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Jacob Black? Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Sixteen
- -Jacob- -
“…she’s not here anymore, is she?” Her words hammered into the air, loud and clear, knocking all else out of my mind and reminding me what I had pushed to the back of my mind for the last few months. No, Bella wasn’t here, I knew that, but I had not dwelled on that fact, but on the very idea that the leeches had taken her away. I was angry at her for being so gullible, so easily tricked into going with them, but she had had the choice. I knew she had a choice, even if I was fooling myself. I had let myself get carried away in locking memories away and covering them with lies that – now that I’ve been reminded – were densely woven to make me forget what was true and only remember what I wanted to, even if it was as far from the truth as I could manage. I had been too scared to think about the truth, instead piling on all those woven lies was the only way I could remember and not break down.
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Jacob Black? Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Fifteen
I opened the door, feeling slightly guilty but relieved that Yvonne was leaving. That afternoon had not been in the least bit productive. It was awkward and by the end of the session we only had a list of things that we could possibly write for the dialogue. “I-I’m so sorry,” I blurted out as Yvonne tied up her shoes by the front door.
She looked up, right foot in the air with an untied shoe in her hands. “What – no, there’s nothing to apologize for!” She wobbled on her single foot and grabbed the wall for support. “We did get something done! And,” she stopped, judging my worried expression before continuing, “and, it’s not your fault.” She smiled.
“Yes it-”
She straightened, leaving her shoe untied. “No, it isn’t,” she said firmly. Her voice softened, “But it might not be his either.” She stared into my eyes. “Could you give my suggestion a try? Just listen
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Jacob Black? Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fourteen
- -Jacob- -
“You go girl.”
“Oh-my-god-where did you get that? It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”
“Where’ve you been?”
“You’ve just got to tell me how-”
I slammed my locker before searching for the source of all the commotion. I felt Embry and Quil next to me. They had curious looks on their faces as well. Quil shouted over the screeching just as the first bell rang, “Let’s just get into home room.” Embry left us to enter his classroom while Quil and I laced through the crowd to our classroom.
There was hardly anyone in it, but just as we sat down and placed our books on our desks, the crowd came rushing in, whispers of what they had seen still coming out of their mouths. Hardly anything exciting happened in our school, so even little events are stretched into bigger ideas.
She came in just before the late bell, laughing at something a girl b
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Jacob Black banner by the-ordinary-girl Jacob Black banner :iconthe-ordinary-girl:the-ordinary-girl 65 44 The Cullens that we Love by the-ordinary-girl The Cullens that we Love :iconthe-ordinary-girl:the-ordinary-girl 83 60
Jacob Black? Chapter Thirteen
Chapter 13
The clear, bitter winds of November in New York contrasted the airport’s stuffiness. I could see my breath as I stuck my hand out for a taxi.
“Where to?” the driver asked me, when I slammed the door shut after putting my luggage in the back.
“Home,” I sighed.
He chuckled. “Tiring day?”
I nodded and added, “Bad month too. I’m just glad to be back and see my sister.”
Stupid Jacob, stupid Jacob Black, I fumed, running my hand through my hair. I stomped down the stairs, ignoring the urge to slam my fist into something. When I entered the living room, I was greeted with curious and wary looks from the three adults. Charlie excused himself, saying that he needed to use the restroom. He brushed past me as I stopped in front of the sofa where my parents sat, apparent shock on their faces. “I want to go back to New York for Thanksgiving,” I said, keeping my tone as light as possible. “I want to
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Mistress of the Sky by the-ordinary-girl Mistress of the Sky :iconthe-ordinary-girl:the-ordinary-girl 2 1
Jacob Black? Chapter Twelve
Chapter Twelve
- -Kara- -
I dragged myself to my bicycle, not even pausing when the hall monitor called out to me. I was supposed to be at French, but with my heart thumping so unsteadily and my head whirling with pain, I decided to skip. I steered the bike to the sidewalk before getting on and riding home, all the while my mind kept flashing me images of Jacob; Jacob giving me a tentative smile, Jacob’s face scrunched up in concentration, Jacob giving me a brilliant smile, Jacob looking angry…
In a daze, I crossed the road without looking and didn’t see a car coming. The Camry came to a screeching halt inches from my right leg. The driver stuck his head out and yelled at me for not looking before crossing. I apologized and quickly biked to the other side of the street’s safety. Sighing, I stopped just before my house, and was about to go in when I decided to take a short ride before going home. I swerved into a park having learnt my lesson from before
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Jacob Black? Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven
- -Jacob- -
My hands shook as I left the cafeteria. I could feel Embry’s burning eyes on my back as he followed me to wherever I was headed. I walked without seeing anything, not feeling anything. I heard the sounds of people talking and the sounds of lunch time at a high school, but I wasn’t paying attention. All I really focused on was the sound of my heart beating faster and faster, and snippets of Kara and the idiot Zack’s conversation replaying over and over again in my mind.
What’s happened to me?
Somehow, I had this tugging feeling at my heart. I was certain I had felt it before, but, I couldn’t place my finger on when I had. I couldn’t understand what made me get up from my spot at the table and leave. I couldn’t understand why I suddenly felt angry at their encounter. It wasn’t any of my business who Kara dated. Was it?
I twisted around to see Embry, eyes flitting from my face to the wa
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TheRealTruthAboutTwilight - 2
Part Deux
We walked together, closely but not too closely. It looked as if we were friends, walking with each other. However, some girls still frowned at us and stared longingly at Edward. Every time we passed a girl like that, I couldn’t help but giggle a bit. Edward had more self-discipline and would only chuckle softly with me. We were about halfway there, when something occurred to me.
“Oh! I’ve got another question.” Edward frowned. “Fine, don’t answer it if it makes you that unhappy. But, in my opinion, shouldn’t it make you happy? It is about her.”
“I suppose I knew that this was going to come up soon,” he replied slowly.
“So should I…?” He gestured for me to go on. “Okay then, where’s Bella now?”
He sighed. “She’s in Forks.”
I rolled my eyes again. That’s quite obvious. “But, why aren’t you with her?”
“I left her.”
My eyes widened in
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The Real Truth About Twilight
Part Uno - No, this isn't about Kara and Jacob, just another fanfic that maybe you guys'll like. Read the artist's note for more info. Enjoy!
I guess I’ve never really believed in vampires, nor any other mythical creature at that. Maybe I just couldn’t bring myself to believing that there really were creatures that would suck the blood of humans to survive. Or, maybe I just couldn’t see translucent bodies be able to exist in this world.  At least, I wouldn’t believe them, unless there really was a logical explanation. Perhaps, the farthest I would go to believing a, let’s say, vampire legend, is maybe that there was a group of psychologically corrupted people, who were extremely pale in comparison to normal humans, who drank the blood of some unsuspecting individuals, and some bystander saw this, and made a story of it. Like that would happen, right?
Nevertheless, every time I pick up one of those fantasy books filled with descrip
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Jacob Black? Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten
“There was a girl.”
“A girl.”
“Her name was-is Bella.”
“Jacob loved her.”
“Very much.”

