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Welcome to Our group! :wave:

We love seeing your art here, but, like ever group, we do have rules.

Basic Rules:
:star: Be Nice To Your Fellow Members And Staff.
:star: Please Submit Artwork Created 100% By You.
:star: Please Submit To The Correct Folder.
:star: Fandom OCs and OCs are allowed. No Fanart.

:bulletred::bulletred: Please do not beg or ask for points on our front page.:bulletred::bulletred:

Our Policies:

:bulletred: If your art is not accepted, please do not ask an Admin personally. Send a note to the group with said deviation. If an Admin receives a note from a member of the group that is about rejected art work, they are to ignore it.

:bulletred: Respect, is a must. If you have any problems with any other member or Admin, note the group and we shall take care of it. If a fight is started, the respected parties will immediately be kicked out. If there is a member hazing other members, they will not only be kicked out, but reported to the DeviantART staff, as well.

:bulletred:Please follow all folder guidelines. Make sure these are only Original Characters, and submit to the correct folders, please. All submissions to the Featured folder must have a fully colored character and at least a half-colored background (no sketches or WIPS, though) and the Favorite folder must have a fully colored picture with a fully colored background. Anything less for either folder will not be accepted.

:bulletred:Stolen work is not welcome here. If found that a member has stolen work from another (with proper proof) that deviation will not only be removed from the group, but the Deviant will be kicked out permanently from the group and also reported to the DeviantART staff.

:bulletred:Even Admins here have their rules.

For All Admins: If you are not active for three weeks, you will be downgraded to a regular member.
For All Co-Founders: If you are absent for over a week, you shall be downgraded to a regular contributor.
For All Contributors: If you are inactive for two weeks, you shall be downgraded to a regular member.
To All Members: If you prove to be a frequently Active Member, you might be asked to become a Contributor for the group.


Features consist of two things:

:bulletred:You are open for Commissions.

:bulletred:You are having a Contest.

Features will be updated at the beginning of each month, but we will stop taking feature requests by the 10th of the month. All features we have down will be up until the next month.

When sending a request for Features, be sure to send your Username as well as a link to the Prices/Information for your Contest or Commissions.


Those who help make this group who we are.


All of the admins atm are inactive :(

Only picking 3.

To enter, just promote the group^^^

Then comment done:heart:

Picking admins May 3rd, 2014
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Gakriele-lvs Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2019  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lizard Alchemist by Gakriele-lvs   Sefy Character Sheet by Gakriele-lvs   OC: MOMO by Gakriele-lvs  
LambentBirb Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019
I just made some bios for two of my ocs and I'd appreciate it if anyone wanted to check it out :D

Timinlogue bio
Back in their prime they were a politician who rivaled against Gold. They had libertarian ideals where they wanted everyone to have as much personal freedom as possible and the government's control to be minimized. Timinlogue would promote questioning unquestioned ideas and not taking anything at face value. Gold's philosophy was to have strict, rigid laws and regulations and have total control over the lives of his subjects through an absolute dictatorship. Once the Kobalonian Crusades had started, a time where the followers of Kobaloi fought for one of their representatives to lead the republic by becoming it's president, the current president had fallen ill, leaving the republic headless and everything in chaos.
This only affirmed Gold in his beliefs that if people were given too much freedom it would only lead to anarchy. And he was not alone in his thinking. The Judiarch, the lawmakers of the republic, began supporti
  Keres - BioOkay, this isn't really getting into her backstory, more so what she's like in her current condition. And this is probably gonna be a mess of ideas considering how rarely I write stuff down. So her character is a work in progress, I guess

Keres is an exceedingly malevolent creature. She is an immortal being and in her mind she is the judge of the world she is in. However, she is less about equal, fair treatment and mostly about cruel punishments. Basically an embodiment of the Star Chamber before the 8th amendment and all that came around.
One of the few creatures she feels anything for is Kobaloi. Keres is irritated that no matter how much he claims to hate those around him, Kobaloi is actually pretty self-conscious and cares about what the 'mortals' think of him. She doesn't value those around her as real, living people. In a way, everyone else might as well be a computer
Ask-The-Kimyona-Krew Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2019  New Deviant
Meet the Krew! by Ask-The-Kimyona-Krew We just made a new dA and we're happy to ask anything!
iLobeaa Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Some of my OC's for my Dating Sim Game Project on patreon

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