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Love and Tolerate: Friendship Alert WIP by The-Nuclear-Pegasus, literature

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  • July 15, 1991
  • United Arab Emirates
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Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)
My Bio
ID pic by :iconhusgryph:.

I am Lieutenant Colonel Sharp Shooter of the Equestrian Air Force. Some might ask why do I have a radiation hazard symbol as my cutie mark?

I am the product of a dangerous experiment conducted by a mad unicorn named Dr. Richter. He injected me with magically synthesized liquid plutonium, which made me stronger, smarter, and possessive of radioactive arcane powers. I served the pirate clans five years before Princess Celestia herself permitted me to continue serving in the Equestrian Air Force.

Forever best friends:


There are others of course. Just too lazy to mention their names.XD

Brohoof to all fellow bronies:

Awesome ponies:
:icontwilightsparkless: Nerdy, bookworm, and insane sometimes.XD But she is really sweet.^^

:iconunicornrarity: Elegant, marvelous, and an excellent designer of dresses.:) I'd recommend visiting her if one wants a perfect dress.

:iconcowgirlapplejack: Hard-working, trustworthy, and reliable.:) But very stubborn. Still, she is fun to chat with. She and her family make the best apple cider ever.

:iconfluttershypony4444: Quiet, adorable, and very very shy.^^ And her hugs always make me feel better.:)

:iconask-pinkiepie-pony: Fun loving pony.:) She always makes me laugh.:XD: Sure she talks alot, but....oh well.XD

:iconreal-rainbowdash: The true meaning of awesomeness is here.:D That's my sister, and she will become a Wonderbolt for sure.:) I can't wait to see her flying among them!

:iconmlp-big-mac: AJ's older brother is a real gentlecolt.:) He isn't the talkative type, but still, he is fun to chat with.^^

:iconask-spike-the-dragon: Spike is Twilight's number 1 assistant. He's really fun to chat with, and has a crush on Rarity. His dragon code is what makes him special. Do him a favor, and he makes it his lifetime mission to return it.

:iconofficialspitfiremlp: That's the Bolts' captain. Mess with her, and she will straighten you up in no time! Keep being awesome, captain. That's an order. And make sure those cadets of yours are up to the job.

:iconwb-soarin: I like this guy.....alot.:D Soar is pretty smart, especially at physics, just like I am.XD Keep being awesome, lieutenant. That's an order.

:iconlightningdust: She's plain awesome, just like my sister.:) In fact, I decided to take her as a second sister of mine.^^ You wanna hurt her for what she did? C'mon. She didn't know her tornado would do what it did. She still has a chance to redeem herself. You still wanna hurt her? You have to get past me first!

:iconmlpfim-derpy-hooves: She is just pretty cute.^^ She delivers letters to me from my friends and vise versa, and she is fun to talk with. It's her bubbles cutie mark that confuses me. I mean, is her talent making soaps?XD

:iconshiningarmourreal: Twilight's older brother is the captain of the Royal Guards, so pretty much, we both work in the same entity: the military, with me being in the Air Force.:) Sometimes he comes to the airbase for a visit, and usually, I get to show him around, especially when new planes arrive.^^ He is fun to chat with, but don't get him angry, or else you'll be sent, by him, straight to the grave.

