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Dark Beauty...

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Was I tried myself to another quick manip...I think I will add a few more light FX in the next few days...I don't know...tell me what U think about it...


-> MODEL from alexey-stock : His account seems to be deactivated...sorry..
-> Wings from markopolio-stock : [link]
-> Head piece from unholy-stock: [link] ( account is not closed...but no deviations anymore on it...)
-> Crown from Muttstock : [link]
-> Abstract Brushes from Madeliniz : [link]
-> Darius Brushes & Descent Brushes from Axeraider70 : [link] & [link]
-> Light Veils from my own Stock : [link]

I used many brushes...sure I forgot some of them...sorry...but if U recognise one of yours, tell me please, so that I can credit...thanks !! ;-)

Texture is from my own stock...

Thanks to all those great stockers to share their beautiful images and ressources ! :blowkiss:

Please DO NOT claim it as your own work or use it for your future art...or even change anything in it to claim it is your work thanks !
You may NOT use, replicate, manipulate, or modify this image.
This work is copyrighted ! :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:

Make pleasure a will !... :excited:
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Adorable Art and the details very well done!
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WoW!!..Beautiful.nice detail..
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Thanks a lot my friend !!!  :dance:
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Hi dear Ludo, your wonderful artwork has been featured in our group's journal [link]
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Hi dear !!!

Thank U so much !!! :dance:
It's a real great honour for me to be featured by U dear !!! goes right to my heart !!!
:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
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You are very welcome dear Ludo :icongreenheartplz:
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Awesome creation!!!
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Thank U for this comment !!!
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This is absolutely amazing. It's beautiful and interesting, there is just so much to look it and every time I look at it again, I always notice something I didn't before. Really great Art Work here. I can just see that you put a lot of work into this and I can only hope that I can be as good as you are(I just got Photoshop Elements 10 Premiere not but a cpl weeks ago, so been trying to figure things out). So Love this and Fav'd it.
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Wow wow wow....thank U so much dear....It's been a long time since I did anything with Toshop...and I guess it will be hard for me to achieve good artwork for the moment...
I hope you will have great fun with's a real good tool...not to say "the best"...
don't ever forget that patience and practice are the keywords here .... :lol:
If you have time to go around the internet, you will find full of tuts...beginners ones but good tuts with sources links to practice as well...this is this way you can improve your making of artworks.... :excited:
If I can help, do not hesitate...just ask me...I will answer with pleasure if this is about something I know... ;-)
have lot of fun dear !!!! :rose:
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Thank You so much. Iv been looking around at tuts a lot since I got the program, and if you know of any good places for great tuts or even sites that you can get great stock or brushes and so on so.....I would greatly appreciate it. My plan is photo-manipulation(What got me really going was seeing banners others had made for FanFic stories on a site I read on and I wanted to be able to make banners for others as well as myself since I also like to write) but I hope to use the program for much more than that(I also make my own cards and scrapbook and anything crafty) and after looking at so man wonderful pics on this site my interest has grown so much and with every stock I see and the things made with them had me wanting to get bold and really just make some one of a kind pieces.

So again I can't Thank You enough, and trust that if I have any questions, I'll ask away. And Beautiful work, truly inspiring as well.
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WOWW this is amazing!!!
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thank U dear !!! :rose:
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This is very beautiful!
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Thanks dear !!! :dance:
I had a look at your so great gallery !!! is wonderous !!! I love your artworks !!! well done !!
Keep up the good work sista !!!! ;-)
lol, alors je devrais me pencher un peu sur les profils des utilisateurs... je suis tellement habitué à laisser des comm en anglais... bref, ce n'est pas une histoire de langue le travail que tu à effectué est vraiment très bon ! félicitations !
very nice work. i like this picture !!!
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Merci beaucoup l'ami !! soit dit en passant...vive la France et le Francais...sans vouloir être chauvin... ;-) ...c'est tellement rare ici de pouvoir se parler dans la langue de Molière...même si Shakespeare n'a rien a lui envier, profitons en !... :lol:
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Very beautiful work!:)
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thank U !! ... :dance:
Thanx for support and comment !!!!! :rose:
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