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💛Share your original characters here and see what others have created. Join the rebellion today!

💛Here at TOCR we're all about equality, meaning that all types of characters are allowed. Whether it was made in a fandom or created as part of an original story, it won't matter. It's YOUR character!

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    Do you guys have any rules for nsfw stuff? Like stories and what not?

    Stories per se, as long as you have the Mature filter on, its okay.

    As for Art/Illustrations, as long as there is no explicit nudity/sex (as in detailed genitals or you can upload a censored version).

    Okay thank you. 😊

    500 Watcher Raffle! First of all thank you SO much to everyone for 500 watchers! I really didn't think it would ever happen but here we are XDIt felt like only yesterday that we did a 400 watcher celebration ;_; But with all that out of the way, let's get to the exciting part, the raffle!,DEADLINE IS MARCH 1STEntries will be accepted up until February 28th at midnight ESTOkay so here's how it's gonna work.To enter you must1: Already be a watcher (New watchers are welcome!)2: Share this post3: Type "Spooder" in your commentThis will give you a number and you'll be entered!If you want more numbers for a better chance to win, you can do the following~1: Tag up to 3 people (1 ticket per)2: Tell me who your favorite Inheritance character is and why (1 ticket)3: Tell me your favorite moment in Inheritance so far (1 ticket) 4: Tell me a pun that I haven't heard before (2 tickets cause you'd be surprised how many I know and you are allowed to try multiple times) Now onto the exciting bit, the prizes!,There will be 2 winners and each winner will get A fully colored and shaded (digital or traditional) half body of one of their OC's A hype badge on one piece of their choosing (Conditions apply which will be listed below)I know it's not a lot but I will be hosting a contest when the first volume of Inheritance finished up and there will be a LOT more for that so don't you worry XD And here are the rules in regards to the prizes. This is a list of things I will not draw and I ask that you please respect them.I will NOT draw (No exceptions)-Furries-Mecha-Nudity-Excessive gore (Yes, I am a semi horror artist but I will not do anything excessively violent)-GL or BL or anything that promotes it-Anything political/controversial/hateful or anything that aims wicked intent towards any group of people. -There may be stuff I have no listed that I can't think of at the moment so if you happen to win and something comes up that I don't feel comfortable drawing, I have every right to say no. But that's about it and if you have any questions, feel free to let me know and have fun and thank you so much again everyone!,

    Hi, if you'd like your artwork to be submitted to the club you need to go to the gallery folders they may belong to (whether its Digital Art, Traditional, ect) and click on the [+] button to add them when it asks "Submit A New Deviation".