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Superhero Character Profile

Alias: Tyranisus

Legal Name: Jayden North

Morality: Neutral Good

Inspiration: No Inspiration


Gender: Male                        

Age: Currently 26

Sexual Orientation: Hetroflexible

Occupation: Entrepreneur 

Height: 6 ft 8 - 100 feet

Weight: 280 - 820,000 pounds

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Hair Type: Thick         

Eye Color: Brown

Skin Color: White

Race/Species: Evolutionary Human

Nationality: Half South African, Half Irish.

Voice: Jason O'Mara

Distinguishing Features: Very large tall build.

Costume: Green Coat, Black Pants, Green boots.

Powers and Abilities


Size Alteration: Tyranisus can not only change his size, growing up to 100 feet, but he can also morph his body into dinosaur like features,or if he wants to, he can morph his entire body into a dinosaur, he has been known to comebine dinosaur abilities to increase combat effectiveness, however, the more of his power he uses the more strain on his body.

Super Strength: Tyranisus in his base form he can lift approximently 60 tons, and stike with the force of 140 tons or the equivilent of a small missle, however, when Tyranisus grows in size so does his strength, he is able to grow to 100 feet, at this stage he can lift around 100,000 tons and strike at 250,000

Peak Human Speed: Tyranisus can move at the peak of human potential without any genetic enhancement.

Superhuman Durability: Tyranisus at his base has shruged off C4's like boiling water and tanked powerful bombs, the bigger he gets the more durable.

Kaiju Form: Remember when I told you Tyranisus can mix Dinosaur abilities? What happens if he mixes to much? He becomes a 300 foot Kaiju who can move at the speed of sound and obliberate large moons and small planets.

Power Limitations: As recently stated, the more power Jayden uses, the more strain piles up, when and if he goes into his Kaiju Form, his body destroys itself, and takes weeks to heal.

Abilities: Basic Kung Fu Wing Chun knowledge as well as intermediate Muay Thai and Karate training.

Weapons: Bare fist, claws, fangs, tails etc.

Gadgets/Tech: N//A

Physical Weaknesses: Physical exhaustion.

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: To serious at times.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Serious, cool, calm, calculated, Very compasionate, he is a perfect student in disipline regards.

Likes: Space, cars, mythology and exercise.

Dislikes: Bullies, Tax and Pineapple on Pizza.

Habits/Quirks: Doesn't get sarcasm.

Fears: Going overboard.

Motivation: His team, and human rights.

Family: Dave North (Father) Maria North (Mother)

Romantic Interests: No current romantic interest.

Allies: Meltdown, Lionman, Stonewall, Anarcist, Ultravox.

Rivals: Meltdown

Enemies: Jurrasic and Exodius

Additional Info:

Jayden is 1/4th African, and has witnessed racial discrimination, his mother and him have been insulted and beaten on many occasion, his father, Dave is a drunk, who beat Jayden every other day.

That was until Jayden's powers surfaced in puberty when his father one day came home drunker than usual, looking for a fight, someone to beat... That was Jayden's mother, he fought her like he would a man, he killed her in front of Jayden, Jayden then grew into a 20 foot T-Rex humanoid with arms the size of logs and threw his father through six walls and then destroyed the flat they were living in.

Fortunately for him, Lionman found and adopted him and cleaned up the crime scene with his money.
This is Meltdown, the Guardian Of Vancouver and it's greatest hero, the Soul of Lionman's Omega Force, protector of those in need.

Alias: Meltdown

Legal Name: Alex Hammond 

Real Name: Alesh Haramond

Morality: Neutral Good

Inspiration: Captain Atom and Wonder Man.


Gender: Male

Age: Currently he's 26

Sexual Orientation: Heteroflexible

Occupation: Catalysis and Organic Chemist 

Height: 6 ft 3

Weight: 230 pounds

Hair Color: Light Brown            

Hair Type: Spiked and thin

Eye Color: Green Blue

Skin Color: White

Race/Species: Part Evolutionary human part Chorosan.

Nationality: Canadian

Voice: Christopher Gorman

Distinguishing Features: Caramel Brown Hair, blue green eye.

Costume: Red and white, symbolizing his home country of Canada, he has an atomic symbol on his chest just to show any villian who's dumb enough to rob a bank he could become an atomic bomb.

