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Nyan'uary Day 10!
A new post every day of January of your favorite cat girl and mine, Nai! <3


Its hard to separate the things that happen in my life and the responsibilities i have as an artist.

I get kind of tied up between being responsible, and being true to whats real.

Trouble is, i don't really feel the point of art unless its honest declarations of the soul. I dont see how it helps if its just a consumable commodity.

I trust ill understand one day, but for now, its all in the learning.

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Still love your style.

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This is really amazing, love the composition and the excellent lines and contrast
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It's always artists who draw like gods who act like there's some deep philosophy to it or that they need intense, deeper training and learning of the concepts...

....meanwhile their interaction level is zero, having them miss the forest for the trees, not knowing that the enjoyment process is a consolidation of all the factors that make creating art enjoyable in the first place.

Shrug, who am I to stop people from falling into catch 22s.

*fades away to nothingness*