I stopped in front of my locker. “Jacob,” I acknowledged. There was a pause before I added, “What’s wrong? Is there something you need?” He stared at me with unreadable, troubled eyes. I shifted my weight uncomfortably. “What?”
He sighed, looking down at the floor and moving away from my locker. “I think we need to talk.”
I wouldn’t look at him, though I knew what he meant. I couldn’t look at him. “Why would you think that, Jake?” I asked, keeping my voice light and quiet.
“You’ve been avoiding me for the past week.” It was stated emotionlessly, making me wince behind my wall of hair.
“I haven’t,” I immediately contradicted while cautiously unlocking the locker, careful to keep my face hidden.
“What do you ca
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Jacob Black? Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine
I was thankful that my parents had to go to a dinner with my father’s coworkers. I didn’t need my mother to see my face, knowing that she would ask me what had happened, and I didn’t want to tell because I knew that once I’d started, I would not be able to stop myself from telling her everything. After taking a shower and some Advil, I flounced onto my bed, wincing as my head hit the pillow, and tried unsuccessfully to forget the big load of homework in my backpack which was still downstairs.
Sighing, I tromped down the stairs and spread my textbooks and notes on the kitchen table with a bowl of grapes in the middle. I was on my tenth algebra exercise when I heard the sounds of the front door unlocking and laughter trailing in.
“Charlie,” my father’s booming voice sounded confidently, “It really has been such a long time. Who knew I would find you here?”
“Yes,” an unfamiliar voice answered. “Actually, I liv
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Jacob Black? Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight
The world was spinning around me too much, too fast. I’ve lost control of myself. I want it to stop; I need it to stop; I want everything to slow down. Stop! I demanded, but I found my voice weak with no energy at all. It wasn’t my voice, I never sounded that weak. I backed away, willing everything to come to an end, horrified of everything, anything. Please, I pleaded. But my surroundings wouldn’t stay still, it might have even spun faster, around and around like a merry-go-round, going too much, too fast.
All I could see during those moments of despair, of being lost in a world where I didn’t even recognize my own voice, all I could see was Jacob and then…her face. I hadn’t known that I’d fallen so deeply for the werewolf, fallen so deeply in love. I couldn’t understand, comprehend why I would react so hugely, so badly toward just seeing her face. Her face.
It had only been a month and a bit afte
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Jacob Black? Chapter Seven
Chapter Seven
The first time I was at Jacob’s house was just to drop off something he had forgotten at school. I had fidgeted nervously in front of the door and had been a bit worried with confronting Jacob’s dad. I’m not a shy person, but he was, after all, another character from Twilight. So, I had been thankful when it was Jacob who had opened the door. Wordlessly, probably because I hadn’t know what to say, I had handed over his stuff and turned to leave when I’d heard it, a sound coming from behind me. It had sounded real, genuine, happy, and different from what I had ever heard from Jacob.
I should have known the moment the sound rang in my ears that it couldn’t have possibly been Jacob. The voice sounded like him, yet it wasn’t. However, the pure ringing of the laughter made me feel giddy for a second, giddy with hope, hope for a change of the forever sullen expression smoldered onto the boy’s face. I had looked over at the w
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Jacob Black? Chapter Six
Chapter Six
The bell hadn’t rung yet, but there were already many people milling about, joking, laughing, getting ready for school. It was November and already I had proven myself to be a part of their daily lives. I wasn’t popular exactly, not that I was in my old school, but I could live with my status. People would greet me politely, chatter around me. I was finally accepted. Not only by Jacob and his friends, but by the whole school.
I turned around, smiling happily to myself, to see Embry and Quil right in front of me, crowding around me. They looked even more dangerous up-close but their nervous shifting eyes gave away their nervousness. “What’s up?” I asked them cheerfully. Quil looked at Embry meaningfully, probably urging his friend to speak first. Embry took a deep breath. I waited, waiting for a rant or reason behind all this fuss. There was nothing. I looked at them quizzically. “What’s the matter?” I repeated.
“We want to
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hello all.

