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Winner of February's Pinup of the Month poll at Patreon, Elveren as a succubus :heart: I went with a felblood elf inspired look rather than a "real" succubus, I imagine this to be some sort of in between - she consumed a little bit too much fel magic :D It was a fun piece to work on! Maybe she will have to make a reappearance?

If you like my art, consider pledging to my Patreon - your support is greatly appreciated! :) (Smile)

C: Sylendra by The-Moonbound

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DAY-UMM! She can drain me and turn me into an Incubus anytime!

wicked beauty .. love it

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Now that's a succubus! (minus the wings and hooves of course.. but I still like it! a lot! XD Looking forward to seeing more of her, excellent work, she's beautiful! :)
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Thank you so much :D I have a few ideas with her in mind ;)
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I know she's supposed to be a blood elf but her skin color and all the green really makes me think of succubus. You should really do another of her as an actual succubus just to see how well it turns out. Her face reminds me of Megan Fox, did you come up with her facial features or were you inspired by someone in real life?
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Haha well this is actually her 'succubus' form, kind of :D If she became very corrupt by fel magic, I imagined it to go this far :) I don't keep up to date with WoW lore anymore but I imagined her to be some kind of demon-elf hybrid at this point (not canon, ofc).

I usually just draw things in 'my style' I guess, hehe :D But Elveren (and other OCs) have certain features I try to keep the same :) But wasn't inspired by any RL person, in this case.
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Watch out, it may be my last.
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wow, very sexy. Great work!
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I am not sure how I missed out this one. As always excellent work :)
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Thank you so much :D
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O you're welcome :P
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OMG!!! She looks so beautiful!! Not to mention sexy :la: 
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Hehe, thank you, glad you like her ;D :heart:
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Those eyebrows O_O !
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Haha, they are standard for WoW elves :)
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