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I want to really apologize to everyone who’s currently waiting on commissions from me. You all are going to have to hold on a bit longer. I was not expecting to catch a really bad sickness over the holidays, and on top of that I lost my tablet. As of yesterday I found it. But now I’m going back to school, but that’s not stopping me from trying to catch up. Without killing myself from over exertion, I’m gonna try my hardest to continue these commissions. The ones who have noted me and I have accepted and replied, (Ice I’m getting back to you after this journal is posted, so you count too) I will finish up, and once they are all finished and payed for, I’m changing up my commission prices. So until then I’m off limits for commissions, I’m very sorry. But this is very stressful and I want to make it up to people as best I can, I’ve gained a big following with 6 of my biggest tickle art idols watching me too, the last thing I want is to just go silent. My people need meeee :< but again. Please just wait a little longer everyone
Yeah honestly wtf I don't deserve this. But, when I do hit 100 watchers. (Which should be very soon) I'm gonna do a proper reference sheet for a new character that I'm gonna use as my "mascot" and once I'm finished with the commissions I have, I'm gonna close them for a while. To do some of my own art, At my own pace. I may also open an ask box for my mascot in order for everyone to get to know her better. And if it does well, I may move her over to Tumblr. Who knows
Hello people who watched me in hope of amazing art! I'd like to apologize for my uncalled for disappearance. School has been taking too priority so I haven't been able to work on much. I have a few commissions on the go here and one of them is almost done, but after those commissions I'm gonna take a break from them for a while and focus on art of my own for this account because yes, money if nice and all. But I like to work at my own pace and on my own stuff. I'll be able to upload the first commission soon, and will hopefully be more active in the next month or so. Thank you for waiting for me! I will be back on my feet soon. Just be patient a little while longer