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check out the pinup artists I am following at ArtStation - amazing work that you won't find here.

So, each website has its advantages and downsides. I'm very happy that ArtStation doesn't encourage young hacks into joining and contributing. ArtStation's top 12000 artists are all trained artists and they practice their craft seriously - it isn't a hobby or pastime for them.

I prefer ArtStation now because of the absence of lazy hacks. I wish they would leave dA and this would encourage the pros to return (most have left since 2012)

However, ArtStation is pretty discouraging of comic artists and the comic artists end up on IG which is a terrible platform for art because of the cropping, censorship, and encouraging of mixing regular life content with professional work. Now, IG sucks even harder because they hide likes - you don't have important info about what you are looking at to keep you engaged with the content.

Not much CP and "roleplay" stuff on ArtStation *nudge nudge* This is another big reason I switched over.

A big problem with ArtStation is that it doesn't have much flavor or soul. It is a ton of emotionless environmental concept work and 3D assets for games.

I have just finished going through the 11500 most followed accounts on ArtStation (all their posted work)

Anyway, out of 11500... I have followed 3000 and have about 1000 faves.

If you want to troll me on ArtStation and add to your watchlist with strictly more dA oriented content then go ahead. You can follow who I did and you'll get a nice feed of about 50-100 new pieces every day (less on weekends because all those guys work in the art industry)

Which site do you prefer?
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Draw Sum Circles returns as The Moon Beam

*This group is dead. complain to the admins for limiting daily submissions*

Here is a pre-beta version of a new pinup site modeled on the same theme as this group:

There is a lot more work to do on it... which may not happen for a time.

In 2011, for a time Draw Sum Circles was the fastest growing group on dA. We have returned as The Moon Beam and the galleries currently include 10,000 of the best works from dA.

So I opened submissions... follow the theme of the group please:
1) pinup
2) female
3) posterior view,

*right now my requests are arranged randomly... i then move pieces into the featured gallery based on merit and personal taste i suppose.

folders 6-10 will accept 1 a day (subject to change)
folders 4-5 accepts 1 a week
folder 3 accepts 1 a month
folder 2 accepts 1 a year! xD

that is for the members.

for contributors (i hope to invite a select group of artists that really inspire and set the highest standard for professional pinup art and illustration)...

featured folder is 2 submissions a week auto approved
folder 1 is unlimited submissions

let's see how that goes... if it works then great... if things get spammy for whatever reason i'll do some tweaks

*update... will request contributors soon. and will move some showcase works into the feature folder soon










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I really wanted to hand off this group to someone who could admin and continue growing it but unfortunately I don't know who to trust on this site. This site has too much promotion of the victimization of women and too much depiction of children in erotic situations. I would be devastated if work I began ended up in the hands of people that promote such awfulness. With a world gone mad about safe-space it's truly mind-boggling that this website still leaves so many exposed to the worst possible propaganda. If the rules here ever change then rest assured that I will hand off the group to a responsible party. And just to add, if I check out your profile and I notice through your art or faves that you are part of this problem then I will be rude to you in our interactions - frankly, it is the only appropriate thing to do.
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How can I add my art?
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you can't. I killed the group. sorry
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