Powers and Abilities


Energy Manipulation on a massive scale, he can control and manipulate any form of energy, but the most used form of energy that he uses is nuclear energy as well as cosmic gamma rays.

Super-Human Strength, Meltdown is extremely powerful, he can casually destroy and throw around mountains like a softball, bend weakened Tonormium, support the weight of moons and even destroy planets, however, when harnessing his pure energy form, he has the ability to destroy extremely large stars such as 
VY Canis Majoris when Exodius threatened to throw it onto the Sol System destroying it, what did Alex do? He simply burst through it and blew it up.

Alex's maximum destructive capability is currently unknown, therorised to be at least Solar System Level.

Super-Human Speed, in his base form he can fly, think and move at near light speeds, however, the more energy he uses the faster he gets, in his living energy state, he was able to move hudnreds of thousands to millions times of times faster than light.

Flight, as stated previously.

Self Destruct, if he doesn't release enough energy throughout enough time, he'll blow up, taking  the planet with him.

Power Limitations: While he is incredibly powerful, he isn't immortal, his power has an end and can be defeated by stronger and weaker foes.

Abilities: Daniel has trained Alex loosely in Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Kung Fu Wing Chun, Karate, and Tae-Kwon-Do, he is also a pretty good planner, and is very popular among the girls.

Weapons: Bare fist and energy manipulation, he might use a street poll or something if he needs to though.

Gadgets/Tech: His suit is made to absorb any excess energy and he is required to where it for at least an hour per day.

Physical Weaknesses: Rednormium ore effects his gravitational field, thus heavily weakening him and limiting his powers, however this ore can be reversed engineered to do the opposite.

Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Brash and impulsive at times, and can lead him to fights.

Personality and Relationships

Primary Traits: Can be very childish, as his race mentally and emotional matures at the age of thirty, he is a caring person however.

Likes: Fun, fighting, chemistry, biology, food, girls and costumes.

Dislikes: Lionman's tedious boring lectures, bad guys and being bored.

Habits/Quirks: Being narcissistic. 

Fears: Losing someone.

Motivation: His parents, they gave him the courage to fight for what he believes is right and to serve his course.


Mother: Ava Hammond - Deceased

Father: King Valious Haramond

Romantic Interests: Girls... Just in general... GIRLS!

Allies: Tyranisus, King Valious, Lionman, Stonewall, Spellistia, Ultravox, Luna Master and his fanboys.

Rivals: Tyranisus

Enemies: Nucleoid and Exodius

Further Information: 

Meltdown is an impulsive radical fellow, who lives for thrills and fun, he does not understand the superhero business yet fully and believes it to be a big game, he loves getting into fights, but is a very good thinker, in terms of creativity and logically, Meltdown is all in all a good person, caring and can take social cues very well.

Meltdown however can get depressed, it's hard to make him depressed, but once you do, it's terrible, because his race's emotions are twice as powerful as human's emotions.

Meltdown's mother was an evolutionary human who died in the field, he was an orphan for a long while until his powers started to form, for a long while he didn't know who his father was, not until he was in his early-mid twenties, when he found out his father was King Valious, who ruled over an alien race similar to Earth's, except they were incredibly strong as fast, similar to Meltdown.

Alex's mother died in the field fighting in the Evolutionary civil war between Ultravox and his forces, and Ultravox X's forces, she died along with millions of others.

When he was two, then he was in an orphanage and adopted by Lionman at the age of 16 when his powers started to show.
 he has been fighting alongside him for ten years, now becoming his own hero in his own right.
Lionman Reigns
A thunderous roar can be heard, even from the moon! Lionman was royally pissed


Superwonder and Daikon were fearing Lionman returning to the battle as they stopped their fight to focus on Lionman

Lionman rocketed down to Earth, however, he was larger, furrier, angrier

Lionman - COME OOOOOONNN!!!!

Lionman roared as the duo braced themselves as Lionman hooked them both with a bulwark tackle, the duo attempted to plant their strikes, but Lionman was too strong and instinctual, he was tanking any and all attacks, the pain wasn't a factor to him, he no sold everything and just rag dolled the duo, planting forward strikes, hooks, uppercuts, jabs, knees, push kicks, the like, he was in a fit of rage.

Superwonder attempted another infinite mass punch, which sent Lionman back a bit, but he just chuckled angrily as he replied with his own thunderous bunch to the stomach, breaking Superwonder's brace a bit and sending him through mountains.

