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The Peace Corps

I have seen what this war is doing. I have watched the lives it has claimed. I have witnessed the horror of being a medic for the Solar Empire, helpless to attend the cries of the opposing side. I saw this and I knew that this was not the way to win the war. So I created my own force. I created a place where the sick and wounded, no matter their alliance, could come to seek treatment. Where enemies could meet on neutral ground without fear of attack. A place where, if willing, my fellows can learn that violence will not save us. Yes, I created my own force, a force of peace. If you see this war as I do, then come aid me in my quest to end the bloodshed.

The final of the main factions (any other posters I create will be sub factions or branches)

I'm not sure how satisfied I am with this one....

Please DO NOT upload my artwork to Ponibooru, I have my own account and would like to upload it myself, thanks ;)
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As a fellow MLP fan and a real-life U.S. Peace Corps volunteer, I can say that this is one of the most inspiring pieces of artwork I've seen in recent years. :nod:
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team with us peace corp I know you will loose #teamluna
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A very Fluttershy thing for her to do too.
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Thank you, Saberspark. :salute: I love this so much, my heart hurts.  I just love the minimalistic style and how it looks like a real poster. Kudos, my friend.
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Thank you Saberspark for bringing me here... :icondashsaluteplz:
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Love and tolerance! :iconbrohoofplz: Give honor. Good job on this poster, inspiring especially the description. Stay inspired, stay professional, stay strong and stay gold!

9/11, terrorism, cyber bullying, bullying, the killing, the rape, wars, bank robbery, Nazism, KKK is a lot worst than someone watching MLP FIM.
Saying people who watch MLP FIM is gay is like saying:
Girls are lesbians for watching GI JOE, Transformers, TMNT, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z and boy shows.
Boys are gay for watching Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Fruit Basket, Powerpuff Girls, MLP FIM, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Sailor Moon, HiPuffy AmiYumi and girl shows.
Older people are pedophiles for playing Mario games, Pokémon games, Zelda, etc... and etc...

I remember in the old generation women aren't suppose to wear jeans because it was for men.

Let people like what they like and just accept what people are into, their just different, what do you expect them to be the same? Someone listens to this music just LET THEM! People like this hobby just let it be!

9/11, terrorism, cyber bullying, bullying, the killing, the rape, wars, bank robbery, Nazism, KKK is a lot worst than that!
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For the Brony and non-Brony Peace Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Celestia Clapping Pony Icon - Fluttershy Clapping Pony Icon - Nightmare Moon lolitrollu 
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This image has reduced me to tears...
UN PEACEKEEPERS RESPECT TO YOU ALL and awesome work by the way.
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:iconbrohoof1plz: :iconbrohoof2plz:
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I have witnessed the horror of being an engineer for the Anti-Brony Resistance, the men it has taken, the stress of the war is on our shoulders. I do not believe in fluttershy, but I am compelled to join this peaceful organization to stop this futile war, to make peace, to aid the casualties.
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Does anyone else want this made into a T-Shirt? I'd wear it.
Of course i would.
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:( I tried. Apparnetly he doesn't want his work to be used. Oh well.
couldn't he put it on RedBubble,WeLovefine or stuff to sell it?
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IDK, you'd have to ask him. I'd LOVE for him to do that though; I'd totally buy it.
I have asked him but no reply. :(
I'm sorry.
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Peace cannot be achieved in this war. The NLR and the Imperium fight continually against one another and P.A.R.T.Y. has begun its campaign of terror. The only way this war shall end is if one side is destroyed.
One shall stand. One shall fall.
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I believe in the power of human understanding to bring peace and i believe in the power of fluttershy. :)
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You know, this presentation and your accompanying description speak VOLUMES about what a message this world desperately needs to reconnect with.

I personally believe that bronies are more than a simple fan following of children's programming. They radiate what the show is all about: Love and tolerance. The world is so steeped in its own hatred that the human race fails to realize that it's destroying itself, and they need our collective talents to show them the right path.

I appreciate this artwork more than you'll know, friend. Well done.
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This is lovely... <3
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That never stopped me from playing Pokemon.
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