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A Slight Misunderstanding by Aphrodite-NS
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Commission - Cirri by Aphrodite-NS
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Korriban by kupieckorzenny
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Jaely Adarran - No Sith No Jedi by Shary
SWTOR: Sith Inquisitor Customized Barbie Doll. by Tanzanight
SWTOR: Sith Inquisitor Doll. by Tanzanight
Darth Moros (OC) by SoCourtneyLeigh

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Revan beauty render 2 by digitalinkrod Revan beauty render 2 :icondigitalinkrod:digitalinkrod 184 28
EEXGG Crackfic ch. 3
"Confront them with annihilation, and they will then survive; plunge them into a deadly situation, and they will then live. When people fall into danger, they are then able to strive for victory."
-Sin Tzu

     The Eve probe sat there on the ground paralyzed with fear; the ominous figure above her continued to stare her down with his piercing yellow eyes, keeping a close eye on her.
"General Grievous!" called out a Battle Droid Elite. Her circuits froze with fear upon hearing that name. He must have been "The General" that the battle droids were talking about; the word Grievous just fit his appearance, he looked like someone who was willing to inflict large amounts of pain and torture upon anybody who got in his way. The droid walked up to the intimidating general keeping his menacing eye on her, the Eve probe could tell that the battle Droid Elite was just as nervous as she was being around this frightening leader.
"Sir, we've found the rumored listenin
:iconvolts48:Volts48 26 7
EEXGG Crackfic ch. 2
"When there is no peril in the fight, there is no glory in the triumph."
-A. Alvarez

-Transmission recovered. Continue emitting-
"Hands up! You're coming with us!" commanded the Battle Droid Elite. Almost on cue, someone fired a shot that hit one of the droids; this caused a firefight to occur. The droids opened fire on anybody in the room; the smart ones in the room went for cover, these smart ones included the Eve probe and Thump Icky. They made cover for the rock formations that stuck out from the ground as lasers flew past their heads, the Eve probe's cover was enough to keep her hidden from harm, Thump was a bit unlucky, his cover didn't fit his size, only if luck was on his size would he be able to escape this onslaught.
"Do something Miss Eve!!" he yelled out over the sound of blaster fire.
"Why?" She called back to him.
"The Republic can't lose this listening post! You have to help us fight back!"
"And I should care at all why?" she looked at him quizzically.
"We had a
:iconvolts48:Volts48 22 11
EEXGG Crackfic ch. 1
"Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating."
-Karl Von Clausewitz

     A mysteriously cloaked short figure made its way through the market square. This figure walked slow, careful to avoid being seen by the battle droids patrolling the city. The Separatist army had taken control of the planet Yssubed 7 about a week ago; they were searching for a Republic listening outpost where it was rumored to be hiding. They had been searching the entire planet and had found nothing. But their cruel leader refused to leave until he confirmed the rumor. This figure heard of this leader's cruelty but never learned of his name. The figure only heard the battle droids refer to him as, "The General". The figure shook its head about this nonsense, it had a mission and it was determined to find a trader named Thump Icky if it was going to get what it was looking for.
     This figu
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SWTOR-Agent Valnoz by VicDeLaCruz SWTOR-Agent Valnoz :iconvicdelacruz:VicDeLaCruz 174 7 Aliit Means Family to a Bounty Hunter by Overlordflinx Aliit Means Family to a Bounty Hunter :iconoverlordflinx:Overlordflinx 19 9 Ahsoka Tano by valval Ahsoka Tano :iconvalval:valval 249 15 -SWtoR- Vector Hyllus Beautiful Eyes by Lawrichai -SWtoR- Vector Hyllus Beautiful Eyes :iconlawrichai:Lawrichai 138 53 Quinn's valentine by ToranekoStudios Quinn's valentine :icontoranekostudios:ToranekoStudios 85 18 Darth Vader by kudoze Darth Vader :iconkudoze:kudoze 87 3 TOR: Unleashed - Book 2 by RL-182 TOR: Unleashed - Book 2 :iconrl-182:RL-182 0 2 TOR: Unleashed - Book 1 by RL-182 TOR: Unleashed - Book 1 :iconrl-182:RL-182 0 21 Request 42 - Aasylin Ri by Stariva Request 42 - Aasylin Ri :iconstariva:Stariva 6 2 Request 30 - Nautolan Jedi by Stariva Request 30 - Nautolan Jedi :iconstariva:Stariva 6 0 Request 35 - Nautolan Jedi by Stariva Request 35 - Nautolan Jedi :iconstariva:Stariva 8 8 SWTOR Char by Anivel SWTOR Char :iconanivel:Anivel 20 2
This section is open for all deviants to submit too.
i also periodically sort threw these to keep them relevant and to request thee addition of the best to the group's main gallery's.


Were open to affiliating with all star wars related groups!
All request made on the front page or notes will be ignored! the 'Affiliation Request' function exists for a reason


...If interested just send me, Neqtar, a note and lets see if we will work something out.
Just write basic information about yourself and activity here on deviantart.
Well that's it.  :jedi:

I have also been planning a little contest to raise activity of this group. If you members have also some ideas, feel free to comment about those!
Our groupfounder, cloneddragon is also retiring so now is really the time to ask if you have any quesions to him!

Anyway, Happy (late) New Year!
Hope you will keep submiting your fantastic works here!

Best regards,
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:bulletred:Screenshots - screen caps from within any Old Republic game may be submitted here.(excessive submissions to this folder can result in a ban)
:bulletred:Miscellaneous - WIP's, and anything not covered by other catagorys.

:yoda:enjoy and may the force be with you! :yoda:


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