Stop Yaoi Abuse by KairiSakura Bromance Stamp by Tartly-Sweet:thumb132296547: Bromance Stamp by PuhshPuhsh Everything is Yaoi Stamp by Spikytastic:thumb245117289::thumb196691858::thumb360819986::thumb350205201: Anti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-Zone:thumb253917766: STAMP: Hetero by demonic-shoe Anti-slash stamp by Ghostwalker2061 STOP WITH THE YAOI by MistressoftheRoses Stamp-Love The Sinner Not Sin by Jazzy-C-Oaks:thumb195306388: Haters gonna Hate by SparkLum It's my Opinion, Not Yours. by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Save Your Breath 'bout MLP by Mistralla I Like MLP: FiM Stamp by FireyFlamy The X Files by phantom .:The X-Files Stamp:. by InfinitiesEnd X Stamp by GabbyWonka 'The X-Files' stamp by The-Fairywitch The X-Files stamp by 5-3-10-4 Fox Mulder Stamp by PixieDust01 Stamp 35 - Respect the Quran by FullWhiteMoon Stamp 10 - Not a terrorist by FullWhiteMoon Stamp 12 - Muslims love peace by FullWhiteMoon Stamp 13 - Mslms hate violence by FullWhiteMoon Stamp 25 - I am a muslim boy by FullWhiteMoon Rainbow Dash +Stamp+ by RainbowDashPlz Rainbow Dash Stamp by Kevfin Rainbow Derp by azianwolfdoll Dashy stamp by Rinusaka Sonic Rainboom stamp by AmberApple quit hating Rainbow Dash by Freddylover13 Soarin' Stamp by jewlecho Soarin Royal Wedding Vector by StarshineCelestalis Soarin Clap by Mihaaaa .SoarinDash. by Mn27 Rainbow Dash x Soarin Stamp by moonprincessluna:thumb358246769::thumb257864673::thumb256309393::thumb303390254::thumb337904915::thumb330453833::thumb322011078: .:request:. RariJack stamp by schwarzekatze4:thumb293402291::thumb342874679::thumb325204897::thumb282433492: .:request:. TwiMac Stamp by schwarzekatze4 REQUEST:  MacinSparkle Stamp by inkypaws-productions Twilight x Big Mac by Marlenesstamps REQUEST:  CaramelApple Stamp by inkypaws-productions CaramelxApplejack Stamp by Taco-Bandit .:request:. FlutterMac Stamp by schwarzekatze4:thumb308212008: I support OC x Canon Stamp by indesomniac:thumb303934482: Anti SoarinJack stamp by FairyKitties22:thumb302102525: Anti LyraBon Stamp by FairyKitties22 Anti SonicDash Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Anti Scootabelle Stamp by FairyKitties22 Anti - PokeyAce by FairyKitties22 *REQUEST* Anti Braeburn/Soarin' Stamp by FairyKitties22:thumb113281071: Anti - Braebow by FairyKitties22:thumb294654575::thumb303390691: Rumbaloo Stamp by schwarzekatze4:thumb326545766: Flutterlane Icon by SJArt117 Raripike Stamp by migueruchan:thumb316287968: SpikexRarity Stamp by inkypaws-productions Transformers Stamp by Slovman:thumb133190379: Transformers Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Scraplet by GeminiGirl83 Disco Bee by GeminiGirl83 Smooth Arcee by GeminiGirl83 Smug Grin by GeminiGirl83 Oh shi by GeminiGirl83 Wheeljack and Bulkhead Love2 by GeminiGirl83 Mad Scientist Ratchet by GeminiGirl83 Starscream Fan by GeminiGirl83 Megatron Fan by GeminiGirl83 Creeper Starscream by GeminiGirl83 Soundwave Stamp by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Comparing Sizes by GeminiGirl83 All Hail Starscream by GeminiGirl83 The Nod Stamp by Adder24 Brother of Nod Stamp by badtrane Command and Conquer Nod stamp by Rattler20200 Kane Stamp by kjthemighty The Brotherhood by Damatee Nod Support by Damatee:thumb165715623: NOD propoganda by Denis7788 Nod Background by Volkkeslate I Don't Support Hatred Stamp by White-over-blue:thumb302206443: Think before you type stamp by andaria:thumb133381646: I don't care what they're into by pixelat0ry Anti-STAMP by Coloran Eldar Warhammer 40k Stamp by DaMagicHippo Eldar stamp 1 by Tillefa Eldar Stamp 2 by Tillefa Ork Stamp by Marauder6272 Ork stamp by trojanwolf Waaagh by pharotek Waaagh by SirFabi Warboss by Qtamo Da Greader Waaagh by LordDrakon 2nd Of December of UAE by JinoSan UAE-Stamp- by Xx-baCkUp-girl-xX ..UAE.. by SaliM89 UAE Stamp by deviant-ARAB I'm a Samurai stamp by Gezusfreek Steel Samurai Stamp by Divine-Phantom Samurai Stamp by StarDragon77 Samurai I B stamp by DeviantSith Samurai and Ninja stamp by Gezusfreek Samurai Red S stamp by DeviantSith I am a SAMURAI by Straight-Doo-Doo Way of the Warrior::Stamp by Katttty920 samurai stamp 2 by DeviantSith The Last Samurai stamp by AndrewDent My Sword is My Life Stamp by dragonlancer13 I support samurai by GaWd3Ss Samurai Fan Stamp by Tigra1988:thumb95492094::thumb290244871: NightWish Stamp by AisteachSam Nightwish Support Stamp by Seiorai Nightwish 2 Stamp by surunkeiju Stamp: TSFH Fan by Nawamane TSFH - Fan -stamp- by Cecilia-vas-ilion:thumb276752599: Three Days Grace Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Three Days Grace Stamp by LuxDani Three Days Grace by winter-ame I Support Wikileaks Stamp by PoizonMyst Anonymiss Grey - Expect Us by PoizonMyst Assange Wikileaks Title Stamp by PoizonMyst:thumb268411028: Stamp: Occupy WallStreet by 8manderz8 Stamp: Occupy - Rise Up by 8manderz8 MetalSlug General Morden Stamp by Nookslider:thumb276150584::thumb276234179: Dr. Cortex Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Dr. N. Gin Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Pirate Stamp by livegreen92 Black Pearl Crew stamp by purgatori Pirate Flag Stamp by Wearwolfaa Pirate Stamp by PsychoMonkeyShogun Stamp: Pirate by RogueDerek Pirate Stamp by phantom Doom stamp by Anajrob STAMP_DOOM 3 by KalmaHine Doom I and II Stamp by JarODragon Shotgun Stamp by DemonTomat0:thumb96476508: Doom 3 by Byronz TMNT Shredder Stamp 1 by dA--bogeyman TMNT Shredder Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman TMNT Shredder Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman TMNT Leatherhead Stamp by dA--bogeyman TMNT Turtle Team Stamp 5 by dA--bogeyman TMNT Ninja Turtle Logo Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman He who lives with-out Honour by Pagan-Moon-Dreamer TMNT Casey Jones Stamp 5 by dA--bogeyman TMNT Donatello Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman The Mark by Ninja-Turtles Martin Mystery Stamp by jackalman Diana Stamp by Sincity2100 Billy Ganthar stamp by Bjnix248 Anti Marvin Stamp by Bjnix248

