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Not long ago I had a quick check up on this place, noticed a few people asked if this was a dead account, well yes, yes it is a dead account!

I do however have another account which I use to check up on my university friends' artwork. Though I will just mention I have no art posted on there so no point in posting it here unless you wish to contact me. I check it on a regular basis so if you are interested just note me.

On the other hand if there are a few people who do wish to see my scribble, scrabbles, drawings, wips you can find me on Furaffinity (I post work there regularly as well as remove it, so I tend to only have a few pieces in the gallery at any point in time). So just ask away, I also have a blog, I haven't updated it in a while and work on there may be old, over the last few months I have felt I have improved! But eh, i'll be updating on there soon again!

I hope everyone is doing well!

Ta ta

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Miss talking to ya and our art trade as well. I'll note ya ^^