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No Violence, Just stylin'

My favorite DC ladies!
Growing up I would've done anything to be like them and have crazy awesome superpowers. I used to practice cartwheels and karate for the sole purpose of achieving this goal.

But sadly enough, it didn't take me long to realize I'd get arrested for running around in a scantily clad outfit and kicking people in the face. :(
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awesome. I wish this would happen!
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Does anyone know?
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Amazing, I love your drawing style but was wondering what type of drawing style it was......😂
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WOW! Nice poses!!!
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Cool some of my favorite heroines all on one page. I love how you do the motion motion blur, it makes the characters really flow.:jumpingjacks:  But Black Canary icon: Spyro Dat Ass or cool Spro .
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Hot legs on Wonder Woman.
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Awesome poses!
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WOAHH such style! This is lovely! I love the energy and your painting style here, super awesome!
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Seriously awesome picture.
Loving ALL about them!! Those faces, and Wonder Woman knees! lol Does it make any sense?? haha Anyway, BEAUTIFUL!
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HaHaa!!! Thank you!
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Pfft, stupid law enforcement. I saw go for it! Go kick people in the face garbed in a scantily clad outfit!
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Fantastic!! And again...thighs & curves...actual real anatomy!!
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Great drawing. I wanted to be Superdog when I was little...rather worrying
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I found this on Comics Alliance.  Very good work!
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This looks fantastic, I'm utterly in love with your way of drawing females!
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Aww, yes, Black Canary!*dies*
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Just the THIGH MEAT of it all...who can stand it!!! (obviously i can since i like it)....This is not for the weak at heart
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