Celestia 2 Bit Stamp by BronyBiscuitBites

Idk what’s going on with me. Guys, I wanna be close to you,’s difficult. I wish you all had FB accounts, or even Discord, so we can remain close. I tend to easily forget I have a DA account. In case anyone forgets: FB: NuclearPegasus FA: Shooter-the-Dragon Discord: Ali Al Shehhi#3921 (Yes, I have a Discord too) are you guys doing these days? I’m doing well myself.
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An hour has passed since the new year started.xD Sorry for the lateness. I was playing World of Tanks on my PS4 (if anyone plays it, let’s platoon together!). But that also means our country is gonna start applying taxes to everything. Yep, first fuel prices and now taxes. My wallet is gonna be lighter than
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Hey guys

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Wanted to see how you’re doing. And to wish you a merry Christmas.:)
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Happy Birthday :iconspinningcakeplz::iconpresentplz:PartyFurry Birthday Hello:iconballoonplz:Airborne:iconhappybirthday2plz:Have your cake and eat it too Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D:iconrainbowbummiecakeplz:fella's Gobbler (Party)fella Gift (Party)Blower fella (Party)ballonsBirthday cake  icon:iconcaekplz: :icongiftplz:birthday cakeSprinkle Pop birthday

Happy Birthday, Ali!
Happy Birthday! !
Happy Birthday Sharpshooter!
Happy birthday :cake: