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Ko-Fi COM: Defender Nyx: Horizon Timeline

I recently commissioned this piece. Feel free to add it if you like.

I appreciate you all adding some of submissions to this group
Hello everyone!  I thought I'd post by Past Sins AU fanfic, "The Sixth Alicorn", here on deviantart.  YOu can also find it at,, and Archive of our Own.
I wanted to let you guys know that a very active member of the community, named Etherium-Apex has been shown to be a supporter of the pedophile PurpleFlix.

I hope that you'll take this message seriously and that you will block/ban him from posting and/or discussing.

I made this MLP tribute video back in December 23, 2008. Thought I should share it before COPPA deletes everything in my YouTube account.…
Only 17 days left before YouTube Apocalypse.
While the first chapters of my longest MLP story so far, Kid and Filly, aren't focused mainly on Nyx, I'm still putting them up there, and the Chronicles installment pertinent to Nyx's magic being sealed away as well.
They're being reviewed.