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:iconcommunism: :icondapoliticalforumclub: :iconairshipenthusiasts: :iconspheres-of-phyrexia: :iconguild-of-transport:

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Mad Max series, Star Wars saga, Dr. Strangelove, most things Tim Burton, etc.
Favourite TV Shows
M*A*S*H, House, Masterpiece Mystery, most things on PBS...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Far too many to name...
Favourite Books
The State and Revolution, The Communist Manifesto, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Castles of Steel
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V.I. Lenin, Stephen King, Hunter S. Thompson to name a few.
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Chess, RISK, Craps, Red Alert series, Magic: the Gathering
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traditional means or Photo Shop.
Other Interests
airships, politics, the Great War, alternative history, a spiraling galaxy of other topics!
Wouldn't you know? DeviantART says I've been a member for twenty years now. I could reflect on how this site, and it's community have changed in two decades. Or I could just leave that out and say thanks to anyone who may have been following me even half that amount of time. All the best, my friends.
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Hello There...

4 min read
Quick check in for 2024. As may be the usual by now, don't expect too much in the way of uploads from me. IRL business has had my attention for some time now, and frankly I don't have much creative inspiration these days. I also no longer have a functioning scanner for my drawings, although I guess smart phone cameras make up for it a bit. Kicking and screaming, I learn the modern ways eventually. I hope all of you out there in Internet land have been well. It's a rough, uncertain time we find ourselves in. War continues in Ukraine, although I'm hopeful that the Imperialist aggression of Russia can be halted. That's a hot take from me, and not always popular with my fellow Leftists. But I dare to speak the truth, and that's exactly what Putin's war is. We can argue all day about the gentleman's agreement Gorbachev had with H.W. Bush about NATO expansion all we want, but that deal died with the USSR. Russia's actions towards it's neighbors in the Age of Putin have been anything but
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Hello all, I know a lot of people are concerned, scared, and certainly angry right now. Personally, my heart breaks for the people of Ukraine. My heart breaks almost as much for the people of Russia. Neither asked for Putin's war, but it's what they and the rest of the world have gotten. I am a Communist. I understand the long history between Ukraine and Russia, I have strong opinions about both nations governments. Mostly negative. I have opinions on NATO expansion, the necessity of that organization, and I can to an extent understand Moscow's feelings of mistrust and betrayal by the West in the post-Soviet world. I can also understand, if it is genuine, why those in Ukraine's east would wish to break away. While I do not believe the outrageous arguments put out by the Kremlin as justification for Putin's war, Luhansk and Donetsk have no less valid a claim to go their own way than Ukraine itself in 1991. I am, however, dubious of what percentage of that eastern populace truly
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could i please ask you a few questions about airships since im thinking of having a airship made or just doing one

Also, apologies for the late reply. I don't check Deviantart as often as I used to. Sadly, my inspiration to create has been pretty lacking for a long while. But I still pop on to check on things. ^_^

Sure. I'm hardly the world's greatest authority on LTA, but I can try and answer any questions you have.

Hello again The-Necromancer it's good to hear from you. I have a question relating to dieselpunk flying aircraft carriers like the Akron-class airship (with its signature trapeze-style recovery/launch system) and your examples below:

On Patrol
The Fighting Third

The Akron-class airships' trapeze-style recovery/launch system appear to be a popular example for the US military's multiple post-Akron attempts with creating parasite fighters from flying carriers. But its successful use involved biplane-type fighters, which allows fictional ideas based on the Czech Avia B-534 and British Gloster Gladiator biplanes... and maybe the 1930s-era Polish PZL P.24. and USSR Polikarpov I-16s monoplanes.

In contrast, post-WW2 examples used jet-powered monoplanes which presented problems like with the McDonnell F-85 Goblin parasite fighter's docking tests.

The only alternative was the USSR's Zveno project consisting of a Tupolev TB-1 or a Tupolev TB-3 heavy bomber mothership and two to five fighters. Depending on the variant, the fighters either launched with the mothership or docked in flight, and they could refuel from the bomber. The definitive Zveno-SPB using a TB-3 and two Polikarpov I-16 monoplanes.

If we are talking about prop-driven monoplanes for faster performance aircraft, do you think the trapeze system might work for such planes? Or the top-mounted, aircraft carrier-style runways in your two pics above might work better

Say The-Necromancer I remembered this pic introducing the idea of a single-barrelled or single-mount version of the same type of 57mm artillery (i.e. the QF 6-pounder 10 cwt gun).

Gunnery Practice

I recently found videos discussing about the German Rheinmetall BK 7,5 and Swedish Bofors 57mm m/47 aircraft gun. I thought you might be interested in the videos to complement your airship armaments selection.

Hey The-Necromancer I just found these three airship/Zeppelin pics and I thought you might be interested. What do you think of their designs?

Zepplin cruise

Zepplin cruise blueprints
Her Royal majesty airshp

Excuse me The-Necromancer have you heard of this early idea of a jet engine before the turbojet? I thought if you are looking for more ideas to make up new dieselpunk aircraft or engine options for dieselpunk airships/hybrid airships, this might be one new idea to use. Maybe..... that is up to you but I thought this interesting piece of aviation history might open new ideas in a fictional setting.