It's already been a year, everybody. I thank you all for the comments/favs/watches. I've made a ton of friends. I love you guys, really. A lot. I'm so glad everyone loves my stuff. It makes me really happy to hear feedback and to see my works enjoyed by people. After a year, I already have 5000 pageviews. Wow, thanks so much. I believe I have almost 50 watches and tons of favourites. I'm really happy, grateful toward all of you, and proud of my achievements here.

Really, I am so grateful. Now, onto the main topic.

I'm going to leave this account and make a new one. There are numerous reasons why. First of all, most of the deviations found on this account is fanart (okay, at least 85% is fanart) and I want to start posting things that are my own creation (writing, drawing, graphics, etc.).

Secondly, I just want to start all over again. I want to see if I can get this far without doing fanart. There are a lot of Twilight fans out there, so that has made my deviations get a lot of pageviews just because of the numerous fans. With my own original stuff, it'll be harder, way harder to get to where I am now.

I'm keeping all of the deviations on this account though. But, if you're one of my Jacob Black? readers, I'm afraid you'll have to head over to my fanfiction[dot]net account… to read further chapters. On my new account, I'll be posting my original stories, and I'll most probably be announcing updates for Jacob Black? in journal entries.

I'll also be posting drawings, other graphics... possibly comics, Photoshop textures. Basically, I'm stepping away from fanart, but I might MIGHT post one or two every once in a while.

so... if you guys want to follow me to my new account... click that -> :iconluurve:

~signing off, :iconthe-ordinary-girl:
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