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My Life in Flux 119

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Not particularly funny, this is... let's call it an "experimental" comic strip to kick off a storyline dealing with a fascinating phenomenon called "depersonalisation". :hmm:

NEXT WEEK: Depersonalisation pt.2 (of 7)

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CUI-CUI: Qu'est-ce qui m'arrive? Je me sens irréel

CUI-CUI: [C'est comme si] j'étais dans une bulle en train de regarder ma vie. Je n'arrive même pas à me reconnaître

CUI-CUI: [Est-ce vraiment] moi qui parle? Est-ce que j'existe [vraiment?] Pourquoi est-ce que je me [sens] si engourdi?

CUI-CUI: [J'aimerais vraiment beaucoup que] quelqu'un vienne à mon aide

Pas particulièrement rigolo, ceci est... disons un comic strip "expérimental" pour démarrer une histoire sur ce phénomène fascinant qu'on appelle la "depersonnalisation". :hmm:

LA SEMAINE PROCHAINE: "Depersonnalisation", 2e partie (sur 7).
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Eager to see the rest of this least I think I am. I really am not on good terms with myself, we don't speak much.
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
You should. It's like ping-pong.
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Clever idea, shrinking the panel borders. Works especially well since the strip usually has the same layout.

And an interesting subject... will be interesting to see where this is going :)
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
It's not really going anywhere, to be perfectly honest. :D
dunwich7's avatar
Hah... well, I'll be glad to follow it around, even if it is just stumbling around without any final destination :D
Grishend's avatar
Nice idea... feels like lately the world's gotten smaller. Nice job!
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
Yes, that's what I had in mind.
Lytune's avatar
The-DaneMen's avatar
Sometimes, the world actually is getting smaller.
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
It really does. Which makes us look bigger in comparison. That's a pretty good deal actually.
The-DaneMen's avatar
One of my favorite 'Calvin and Hobbes' strips is one where he starts to grow until he is standing waistdeep in the milky way.
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
Oh yes. I remember that one very vividly.
AlejandroIsAMinotaur's avatar
That's such an abstract condition! Reminds me of the stuff in Dr. Oliver Sacks' books.
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
I just hope I won't turn into Bob De Niro.
AlejandroIsAMinotaur's avatar
I dunno, his life must be pretty sweet. Of course, you'd look like a surly goblin.
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
Better than looking like a shapeless blob, I guess.
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
Of course I was attempting to touché myself. I wouldn't dare to touché you. :D
AlejandroIsAMinotaur's avatar
That's very courteous of you, sir.
skpop's avatar
Oula, je sens que je vais aimer cette serie! C'est un de mes themes favorits... En plus, sept episodes, ca laisse de quoi developper! :)
The-Mirrorball-Man's avatar
Mfffmhph. Je ne suis pas sûr d'avoir su en tirer le plein potentiel. Enfin on verra.
skpop's avatar
De tout coeur avec toi!
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