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working on lotsa stuff. all not schoolwork related.

I win at priorities.
not technically, but whatever. looks nicer.

taking $*17 for serious this time round. tee-hee!
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Final Assignments + Art and Heart.

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 10, 2009, 3:03 AM
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A charcoal drawing with photoreference from nikosalpha. I forgot to take a pic of it before submitting it. D'oh! Gotta ask from friends.

FOUNDATION 2D - Working like a manslave.
I don't paint much because I generally hate painting (because I'm molasses slow at it). But this is due on Thursday, and the relation of emotions to what I have and see in life is so ****ing real, that I just *have* to do this. I don't care, this is gonna go up regardless of how well or how finished it.

FOUNDATION 3D - Groupwork.
A totem pole thingy. I think we're good, but we still have quite some work to do (~60% done) and the professor is half a prick. No, not pricky enough to justify full prickiness but still. Ehh. Handing up next week so I have some time. I LOVE spraypainting stuff with silver paint. Awesome sensation.

FOUNDATION 4D - Narrative(?)
Just got the idea this afternoon. It was there previously, but I didn't know what form it would take on. This is even more personal than my 2D piece so I should take good care of it. :lol:

Seriously. I DON'T CARE IF I FUCKING ACE ART SCHOOL OR NOT. I'm estimating myself to be at least competent enough to get a B(-) [3.0/5.0 GPA] on everything and so far most of the grades are definitely above that, but some people are acting like getting a 1st class Hons. degree in an art school is everything. It is *something*, and is *something* really commendable, but so?

I'm not being hell-bent on self-gratification, but I think I'm seeing too big of a gap between the hands and the brain for most Foundation groups. You are told to nail it in a systematic matter - visually, which I'm definitely okay with, but not emotionally. No motive no spontaneousness so sterile so clean so CAL-CU-LA-TED (that's how you pronounce it in Malay, folks!)

Calculation. Perhaps that's my main beef with other people. It's finally university and some people are still CALCing their grades like their moms (perhaps?) used to do for them. Art school (or not).

I like people who take risks or spontaneous journeys because they *FELT* like it, not calculation. Yes, a calculated risk for assignments in art school- you heard it here first! ;D

p/s: If you don't feel like it, don't take risks. Be sincere and be what you feel you would want to tell or express.

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New phone. HTC again, but it's running the 'Droid this time.
Really surprised at how polished this OS is. Doesn't seem like the bland screwup on designs that Google normally commits.
I love to abuse campus wi-fi by streaming imeem and Bwahaha.

2 weeks into the school of (f)Art, Design & Media. 4 days of hell each week for 3 days of temporary heaven. A nice tradeoff I guess.

I hate the workload. Drawing, 2D, 3D, 4D, yet all of them giving draw/study assignments. It's all about drawing mad amounts now. I can cope, sure, but there's a slight bit of dissatisfaction on why my non-drawing teachers are all so err... pencil oriented even in week 1. I have 4 sketchbooks (3 homework + 1 Garbage(TM)) so rest assured the doodling is in place.

Haven't set up my own desktop system yet so I've been REALLY off the radar for now, but I'll get it up soon. No, I haven't been THAT busy to forget about everything, rofl.

NOISE SINGAPOREEEEEEEE (yes I'll try to get time to do stuff. lmao.)
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not worth.
the time
the emotion
the conflicts
the justification
the late night strawls
the pointless discussion
the futile dodging of conclusions
the really persisting overall weariness i had
and may you guys fare much better in your future endeavors.
all the best.

signed with full sincerity and hopefully no offense meant.

p.s. i'll try to be there if you need a fun game or such.

and so.
i move on solemnly but with a necessity
ready for the school that they call ADM
perhaps ready for more than just- that
perhaps ready for a whole new world, a new experience
new life, new priorities, new work, new flavors of coffee
i hope.
Art was, has been and still is my way of pointing my nasty middle finger at the world.

Whether it actually works, I'm not sure.

With love from Malaysia (and **** you too).
-Mike :)
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Before we start. Twitter Username: TheNGTV. ADD ME THERE.

I forgot to tell y'all.

SOME people do know this, and probably consider me as reiterating points that they got sick of long ago (=p), but for the general populace that don't:

I've been admitted into the Art, Design, and Media (ADM) faculty of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore! (First year is foundation year, but I hope to get the desired major- Visual Communications in the second.)

I do regret the decision slightly- after all, I could've become a kickass electronic engineer or some mad journalist whilst being a really nice digital artist, BUT.

Life is special. You go through routes once. You never look back. Robert Frost blah blah blah (yes.) And what I hope I've chosen is what my heart has lead me to go into. I know that this isn't a rose garden at all, and the thorns will definitely be more prevalent than the Popsicles (sorry ran outta analogies), yet I have a feeling that this would amount into something fantastic and magnificent.

Oh, and the faculty building is STUNNING. It looks like a heart from the top, and has lots of sexy glass. The innards do not pale in comparison either. Really a wonder when I first saw it. The seniors in are using shock tactics as of now, but pfft I know I'll be slaughtered once I get in.

Taking basic art lessons on anatomy, sketching and design fundamentals since I had none of those in High School. Will go in mid-July, I'll miss Malaysia. Slightly. (hah!)  

Before we end. Twitter Username: TheNGTV. ADD ME THERE.

That's all for today, since I have AHEMstuffAHEM to work on.


Don't bother translating.
Here's a few things to clear up.