Daikon tried to get on Lionman's back, but without even using his arms, Lionman heaved Daikon up to his shoulders and then planted him by drving him into the Earth, cracking the ground he was standing on

Argula - This is getting too far... I think... I think I may need to end this... Somehow... How on earth am I going to do that?

Lionman mounted Daikon and planted left hook after left hook, bloodying his face up and rendering him unconscious.

Superwonder returned to the battlefield and attempted to freeze Lionman in ice, but Lionman just broke through sheer strength and threw a large chunk of a mountain that Superwonder braced and threw aside meeting a large strike to the head by Lionman, Superwonderis struggling to get to his feet but with a final desperation attempt... The SUPER FLARE!

Superwonderreleased all of his solar energy towards Lionman with a scream of anger to attempt to defeat the Lionman, the Lionman struggled to keep his footing and was rocketed through mountains, and a large explosion erupted where Lionman was... Did Superwonder win?

Superwonder was panting and puffing as he was sweating on his hands and knees, this has been the most physically and mentally demanding and gruelling battle he's ever been in... Due to the power's properties...  Wait, is that...

Lionman blooded, cut, bruised, scared, beaten stood up and made his way to Superwonder cracking the ground he walked on

Superwonder - No... How...?

Lionman had Superwonder in a chokehold like position before...

Argula - NO STOP! You've won! Just, please! Let him go!...

Argula pleaded, begging the Lionman, as the Lionman dropped him making his way to Argula staring her down, then, Lionman's eyes returned to normal as he started to return to the Lionman's normal size slowly

Lionman - Damn... I didn't mean to hurt them that badly... Can we get them to a healing pod

Argula - Y-Yeah! After that, you'll be presented as the winner of this bout!

Lionman nodded holding Kairos and Daikon in his arms

Lionman - I'm so sorry guys... I'm going to get the two of you healed up... I promise

Argula Belongs to - :iconinstaquarius:

Superwonder belongs to - :iconsuperiornite:

Daikon Belongs to :iconyamchafan91:
This is Lucid, Gleam's older sister, she started off her story as a rebellious, mischevious teen, a thorn in Lionman's side, but eventually warmed up to him, Lionman took her sister and herself in and she became a member of the Omega Force Beta.

Lucid has the potential to be extremely dangerous, she can animate your dreams and nightmares, allowing them to come to life, dampen them, which creates a less intense version of  the dreams and the nightmares, or she can amplify them, making the dreams and nightmares up to dozens of times more intense, she can even alter and dampen emotion such as happiness, sadness, love and fear.

She is now following a positive outlook under the guidance of Daniel, the Lionman

Personality - Sarcastic, Sassy, calculated, and cold, she likes to have fun but can get bored quite easily, she needs to always be doing something new, she likes to get into people's head and be a bit manipulative, but she is protective of her family and friends.

Powers -

Athletic Combat - The user can mix athleticism, acrobatics and gymnastics with close-quarters combat, utilizing flips, cartwheels, tumbling, pole swings, twists and other such movements to attack or defend.

Dream Manipulation - The user can create, shape, enter and manipulate the dreams of oneself and others, including modifying, suppressing, fabricating, influencing, manifesting, sensing, and observing dreams as well as nightmares, daydreams, etc., possibly including past ones. They can produce and modify dreams, bestow nightmares or lucid dreaming, entrap people in REM, and promote spiritual/emotional healing within dreams.

Mental Manipulation - The user can manipulate, modify and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions, allowing the ability to render others unconscious, suppress their memories, and negate the use of abilities, increase/decrease mental capacity, modify minds to be agreeable, control minds, sway sensations to induce altered perception, bestow/heal mental disorders, create/penetrate mental barriers, etc.

Dream Animation - The user can give a life to dreams or nightmares, animating them to act/move on their own accord out of the user’s control.

Dream / Nightmare Empowerment - The user can syphon the power of a person's dreams or nightmares to become more powerful User becomes stronger, faster, more durable, etc. from nightmares, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing their existing powers.

Nightmare Embodiment - Users are the physical form of nightmares and bad dreams and can control them to their will. In the real world the user may have very little power but in the dream world the user has near limitless power, they can turn any dream into a nightmare and torture their victim with it.

