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Nik-2213 Featured By Owner May 27, 2020
I've just been informed that some budget FBX etc models I'd bought 'in good faith' from CGT were unauthorised rips of *free* YYB MMD figures. Their usage terms were 'MMD Only'.

Now waiting on CGT to advise which purchases I should delete to comply with DRM requirements...
Nik-2213 Featured By Owner May 22, 2020
Eclipse ?

No, thank you. Put the old UI back, please. Put It ALL Back !!
Nik-2213 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2020

#AbyssLeo, I did not intend to cause offence with my query...

[MMD] HAIR DL HERE! Don't DL! NO plz! Don't! AAAAA

"OT: May I ask which program and what parameters you used to save the backhair.PNG ??  Unlike so many others, its Alpha Channel does NOT crash 3DOC Viewer..."

As you prefer, I'll delete my query and/or down-load.

Some back-story:
As I understand it, a major Win'10 update partly broke 3DOC Viewer's 'Render Engine'. It could no longer reliably handle Alpha channels. That module is 'proprietary', its author 'unavailable', so the undocumented code is 'orphaned'...

Re-saving textures, even in same format, *without* Alpha Channel sorta works, but often looks wrong. Weirdly, some textures *with* an Alpha Channel do work okay. Yeah, right...

I've compared many textures that crash with the few that don't, cannot figure a pattern. There are too many parameters, too many possible variables. Also, like zip/rar archivers, multiple algorithm implementations. And remember 'Progressive' JPGs ?? Brrrr...

So, when a newly-crafted texture file comes along whose Alpha channel plays nice with 3DOC, I enquire about program and parameters. Perhaps this will be the one ??

Nik-2213 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
Welcome to 'The Nik Files' !!

These are some of my short stories, ranging from 'Serious SciFi' to 'Urban Fantasy', via a couple of off-beat 'Wake, Grabbing For Notebook' tales.

I'll add others as I rescue them from my old PCs' hard drives then fix their punctuation and formatting.

Please feel free to wander through, hopefully enjoy, perhaps comment.

Thank You.