1. Being a teacher is hard. In fact it's so fucking hard that I'm deciding to call it quits as soon I finish what I need to do. When? Maybe the end of March. :(

2. I'm still working on the website, but refer to #3 first.

3. Need to make more stuff before I put the site on, otherwise it'd be a direct embarrassment.

4. I have 2 direct, real-potential pieces in the make. No kidding.

5. I was working on a Valentine's piece. It was scrapped. :<

6. Why am I working in the first place? PC upgrades, a fucking phone (no I don't have a cellphone... yet), paying for the Coldplay concert I'm going to, and a bigger tablet. Oh, and preparing to pay for the EX lenses I'm going to get for my Sigma SD14/15 (depends).

7. Hope all is well with you guys.
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Thank you for being a part of what I regard as the best electro duo of this decade. May you rest in peace now.

(For a short eulogy visit their MySpace page)

You know the thing they said about the good dying young, sometimes it's so true. =(
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Wait, they're the same.

I haven't done ANYTHING yet (0%), but expected a hypertext website in Feb.

And May 1st is my birthday... (and also a special day for web designers :lol:)

Yes. =( Teaching some kiddos "interactive Engrish", as much as I like the money I don't think I wanna do it for long. Mon -> Sat, 7 -> 3, you get sick of it fast.

Srsly nobody ever wants to collab? =/

Hit me up with a note on DA and we'll talk.

Willcomesoon, hopefully. I'm bored at school.
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A graduation!

I graduated from high school in November. Got my results in December. Applied to universities in January.

I miss a lot. I miss the routine. I miss friends. I miss how emancipated you actually get when you are forced in a box.

Who cares now anyway. It's 2009. PAAAARTAY (8 days late)!

Sorry, no 1.1.09 this year, I'll get back to you when I finish some other projects that I urgently have to finish for my university portfolio.

And yes, I've selected Art/Design as first choice in some institutes, it will be a big challenge but to think of it, I've been through the proving process much more rapidly. Hopefully I'll make 3-5 more pieces in January and make them public too :D

Oh, and Telefon Tel Aviv's new album leaked unto Soulseek. O-M-G.
You Are Not.

Your avatar.
Your PC rig.
Your real-life look.
Your girlfriend number.
Your 1337-ity.
Your Last.FM.
Your car.
Your TV resolution.
Your video game console of choice.
Your favorite OS.
Your hippie statement.
Your income.
Your ancestral races.
Your art.
Your alcohol intake.
Your tl;dr opinions.

Chemistry... and I'm done.

The day after tomorrow I'll start glorious production again. =p
I was an ass. I still might be.

#1. 32 Days Left.
32 days to my finals. The REAL finals. The ones that define it all- my past, my now, my future. Yet, I have to admit- I have never been so amped to be (trying to) make art. Ironic, innit?

I plan to nab 3-5 "A"s. Hopefully. But whatever- when that biatch is done, I'll move on to important stuff... say, ART! :lol:

#2. Laissez-faire Copyleft?
The recent abstract trend seems to be based on Realflow fluid simulations.

Wait. Wasn't that 2006? :o You know, as I remember...………

Okay, the 2008 versions are sharpened, sharpened, and extra sharpened. FOR EPIC WIN! :D Pardon my delay for not doing that 2 years ago. I might have been blind.

#3. Team Fortress 2, and my SteamID
Team Fortress 2. My new favorite game. By a far shot.

To add me as a friend on Steam, search for "Humping Up And Down". Yes, the guy with a dual-direction arrow. In case you were wondering, it's supposed to be suggestive.

#4. Suggest Me A DSLR.
Before I buy a Sigma SD15. (…)

After you suggest a model, if you would kindly do so, link me to a gallery (example, Flickr) that shows extremely impressive images being taken with it. Thanks!

Been too busy these few months to cuddle with anyone at DA, so hah if you feel isolated without my comments. I promise I'll come back. Soon.

In NOVEMBAR. :evillaugh:

Oh, and U2's Joshua Tree and Coldplay's Viva La Vida (or Death and All His Friends) are 2 awesome albums. Hit me for loving sappy music produced by Brian Eno.
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Making art sometimes feels like finding pieces of a jigsaw. They almost never come into place, moreso when you want them. I used to try to force whatever the clusterfuck that was into shape, and eagerly pretending that it really was. Why? Glory? Attention? Proof that a motherfucking artistic dimwit that has nada of traditional training can beat most of the fuckers in art?

Do I have anything left to prove?
To the world?
Does art even build on this sort of motivation?

Maybe I wanted perfection and am just not wee close to it, but when the benchmarks of the world go crumbling down on you, you see everything in slo-mo. You try to salvage everything in slo-mo. But it doesn't/just won't work (hold on for a millisecond, sure), and before you realize it, square one lies ahead, no less cruel than it once was.

A reformat; everything had once been beautiful. Weariness wiped, happiness left, emptiness filled.
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Aargh, 1 more day and the holiday REALLY starts. Before that 70+ other pals and I (in 2 classes) had 6 hours of intensive Calculus gnashing- ever since Nov. 17. =p

Which explains why I haven't been that active (as I promised to... or did I? :evileye:)

What's next:
Harmony 0.8 Gamma: It's the theme that I'm currently using (a LOT of improvements mind you, menus and buttons are much sleeker and the whole software feels a more exquisite in general)

A Maya (!) PaintFX piece: Not much to say for now, but should come after Christmas.

1st real vector in Illustrator: :w00t!:

A lot of concepts to tie up:… D:

Unreal Tournament III review, as promised to the Rage3D community (:shakefist:)

p/s: Finished Half Life 2 Episode 2 yesterday. Everything was quite awesome except the loading times (that was a BIG OUCH, darnit Valve)

That's my update, now's yours. How's ya enjoying those lives of yours? :lol:
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This is really happening



Done when it's done.
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