COSMODE 45 Cosnaps - Karako got in!

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It's that time again everyone. Cosmode 45 is out and here are the Cosnaps.
They are very blurry. Let me know if you got in or you recognize someone, and I will feature them in this journal.
Karako Cosplay by the-mirror-melts My Karako got featured :D



Ninon Beart Cosplay 04 by Bastetsama-Cosplay Mindless Slave by venusgal100 Michiru by Flame-R Sypha Belnandes by KirinCosplay
Jornadas Manga y Anime Feb. 2012 3 Photos on COSMODE 45 by portpolyonamo1979:thumb286584645::thumb283576734: Sweet Mana by amakurareika Axis Powers Hetalia: Vietnam by rinsuzume SG: Feyris-Nyan nyan II by LoliJellyBunny Ren Jinguji by s-e-m-e Saber by Karen--Kasumi


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I take commissions on cosplay props, accessories and masks.

Send me a note or email
Feel free to ask me some questions and for price quotes :D

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Karen--Kasumi's avatar
there's my picture too, [link] whith my cosplay's saber
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Congrats. I added you to the feature.
s-e-m-e's avatar
My Ren got featured <D

the-mirror-melts's avatar
Congrats and I added you to the feature.
LoliJellyBunny's avatar
yay! thanks for the scans :meow:

kyaaa my feyris cosplay :3 [link]
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Congratz. I'll add you to the feature.
amakurareika's avatar
wow! thanks for the scan! My Mana cosplay got featured.. [link]
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Congratz and you are featured
amakurareika's avatar
rinsuzume's avatar
Excuse me for suddenly popped up from nowhere, I found your journal through google search, and I found my photo got featured there, it's my Vietnam cosplay: [link]

Thank you for your scan~ :love:
And nice to know you too~ :D

*Rin Suzume*
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Congratulations and I added you to the feature.
rinsuzume's avatar
Thank you very much~ :iconlovesplz:
portpolyonamo1979's avatar
Grats to you & thanks for sharing. 3 of my photos actually got in as well. Here are the cosplayers on my photos

:iconserenedoll: Ashanie as Luka
:iconordnaelshofu: Leandro as Len
:icon23rdangel: Joeb as Dante

Here are some of the cosplayers that I recognize

:iconwalangkatwiran: Alekz as Sakura
:icongelaii-chan: Angel as Feiris Nyannyan
:iconsuigeneres: Sese as Ranka Lee
:iconcesuriju: Ces as Priscilla
:iconechow88: as Natsu

Grats to the rest of the cosplayers as well who made it!
the-mirror-melts's avatar
3 wow! Talk about skill! Congrtulations
portpolyonamo1979's avatar
Thanks! It's just pure luck^^
MakiEraclea's avatar
I've been feautured with the photo of my avatar! *U* ♪
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Send me a link and I'll add it to the feature
maki-chama's avatar
& congratulations again for the feature. your cosplays are as awesome as always :)
maki-chama's avatar
yayyyy i got featured again. thank you for sharing as always :)
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Send me a link so that I can add you to my feature and congratulations as well. :hug:
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