Nightmare Imprisonment - The user can trap others in nightmares. They may be nightmares the victim is already having or the user may create a nightmare to trap them in. The nightmares in question can stem from the user or from the victims' own worst nightmares

Dream Embodiment - Users have the power to be the embodiment of dreams and have complete control of their dreams and the dreams of others. They can attack or protect others in dreams as well as affecting the real world to some degree via dreams or daydreams.
    She is one of two sisters, she started off her story as a rebellious sort of anti-hero as she was just angry at the world, scared of her newly developed powers, she had the ability to alter and manipulate kinetic energy, that's light at a destructive level, slow down and manipulate movement and sound, even able to create a sound out of 10,000 decibels coming out of thin air, although her most powerful sound magnification comes from somewhere where she alters it.

    Personality - EXTREMELY mischevious, loving to pull pranks, bubbly, quite carefree, lives for the moment.

    Powers -

    Kinetic Energy Manipulation - User can create, shape and manipulate kinetic energy, the energy possessed by any moving object, the user can transfer kinetic energy from one object to another, thus strengthening their attacks, or tearing holes in walls with a simple touch, turn an object's potential energy into kinetic energy, making it explosive, or cause the target to be unable to move or unable to stop if in motion.

    Kinetic Energy Defiance  -They can ignore kinetic energy to stop at a short distance, keep kinetic energy without losing an, defy how it is transferred, and exert large amounts of kinetic energy with little force and movement.

    Kinetic Energy Combat - The user is able to utilize kinetic energy with their physical combat skill, channelling energy through parts of their bodies or use the energy for defensive purposes.

    Kinetic Energy Absorption - The user can absorb kinetic energy, while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently.

    Kinetic Blast - The user can release kinetic energy over a specific target area causing great damage and/or delivering great shock waves of pure force.

    Kinetic Deformation - User can change/morph the properties of matter using kinetic energy to control atomic and sub-molecular variance, distorting size, shape and density of target.

    Kinetic Absorption Field - User can generate a field that absorbs the kinetic energy of everything inside of it, leaving everything else in a state of potential energy.

    Superhuman Condition - Strong enough to lift construction vehicles and destroy thick steel, fast enough to easily move at subsonic speeds, durable enough to withstand most explosions.

    Weakness - Gleam while incredibly masterful over her abilities are still limited, she can only absorb or alter so much kinetic energy before she is overpowered by it.

    Dan and Dee Art Trade
    Daniel Belongs to - :iconthe-nemian-lion:

    Dee belongs to - :icondgcain:

    Good mates posing for a crowd or something, check DGCain out, she makes some great MMD art and MMD music videos! :)
    Leoxander - WARBOUND COMICS
    Hey guys! This here is a recent piece of art I made of the totally epic :iconwarbound-president:'s Leoxander, one of the best, if not THE best Super Hero OC on this site, we are pretty good friends and I've always wanted to give the king a shot so here it is! 

    DEFIANTLY give :iconwarbound-president: a follow if you haven't already, because he seriously is a BEAST! He is one of the owner's of Warbound Comics, an independent comic corporation with it's own great cast of characters and storylines! Stay tuned because it will grow and advance continuously. 

    His abilities include 

    Superhuman Strength

    Superhuman Speed

    Super Senses

    Animal Instincts 

    Enhanced Invulnerability to everything except for magic.

    Accelerated Healing

    Nemean Rage

    Combat Knowledge

    Retractable Claws
    "I'm harder on myself than you could EVER be regardless, what I'll NEVER be is flawless, what I'll ALWAYS be is HONEST." - Eminem - Fall.
    The resident street leveler in the Omega Reality, the most dangerous man alive, the son of Satanic Cult leaders and worshipers of Morganeth, young Carl Derekson was subjected to cruel trauma growing up, nine souls were sacrificed to create the Anarchist, he has become something beyond human, he now has the ability of enhanced Superhuman Strength, Speed, Agility, Endurance and Intelligence, to defeat his parents and their cult, he must infiltrate them, which means joining them, but by night, he dons his nano reinforced Tonormium Armour attuned to the souls he had transferred into him, which amplifies his physical abilities further, which the souls he was able to telekenetically battle opponents, he also had abilities over telepathy, but within the armor, those abilities are enhanced to where he can create weaponry such as guns, knives and explosives.

