type of medium they used.
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Art Creation

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Traditional Art

5,690 Members
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Now Seeking ARTISTS!

Hello everyone! I am looking for graphic art for the following characters!

Hades: Greedy, hospitable, mysterious god of the underworld
Persephone: goddess of spring, Queen of the Underworld
Demeter: mother of persephone, goddess of agriculture, bringer of famine.
Hermes: messenger of the gods, god of trade, thieves, travel guide on the highway to hell
Hecate: Goddess of magic, the moon, necromancy
The Furies: three creatures of vengeance, all with wings
The Judges: Including Minos of Crete, they determine if you go to Elysium or to Asphodel
Charon the Ferryman: ugly, bearded demon who carried souls across the River Styx
River Goddess: embodiment of the River Styx. Contains the dead and immortality in her waters.
Thanatos: god of the dead. Guardian of the doors of death
Melinoe: goddess of nightmares and madness
Nyx: goddess of darkness
Orpheus: talented musician in love with his wife
Eurydice: wife of Orpheus
Psyche: beautiful princess that goes through trials to prove her love to her husband

Winner will receive credit in an upcoming Youtube series:
www. /twistingfategvstate!
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