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Ask Nissa: Favorite Tea by the-ocean-sings Ask Nissa: Favorite Tea :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 5 12 Ask Nissa: First Cake by the-ocean-sings Ask Nissa: First Cake :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 7 9 Ask Nissa: Favorite Activities by the-ocean-sings Ask Nissa: Favorite Activities :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 6 15 Ask Nissa! by the-ocean-sings Ask Nissa! :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 6 10 We Are Not Amused by the-ocean-sings We Are Not Amused :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 7 20
Mermaid Tails Chapter 4
Chapter 4: The Dynamic Duo
Mel and Titus just floated there, waiting for Shayna to react.
“...WELL, APPARENTLY LIMPET COVE FINALLY HAS FLORIDA MOMENTS NOW!!!” Shayna said, snapping out of her shocked silence.
“Uh Shayna, you might wanna calm down-“
“FREAK OF NATURE WHO TALKS TO DOLPHINS, YOU SAY?!?” A familiar male voice asked.
“...I’ll clarify this in a bit,” Mel said, diving down with Titus following.
Shayna turned to face, of course, Dr. Chobaski, who arrived in a rowboat with a motor at the back. “...Of COURSE this attracted your attention!!  Why not?!”
“...Hello to you too, Ms. Cortez!  Gosh!” Dr. Chobaski said. “...But I’ve been in a breakthrough lately, and your words cannot bring me down!  Lately, I’ve actually seen it!  A merm
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Mermaid Tails Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Enter Shayna
Shayna loosely held onto her lunch tray, looking around for people to sit with, at least people she didn’t know yet.
Who’s the girl named Shayna?
Shayna Cortez, social butterfly and queen of la cocina.  Always one to help out with the family restaurant after school, she’s always been more on the feisty side, but nonetheless has a magnetism that allows her to make friends with just about anyone.  But she’s always yearned for something more… substantial.
Ooo, this should be good.
Glancing about and waving at various people who called her name, she finally settled on a seat near the back corner. This confused some students considering Shayna’s disposition, but they just shrugged and let her do what she wished. A few other girls eventually joined her at the table and they struck up a rather animated conversation.
Thus what was normal for her.
“Okay, you know what?  No!”
This snapped
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Sundae Afternoon Redraw by the-ocean-sings Sundae Afternoon Redraw :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 7 8 Princess Cotton Candy by the-ocean-sings Princess Cotton Candy :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 5 8
Cinderella: Ocean Cut Chapter 2
Chapter 2. Morning Duties
Heading downstairs, Nissa entered the main hallway. She quietly headed to the door of the room where her stepsister slept and carefully cracked it open. The sliver of light fell upon the sleeping form of an Alolan-form Persian, who was curled up in a large basket decorated with ribbons. The Classy Cat Pokemon opened one eye and looked at Nissa.
“Morning Jewel,” said Nissa, “Come on kitty.”
The Persian stretched and yawned, but ignored her.
“Jewel! Get over here!” Nissa hissed.
The gray feline finally rose and walked over to her. Jewel followed Nissa downstairs to the kitchen where more of Nissa’s friends were waiting for her. Jasmine was frying eggs in a pan, Pudgy was eating a corn cob, and a white baby seal wearing a blue collar was having some sardines.
“Morning Nissa!” Jasmine said once she saw her.
“Hi Jazz!” Nissa greeted her friend, “thanks for starting the breakfast.”
:iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 4 13
Cinderella: Ocean Cut Chapter 1
Chapter 1. A Wish your Heart Makes
Once upon a time there lived two girls in an orphanage, Nissa and Jasmine, who were close friends. The two of them were eventually adopted by a rich couple and their biological daughter Sheila, but while Jasmine was readily accepted into the family and treated as one of them Nissa was outcasted, abused, humiliated, and forced to be a house slave to the spiteful family. Her friend tried to help make things better for her, yet with each new morning Nissa continued to work and hope for a life without abuse and consternation...
The sun dawned upon Nissa’s tiny attic window as two small bird Pokemon, a Fletchling and a Pikipek, flew inside. They landed at the foot of Nissa’s bed, twittering loudly to wake the sleeping teen. Nissa stirred a little on her bed but didn’t wake up. The two Pokémon looked at each  other before Fletchling flew over and began tugging Nissa’s blanket off of her and Pikipek hopped over
:iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 4 15
OP2YL: Loathing by the-ocean-sings OP2YL: Loathing :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 9 23 Warrior by the-ocean-sings Warrior :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 6 6 Bitsy Bears remake: Pawlina by the-ocean-sings Bitsy Bears remake: Pawlina :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 2 2 The Great Sushi Run by the-ocean-sings The Great Sushi Run :iconthe-ocean-sings:the-ocean-sings 13 155
Mermaid Tails Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Mel: New Mermaid
Her first few breaths of water were… interesting to say the least. It was definitely different from air, heavier as though she were trying to breathe in heavy humidity. But at the same time the water somehow felt comfortable in her lungs, and it persisted the longer she breathed it.
