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4 same png horns made in BRYCE and differently textured in Photoshop...
The document is a bit large, but I did not want to lose quality... ;-)
4000 x 4800 pixels at 300dpi


These png images are copyrighted
all rights reserved to : ...that is to say : ME and only ME !!

They are NOT to :

- Be redistruted in any way !
- Be sold.
- Be used to create other stock images ( including premade Backgrounds, Brushes...etc )
- Be uploaded to other web sites...individually or repacked !!
- Be used in any commercial way !


- Credit me in your artwork description with a direct link to my stock so that other Deviants can find it...
- send me a link to your artwork ( No message or note on my main profile page please ...but directly on my stock as a comment )
- Fave my stock
- Don't claim my stock as yours...or I will kick your ass !!!

If you found my images out of, please let me know...this is simply theft...nobody has the right to upload my images anywhere else in any way !!!

I hope you will like and use them !!! :lol:
So...last...but not least... : BE CREATIVE !!! ;-)
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I used it here:

From the Depths

Thanks so much!

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Hi! Used here, thanks!

FANART - Jen in Ferai form (Primal)

Thank u!! ♡♡

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..or I will kick your ass !!! LOL, Give it a rest Susie, your hamster kicks your ass every time you try and stuff him up your butt.

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Used here, thank you!

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cool I will send the link when I'm finished

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I used here...
Demon by maiarcita Thankss!! :blowkiss::rose:
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Hi used here...
Inner Demon by Samsiara
Thank you!!!
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Thank you for this excellent stock! Used and credited here:
The Demon Dweller Endeavor by BadAssSpartaSpawn
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Used here.
Thanks very much!
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Used here thanks :) The red devil by annemaria48
annemaria48's avatar
Used here thanks :)The white angel comes back by annemaria48
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used your stock here:
Prince of Hell by adoreluna
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Used here:…
Thank you so much!
I would not have done without your help.
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