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Hi all,

So, my website has been averaging 50k visitors per year for the last three years. However, I'm more proud that the average page views per visit is almost 5.0. I'm not saying you will love me and my work, but you'll probably find interesting stuff there at least.

I will be adding more content throughout 2019.

Also, I started up an instagram  under the name LowBrowsing. I use it to curate a gallery of my favourite contemporary artwork of all time. It is a little late in that app to expect followers, so I'm mainly doing it just to have a place where I can go and scroll through all the art I really love.

I'm still on Vero under the name Lobotomous. I update my feed daily with multiple pieces of artwork. I put up two pieces at a time and they usually have something in common, such as composition, materials, characters, pose, etc.

My pinup group here is dead. The admins changed the rules for requesting pieces for groups and that made it pointless for me to continue working on it. Sorry about that. But, you can check out the galleries I curate at IG and Vero. Also, there is but I haven't updated it in ages although it has the same theme as this group
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Draw Sum Circles returns as The Moon Beam

*This group is dead. complain to the admins for limiting daily submissions*

Here is a pre-beta version of a new pinup site modeled on the same theme as this group:

There is a lot more work to do on it... which may not happen for a time.

In 2011, for a time Draw Sum Circles was the fastest growing group on dA. We have returned as The Moon Beam and the galleries currently include 10,000 of the best works from dA.

So I opened submissions... follow the theme of the group please:
1) pinup
2) female
3) posterior view,

*right now my requests are arranged randomly... i then move pieces into the featured gallery based on merit and personal taste i suppose.

folders 6-10 will accept 1 a day (subject to change)
folders 4-5 accepts 1 a week
folder 3 accepts 1 a month
folder 2 accepts 1 a year! xD

that is for the members.

for contributors (i hope to invite a select group of artists that really inspire and set the highest standard for professional pinup art and illustration)...

featured folder is 2 submissions a week auto approved
folder 1 is unlimited submissions

let's see how that goes... if it works then great... if things get spammy for whatever reason i'll do some tweaks

*update... will request contributors soon. and will move some showcase works into the feature folder soon










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lobotomous Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2019
I really wanted to hand off this group to someone who could admin and continue growing it but unfortunately I don't know who to trust on this site. This site has too much promotion of the victimization of women and too much depiction of children in erotic situations. I would be devastated if work I began ended up in the hands of people that promote such awfulness. With a world gone mad about safe-space it's truly mind-boggling that this website still leaves so many exposed to the worst possible propaganda. If the rules here ever change then rest assured that I will hand off the group to a responsible party. And just to add, if I check out your profile and I notice through your art or faves that you are part of this problem then I will be rude to you in our interactions - frankly, it is the only appropriate thing to do.
Felipe400 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
How can I add my art?
lobotomous Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019
you can't. I killed the group. sorry
girlbuttonfire929 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2019
How can i add my art?
lobotomous Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019
you can't. group is dead. sorry
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