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How To Join.
If you would like to join as a member and have the chance to buy A Morag of your own, Feel free to simply click Join. Everybody is welcome. If you would like to have your stables added to the A-Z List send a PM to :iconhighbankstables: with the name of your stables, or simply post it as a comment. If you don't own any Morags then it is not mandatory that your stables is listed, but once you win or buy an import you must list your stables.

Buying A Morag.
If you would like to buy a Morag at auction you must be a member of the group. Imports will be added whenever we reach a certain ammount of people wanting one. Auctions will also be an option- Bred Morags from the Founders and Admins. With this horse it will already have a lineage and cannot be changed in any way.

Registering Your Morag.
ALL morags MUST be registered here. Once you have bought a Morag send a note to the group telling us all its details. Write them yourself if it was a Import, or simply copy and paste from the drawing description if it was an Auction. Also include the new rider/owners name and the name of your stables.

Once a Morag is registered you are free to breed your horse with other members, and do whatever you wish with your new friend.
Every Morag is sorted alphabetically into its groups. Every stables registered will have a spot in the list- All stables being sorted by numbers.
Under every stables registered will be a list of every Morag they have bred.

Once a foal is born it must be registered with the group also. Decide between yourselves who gets the foal and then send a note with its details. If you wish to auction the foal you can either draw and sell it yourself, or sell the foal to a founder who will sell it. If you want to auction the foal yourself send us a note to let us know so we can keep updated on the new bidders.

.Registered Horses.

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