    Carl Derekson patrols the City of Detroit, as well as being an honorary member of the Omega Force Beta.
    My good friend :iconlucky-scharnhost: is currently writing a future story called Project Noblemen, a universe based from folklore, cryptids and historical events, I strongly suggest keeping posted with his story and himself, as there is more to come in the future.

    Keep in mind he is not the best English speaker, but he is learning, so please be kind and make him feel welcome.
    Lionman Fan Art By - ZDantroy
    This amazing art piece was created by :iconzdantroy:! Go give him a watch and favorite his art! He's a phenomenal artist and bound to be a breakout artist.
    Lionman - Homage to Dale Keown
    Hey guys! I just wanted draw the Lionman reminiscent to the art style of one of my favourite artists of all time, Dale Keown, he has fantastic artwork and I'm really happy with the way this came out.
    Lionman, the Embodiment of Justice, the King of the Jungle.

    Height: 9ft 2.

    Weight: 835 pounds.


    Daniel is a fun spirited guy who has matured over his time in training, initially being young and naive, he also was reckless and angry, border line rebellious of his father and his throne, once he garnered responsibility, that changed. especially after his master died, Daniel is very competitive and tries to one up everyone at any time.

    Daniel tries to be morally just in everything he does, whether it's helping an old lady across the road, or not killing villains, Daniel can lose his temper, he's a short fuse, however but he regains control in the end most of the time, mainly because he believes it's his obligation to do so being that he has so much responsibility, he also looks to take on everyone else's onto himself.

    Daniel experiences anxiety attacks because of his blackouts in his past, he also has a fear of failure, he believes as the heir he needs to act like one, which means not failing, unfortunately, it's not that easy, he does mess up and he takes it hard when he does.

    Daniel can also be very trusting and open, which could lead to his expense.

    Daniel is also a religious Catholic Christian and he practices it in his everyday life, he prays before going into battle and revolves his life around the 10 commandments: 

    You shall have no other gods before me, you shall not make idols, you shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy, honor your father and your mother, you shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal, You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor and you shall not covet.

    Daniel also is a strong believer in Honour, Pride and Dignity, he believes in respect, whether that means giving respect or receiving it, you will NOT disrespect him or his family, he will also hold people into making morally rightful decisions, he also believes you need to be worthy of receiving said respect, that means confining by the laws and good behavior, he also has a high level of pride in his family line and history and for himself.


    There was a universe, almost identical to our own, same planets, same solar systems, same galaxies the only difference was the inhabitants, they were superhuman in our eyes and they were called Evolutionary Humans, they were humans, who evolved through time, they were more powerful than ordinary humans because they developed superpowers, through training or trauma, they could become extremely powerful as their abilities grew.

    Their universe was nearing the end due to overuse of quantum computers, their technology, even though millennia more advanced than ours, could do little to nothing in relation to rebuilding said universe, the damage was done because of oblivion and arrogance.

    Lionman belongs to the Omega Reality, the Omega Reality is a Reality almost identical to our universe in every way, the inhabitants are filled with superpowers that ranges from street level, to cosmic level, that was until the Evolutionary Humans from a baron Reality migrated for their survival.

    The Ultravox of that time, over used these quantum computers, which altered the Reality to which he saw fit, but he didn't account for all the variables and he was accidentally destroying the Realities.

    His son however, the present Ultravox as a teenager could use them without damaging the Reality, But the leader of a secret society Exodius, (Word pun on Exodus) wanted the race to follow him, so he fought and eventually killed the original Ultravox, but he was locked up. , Peter, who's our Ultravox, became King early.

    But Exodus had a plan, he cloned Ultravox's son, Peter, to make the perfect evil leader, in case he dies or gets locked up... This clone was known as Ultravox X.

    He fought against the villains for years before being able to at the last legs of the Reality, transport his people to another Reality.

    So Peter took the reigns of Ultravox and finished the quantum computers, but as the race migrated and arrived on the new Earth, the enemy followed.

    He unfortunately brought the war to the Earth, after years of battling, sacrifices from human and Evolutionary Human alike, the heroes won, and thus Ultravox started global repairs and reperations, eventually becoming the emperor of Oceania becoming a global super power.

    It killed 10's of millions of Evolutionary humans, and hundreds of millions of Humans, who sided with both sides for different ideals.

