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Obsidian Redux

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Hello everyone!!! For those of you who don't follow my main account, I have just posted up a journal with exciting news for obsidian :) You can find me here:: Alternatively, you can just read what I posted here! ;) "Hello, Hello, Hello!!! Well it has been far too long hasn't it? I'm sure plenty of you have completely forgotten about me!! But I am back, not with lots of content just yet but I am here with some good news about my comic, Obsidian! For those of you who don't remember, I have my own online webcomic over here:: the-obsidian-comic.deviantart.… Now... probably most important thing to
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Well guys the majority of you seem happy enough for me to go ahead and make changes to Obsidian and remove the vampire aspect. You guys probably wont even notice til I get further into the comic!! =) thanks very much for the opinions and the support! To those of you that find the vampire aspect appealing, go ahead and read the comic however you want ^^ If you want to keep thinking of them as Vampires it's your call =) This change is to make me happier about making the comic, do whatever makes you happiest about reading it. xxViv
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Ok guys, I'm in desperate need of an opinion back in the day when I was a creepy little nobody in the back of a classroom sketching tiger people beheading other animal people... vampires weren't popular XD.. Now, since vampires weren't popular and there was no such thing as twilight and they were creepy scary monsters of the night which I thought was AMAZING... I put vampires into my comic (please forgive me, I was only in grade 10). In recent times, I have slowly started to hate the whole vampire concept. Most of all I hate that there are vampires in my comic, at the time having a vampire as a main character and naming their territory in t
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Good to see you still draw this comic. This is actually Edrici... I decided to change accounts to try and erase my very shameful past.

But that's beside the point, your art is way more awesome than 3 years ago. Keep up the good work!
Hello Nyx. Great comic. but have you ever thought about putting it onto on of those free webhosting sites for Webcomics? I have mine on Smackjeeves, which is actually really easy to join and use.

I highly recommend looking into it. I see you have quite a few pages, and while hosting on Deviantart is okay (i guess this is kinda where I back up my pages in case smackjeeves goes down) From a comic standpoint, it's not overly appealing.

If you are considering doing so and just need to get started, I can help you out there. Send me a note sometime. or just reply to this, I'll see it either way.
Thanks very much ^^ funny you should mention all that hosting business!! We are making progress in the way of preparing for our own website. The only thing really putting it off is the fact that no new comics have been made for a while and we aren't eager to start anything up until we're back into a proper routine with the comic.... life unfortunately has been busy and taking priority over comic work :( but keep an eye out because hopefully it shouldn't be too much longer before an announcement regarding a proper website is made.

Thanks very much for taking the time to point all this out though =) it's encouraging to see what people want for the comic
not a problem. here's hoping we both stop procrastinating and finally draw something :)
Hey Nyx ! One lil' question ! *whispers to himself* I can't believe I am really acting like I talk to a comic character. *talks normal again* I was wondering if ou wanted to enter my new story, t is called 'Original Character House', I gather u some OCs and then I make a story out of them, living together in a luxurious house... if you want to join, just reply and I will had you too the character list, the faster the better !
i very much appreciate the offer ^^ but no thankyou, we're a little busy and prefer not to be involved in other plotlines...makes things complicated ^^ '
Sure ! I can always use other OC Characters of mine ! Like I have more than 5 ... and I only need to use three for the first chapter... wich one to use... *thinks*