Hypnopigeon says bye for now! (see front page or comment here)
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Byes! :)
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By The-Nexus
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Aw no! Who will I dragon hug? If you do make a new account send me a note please, you have a Facebook account, I do too.
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but personal sites don't get nearly as much attention
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So sorry to hear that D: Nexu, if/when you make a new account be sure to note me too! :glomp:

Oh, and about that Kiriban you still owe me. If you can't get to finish it it's totally okay if you just upload whatever you have now. Uni is more important; you don't have to finish :3
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I'll miss you, bud. If you want to, feel free to note me the new account, too, if you make it.
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Awww, too bad. I hope you'll send me a note if you do make a new account! :)
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I'll more than likely will :D x
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You'd better!

*arm punch*

By the way, about that note I sent you earlier. Shall we consider things wrapped up and done? ^^
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:) Ah yeah, sorry I didn't reply, I haven't been on my laptop most of the holidays, If you want too :) though (now im doing a uni course and not a diploma) expect more gifties! ;p
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Yay! ^^

Lol! I just don't want those contest prizes to burden you any more. Gifts are fine (and appreciated), but only if you feel like it! College first and all that! :D

Have fun and good luck!
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Hahah yeah, im putting Uni first (that and animation takes most of my time anyway) which is why im pretty much abandonning this account! Though maybe in the future i'll recreate an account and show some uni work lols (stop motion this term :0)!

Thanks so much hun <3
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That sounds very nice! If you get the right privileges here on dA, maybe you could put some of those animations on here as well. ^^

You're welcome!
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Hello to any Passers-by, sadly I decided that this is a dead account.I just don't have time anymore with Uni work and real life as well as just artwork.

Any artwork will be uploaded on a personal site, my university blog and Facebook. My apologies to any new watchers who expect artwork, there are plenty of talented and creative people on this site you can watch instead of me. :)

Kind regards,

Nexus aka Bea

PS I may or may not create a new account based on uni work and personal projects, if I do, don't expect me to advertise it on here.
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