    Ultravox befriended the Earths leaders and managed to secure a place for him to rule over, which is known on our earth as Victora, but it was changed to Pinnacle City.

    But there was more evil lurking, Ultravox X was planning Exodus's escape, and Exodus's master, Morganeth sworn pain on Ultravox's family line because Morganeth was the immortal sworn enemy of the original Ultravox.

    At the age of 15, Daniel started having blackouts when in danger, he performed feats he shouldn't have been able to do, he decided to leave for training, he went to the Marenza Mountains, to scale the extremely tall mountain to train with the legendary Master Zyiang Zyung, this master would train Daniel in hopes of unlocking his Evolutionary Genes.

    He trained there for months before the tyrant Morganeth tracked down Daniel and killed his Master brutally, he then tortured Daniel and threw Daniel off a mountain when he thought Daniel to be dead.

    Daniel was retrieved by a Ninja Clan to train him further once he was healed, Daniel earned the ultimate elixir, once you drink this your body becomes it's physical peak, once he finished with the ninja clan they let him go separate ways to further train.

    Daniel cross paths with the Extingiush Agency, a group formed to deal with Evolutionary Villians, he trained there and learnt to deal with evil super powered villains and how to take them out.

    He trained for about a year before he was allowed to come back to Pinnacle City, where he joined his father's team.

    He then stayed on that team for about a year before started having blackouts again, he left the team to expiriment on himself to try to stop these blackouts.

    He came across bio-chemistry and used Lion genes to mix with his own, and through this, it created an incredibly powerful transformation, the Lionman

    He worked solo for a couple years before finally rejoining the team and gaining two sidekicks, Meltdown and Tyranissus, he then started his own team a couple years from that.

    And now were in present time.


    Herald Level Super Strength:

    In his human form he is above the standard peak human being, because of his consumption of the very unknown ultimate elixir, he is able to punch or kick through walls or trees, in his Tonormium armour his striking strength and durability rises much higher placing him at small building levels of destructive power.

    As the Lionman he was able to hold together the Indo-Australian Plate and the Pacific plate together, the plates were moved by Exodius, he had to not only overpower Exodius, but also pull the plates back together, Exodius moved the plates with his telekinetic abilities, which he was suppressed when he performed this feat, his full extent of his telekinetic powers are unknown, which means that this feat is very hard to calculate as Lionman wasn't just overpowering the weight of the Indo Australian Plate and the Pacific plate, but also Exodius' telekinetic ability, this for for quite a while too, the safest assumption is to say this was a planetary level feat.

    Lionman harnessing his full power when enraged or not worrying about environmental destruction becomes a very large star buster at minimum, able to easily destroy stars, he tanked a Solar Flare and Comet shower in a fight against the cosmic villain, Nebulous, however he was defeated by Nebulous shortly after, still an incredible feat providing that Nebulous has the power to destroy Large Stars in his first form.

    When he is pushed too far in battles his human mind and grip of control on his powers simply breaks, he transforms into his primal state, animalistic in form and appearance, he has no control over what he does, however one of the pros of this state is his power multiplies by a 100 fold, making him a dangerous force to be reckoned with, in this state he is considered to be a High Multi solar system destroyer.

    Super Human Speed:

    In his base state, Daniel possesses a low level of superhuman speed, able to run at 200 kmph, due to the Ultimate Elixir enhancements, he can move up to 10 times faster than sound while wearing his armour due to rocket enhanced boots.

    In his Lionman form he is able to travel at thousands of times faster than sound via rocket boosters in his armoured boots, without time he can move at Mach 10,000 and think and process thoughts at just that speed, but with time to build speed up he has reached MACH 224,250 when he jumped to the moon in 4 seconds to fight Exodius, however, he could get faster with further forms.

    Healing Factor:

    Lionman can regenerate wounds and broken bones in a very short time, almost instantly, however, he cannot regrow limbs or organs, he'd need outside help for that.

    Herald Level Durability:

    Lionman can take just as much as he can dish out, shown when he took a shower of comets, and when he was hit by a small super flare from the sun.

    Superhuman Agility.

    Lionman can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.

    Light mind Control Resistance:

    Lionman cannot be put down by stranded telepaths nor controlled, as his mind is too advanced as it manages to be primal and savage, but at the same time a fighting genius.

    Claw Retraction

    Lionman is able to retract claws from the fingers of his hands, sharp enough to cut through beings  who have similar level's of durability to The Lionman.