Seeing through the water, then, presented her with visual quality she hadn’t even dreamt of.  There was no blurriness to be seen, only crystal clear images.
“This… is the Atlantic Ocean.” The dolphin Mel had followed said.
“If you don’t mind me asking, um… sir, I guess,” Mel began, “what is your name?”
“Call me Titus,” the dolphin replied, “that’s probably the closest equivalent you have to my name.”
“Pleasure to meet you Titus,” Mel said, “I’m Melanie Marie Taylor, Mel for short.”
“You probably wish to know why it is, that you were broug
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One Piece Prompts- Smile
One Piece Prompts:
 Zoro always wondered...what was it about his captain's smile that made him feel like he could do anything?
 Whether the crew was about to charge into some battle or they were thinking of some sort of plan, Luffy always had that grin on his face. It was one of confidence with a devil-may-care attitude.
 Zoro didn't know how one could smile after everything Luffy had been through in life. He always thought that maybe, that smile hid a deep sadness within him. It was just a front so he wouldn't make everyone feel like he was insecure.
 But everyone gets insecure now and then...and Zoro knows it. They all do.
 But even in times of sadness, when things look bleak and everyone looks ready to throw in the towel or if the captain himself has to face an enemy alone, Luffy just gives them all that same smile and somehow, they know things will be all right. They know that they will be all right.
 People could say what they wanted. The
:iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 8 12
Mature content
OP: The Whole Cake Island Arc- Ch. 37 :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 8 19
Nicks shirt by Pace-Maker
Mature content
Nicks shirt :iconpace-maker:Pace-Maker 19 40
Wildehopps Before he bled by Pace-Maker Wildehopps Before he bled :iconpace-maker:Pace-Maker 21 32 Sink or Swimwear - Page 2 by LordStormCaller
Mature content
Sink or Swimwear - Page 2 :iconlordstormcaller:LordStormCaller 393 33
luffy duckface by shikamaruluffy luffy duckface :iconshikamaruluffy:shikamaruluffy 2 1 Sink or Swimwear - Page 1 by LordStormCaller
Mature content
Sink or Swimwear - Page 1 :iconlordstormcaller:LordStormCaller 467 89
hey yall by shikamaruluffy hey yall :iconshikamaruluffy:shikamaruluffy 1 4 One Piece OC - Mai Mirror by MoriachiisArt One Piece OC - Mai Mirror :iconmoriachiisart:MoriachiisArt 100 89 Wildehopps Blossoms page 6 by Pace-Maker
Mature content
Wildehopps Blossoms page 6 :iconpace-maker:Pace-Maker 24 48
Straw Hats on Vacation- Luffy by XfangheartX Straw Hats on Vacation- Luffy :iconxfangheartx:XfangheartX 31 55
Tori's Profile (Improved Ver.)
Introduction of Character
Name:‭ Tori Octavia Cloveria
Epithet:‭ Quiet Canary (heh, because her first name in Japanese means bird? Heh heh...moving on)
Age:‭ 16 (pre); 18 (post)
Gender:‭ Female
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual
Nickname‭(‬s‭)‬: Tor-Tor
Alias‭(‬es‭)‬: She jokingly called herself Petite Princess when Sanji was going by Mr. Prince during the Alabasta arc, does that count?
Date of Birth: 2/11
Status: Alive
Astrological/Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Species:‭ Human
Ethnicity: (if she lived in the real world, German)
Blood Type: Whatever is the common blood type in the One Piece world.
Affiliations/Organizations: ‭Straw Hats
Occupation:‭ Does being a pirate?
Crew:‭ Straw Hat Pirates
Bounty:‭ 400,000 beri's (pre); 800,000 beri's (post)
Bounty Discla
:iconturtletroubadour:TurtleTroubadour 3 3
Wildehopps The Devils Angel 3 by Pace-Maker Wildehopps The Devils Angel 3 :iconpace-maker:Pace-Maker 29 54 Wildehopps Blossoms page 5 by Pace-Maker
Mature content
Wildehopps Blossoms page 5 :iconpace-maker:Pace-Maker 25 59
Kyrie angel on a key chain by colt-lasky by Pace-Maker Kyrie angel on a key chain by colt-lasky :iconpace-maker:Pace-Maker 26 37 We'll stand together by ebony-chan We'll stand together :iconebony-chan:ebony-chan 46 5


I’m starting to like the Unikitty cartoon. It’s like if Teen Titans Go was kind of better
136 deviations
I’m wondering if I should give some spotlight to my Naruto OCs. They are twin kunoichi named Hana and Kana Torishi.
Ask Nissa: Favorite Tea
Nissa: Well I recently went to a tea party with some fish, and they made a pretty good tea out of phytoplankton. I guess speaking generally I like rose tea, or also green tea.

Thanks to :iconmoriachiisart: for the question!

(P.S. Don't think to hard about the physics of that picture)
Ask Nissa: First Cake
Nissa: Hmm... if I remember correctly I think it was the cake Nan gave me for my 4th birthday. It was chocolate with vanilla frosting and purple frosting roses with leaves on top. And boy was it sweet!

Thank you :iconyellowpikmin88: for the question!


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For the few of you who go Gaga for the idea of a Doctor Who x One Piece crossover, I wish to draw your attention to this fundamentally amazing fanfiction

Up to now most cossover fics of this nature I’ve read have been close but no cigar, but this is pretty much the one I think gets it nearly perfect, minor grammar and spelling errors aside. I strongly encourage fans of both properties to give it a read

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