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Lynthia © LynthiaReddawn
Elveren © The-Moonbound
Blood elves © Blizzard
© The-Moonbound

Patreon reward for LynthiaReddawn; my Elveren throwing his lovely Lynthia a surprise birthday party :heart: Happy birthday Lynthia! .:puppy happy love:. Done in lineart style. Also on my tumblr.
The card reads:"To my dear friend, my sister in spirit; may we share many more adventures! All my love, Elveren" Love Pink

I'm still on vacation! I will be back at home on May 22nd with updates and an estimated date for my next commission opening :)
If you like my art, consider pledging to my Patreon - your support is greatly appreciated! :) (Smile) The next poll will be up in the start of June for everyone who pledges 5$ or more. Patrons pledging 10$ or more can suggest one character a month.

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© 2018 - 2021 The-Moonbound
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"Happy Birthday, Darling."

(happy squeal) "You shouldn't have!"

Linthia is so adorable and Elveren/Zatanna is definitely

getting some tognight;) . Beautifully drawn.

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Why are there so few guests?
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Is it just me or is that belly button absolutely amazing?

It's just me. I'm sure.

Wow, what a belly button! Even clothed, that tummy is astounding. Both are!
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Cake - check
Drinks - check
Grapes - check
Milkshake - check
Swiss Cheese - check
Tophat - check
Sexy blood elves - double check
Candles... DAMN IT! Someone forgot candles! What to do what to do! (Dashes off to get candles a la :sprint:)

Silliness aside, Wishing the Lynthia mun a happy belated birthday.
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SilverDragon234's avatar
Always a pleasure :)
barn-swallow's avatar
So cute :heart: I love the fact she's wearing one of the rings already:D
Can I have some cake please Mini Strawberry Pixel 
Deviljackies's avatar
They are so happy and Lovely! XD like it as always!
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Awww Its so sweet MoonMoon :)

Thank you so much for this Awesome Picture. It looks so lovely! :D And yes Elveren seems a tad greedy or eager here. Tasty Food in front of her and Lyn literally in her hand! Hug 
The-Moonbound's avatar
I'm very glad you like it :D When it comes to Lyn - and food - she is always greedy :D and who can resist Lyn? :)
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It seems like Elveren doesn't know what to go for first. Food, or Lyn! Love Elveren's smile here.
The-Moonbound's avatar
Hehe, thank you :D Lyn or cake... it's a really tough decision! Right? She looks almost manic in her excitement XD
moparman2nd's avatar
Cake is nice, but Lyn....think I'd take Lyn, then eat the cake off Lyn!
The-Moonbound's avatar
Haha, sounds like a good plan ;)
moparman2nd's avatar
There's a pic I'd like to see!
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Now thats food for royalties :D Love the decorations :)
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