    Fighting Skill:

    He is adept at Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Karate, Kenjutsu, and Raion No Michi which is the way of the Lion

    He also has knowledge of Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, Boxing, Board Sword Fighting, Kendo, Tae-Kwon-Do, Fencing, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do and Professional Wrestling

    Super Human Hearing:

    Not only does Lionman posses super human hearing, able to hear across a 10 kilometer radius, he also has Parabolic Hearing, which means he can cancel out any sound he wants to focus on a single sound or more.

    Super Human Smell:

    Lionman can detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track targets with nothing but his nose.

    Super Human Sight:

    Lionman can see in the entire Electromagnetic spectrum, meaning he can detect Microwaves, Radio waves, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Gamma Rays,
    you name it.

    Communication With Animals:

    Due to Lionman's animal attributes and his influence towards them, more specifically big cats and indeed, Lions he can communicate and speak to them, even going as far to aid or assist him in battle, although he can do the same to all animals, it's to a lower extent.

    Super Human Endurance:

    The Lionman can withstand a lot of pain of pressure during a fight without giving an inch, due to his training in pain tolerance and pushing through pressure.

    Superhuman Stamina:

    Lionman can fight for days to weeks on end without showing fatigue or tire, for instance when he was captured by Dr Regal and was force to fight battalions of beings similar to him, or when e withstood assaults from Nebulon, Morganeth and when he beat Exodius.

    The most impressive stamina feat for Lionman is when he fought Petrinos for one week in a trial of combat, Petrinos is the son of Ares and Athena, and is more powerful than both of them as he is able to empower him further via the God Stone that covers his body when he calls on Gaia, Lionman defeated him and recruited him to the Beta team of the Omega Force.


    Lionman is resistant to the cold, heat, fire and radiation.


    Due to Lionman's genetic makeup, he can live for a very long time.

    Primal Stage 1

    Through extensive rage, stress or pain, the Lionman loses the grip of his human control, becoming more animalistic, loses rationality, but increases instinct, this form multiplies his attack, speed and durability by a one hundred fold, visible changes are eyes become red, mane grows in length, claws grow, legs become more arched and muscular like a Lion's, he now stands at twelve feet tall, his healing factor can now heal organs and limbs, in this state he can destroy 100,000 solar systems and move just over the 20 times the speed of light.

    Primal Stage 2

    The second state of Lionman's primal form, where he is stronger, faster and more durable by a further 100,000 fold, growing into a 20 foot tall monster, he's senses are also drastically increased, he gains an even longer mane and claws, longer jaw and teeth, he develops stripes and spots onto his body, at this state he is able to destroy an excess of 10,000,000,000 solar systems, or a galaxy moving two thousand times faster than light.

    Primal Stage 3

    The third Primal state of Lionman's transformations, where he's bones actually thicken creating an outside endo skeleton, his mane is now as long as his waist from the back, and down his chest from the front, he's frame is massive, he's stripes are larger and more sporadic, same with his spots, he has a massive jaw and fangs, even grown tusks, his height is 35 feet tall, he has the ability in this fold to destroy 1,000,000 galaxies, in this state he is almost fully a beast, only able to perform two word utterances at best, generally only one word utterances, he can now move at a hundred thousand times faster than light

    Primal Stage 4

    The most powerful of all his forms, this form takes the appearance of a chimera, a massive Lion/Scorpian like tail, fully armored, Lionman's fur is fully armored with his black and dark grey bone protrusions, he has developed Dragon Wings huge horns on top of his forehead, standing at 50 feet tall, completely savage, unable to create rational fought, the extent of his verbal communication is maybe 5 words, Die, Kill, Rip, Head, Off, he has the ability of destroying 10 universes and moving 500 million times faster than light.

    Pyro Lion

    Lionman at his Pyro Lion state is able to lift incalculable amounts of weight, he held together with a small piece of the Omega Reality, about 1/1,000,000th of it, which still is hundreds of universes, if not more, Pyro Lion is blessed with 0.1% of Leonus' full power, Leonus can destroy a Multiverse, being that he is the son of the first God of Earth, Kolasius, therefore, Pyro Lion has beaten enemies such as a full power Morganeth, Hades and Anubis, and he even stalemated Daroxphet, a Low Multiversal being, although all of this was contributed to The Axe Of Nemea multiplying his power by 10 fold

    Lion Roar:

    This is the big one, this attack is one of Lionman's most destructive attacks, mainly because of it's versatility, it can create a massive sound wave either from the front of omnidirectionally, it can cancel out energy and physical attacks, it can deafen the enemy, it can render enemies unconscious, it can exert a high level of destructive force the Lion Roar is equivalent to ten punches of each form he is in, for example, if Lionman used the Lion Roar in his fourth stage, he could destroy 100 - 200 universes, if he used that attack in his Pyro Lion stage, he could destroy thousands of universes


    He can jump hundreds of thousands of feet due to his extremely powerful legs and can hold his breathe for long periods of time because of his extremely powerful lung, Lionman due to his extremely powerful leg muscles, he is able to bound at incredibly high speeds and distances to create the illusion that he is flying, due to his superhuman agility, he can also change direction easily without loosing momentum.


    Lionman's Armour:

    Tonormium is an alloy originally created by the Foedusymus Gods, the parents of the Greek, Egyptian and Nordic Gods, Lionman possesses a Tonormium plated armour, Tornormium a fictional metal in my universe so he absorbs energy, such as sound, light and heat, and force, which means the armor absorbs damage, it is also is twenty times as dense as Titanium allowing it to have incredible levels of durability.

    Lionman's Sword:

    Lionman is equipped with a Tonormium Sword, Proto Rednormium crystal, which makes the sword twice as heavy and as sharp as before, Rednormium gems are the power source of an extremely advanced race, although these gems are fatal to specific races with common genetic makeup, so they were reverse engineered to create something that benefits other alloys, although Daniel's fingerprints allow it to lose it's weight in his hands but still strike at the same force.

    Lionman's crystal in said sword can project energy beams, energy shields and can raise the tempreture of the sword to 500 degrees Celsius.

    Axe Of Nemea:

    After defeating the Nemean Lion in ancient Greece, Lionman was gifted the Axe Of Nemea by Zeus, a weapon made by Hephaestus, this weapon was given to Lionman to use in dire times of battling deities and cosmic level threats, he can summon this axe as well as project godly lightning out of it, it has the power to destroy entire Solar Systems with a swing.

    Flash Light:

    Lionman possesses a flashlight inside of his armour, just in case he's with allies that don't have vision abilities and can't see in dark places.

    Anti Gravity Disks:

    Inside of Lionman's gauntlets lie gravity manipulative disks. 

    Cloaking Device:

    Another gadget inside of the Lionman's arsenal is a cloaking device, designed to render Lionman completely invisible.

    Quantum Computer:

    Lionman possesses some of Pinnacle City's highest level tech, that being a quantum computer, which allows beings to travel universes, dimensions and even realities.


    1): Every minute under water, his power, speed and durability goes down by 10% but the longer he is out of water, the more time he has to regain the strength.

    2): Daniel experiences Anxiety Attacks, it could possibly be at random, or it could involve Daniel's fear of failing his people, family or planet

    3): He has no defense against magic or spiritual energy.

    4): One could exploit his tail as a weakness, but be prepared to go for a ride.

    5): Daniel has a temper and when pushed enough can explode.

    6): While Lionman has a healing factor, it's limited, while he can heal most fatal wounds, he cannot regrow limbs or organs.

    7): Lionman will never turn down a challenge, that means that he'll battle anyone, even if it puts him in danger or the enemy is more powerful than himself.

    The Lionman was created by :iconthe-nemian-lion:


    The-Nemian-Lion's Profile Picture
    Daniel Howe
    Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
    Hey, I am Daniel Howe, I am a ordinary geek who loves Comics, anime and sci fi, I also love martial arts and training, I am fair but stern, depending on who you ask I am a really nice guy.

    But seriously I have to include some info on me because everyone else has.

    Age: 15

    Hair Colour: Dark Brown

    Eye Colour: Hazel

    Height: 6 ft

    Weight: 165 pounds

    Badass Level: OVER 8,000!!!

    Put this on your
    ---██--- DeviantArt page
    █████ if your
    ---██--- not embarrased
    ---██--- to tell
    ---██--- others that
    ---██--- you're a Christian

    Journal History


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    412 / 10,000
    Hey Guys it would mean a lot to me if you could give me some points, thank you if you do

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