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This is going to be a short one.
I didn't have the usual con excitement prior to this con. It started somewhat badly.
One of my roommates weirdtakoyaki couldn't make it because she was sick :( Hope you're feeling better.
I was sick too, which wasn't fun at all.
I didn't get Mercedes done in time and I didn't want a last minute rush so I backed away before I would regret it.

Drove down with :iconthornrose: and made it there mid-day. Boston is a lovely city.
Boston 2

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge

We got our passes then went to the mall that was attached to both our hotel and the convention centre. It was a lovely mall with some expensive stores. We went back to the hotel room when our other roommates arrived (Still need to find their DA names to link them). I got dress in Captain Yoruichi, Thornrose in Lelouch. I learned the layout of the con and visited the dealer's room and artist alley.
I met :iconcandlelights-chaos: a fellow deviant and cosplayer. She is the Zelda on the left. It was nice meeting you!

I dressed up as Beast from Black Butler
Beast - Seeing Red by the-mirror-melts
Spent most of the day hanging out. It was pouring rain for most of the day. I bought a few prints from ProdigyBombay and Virus-AC
Kuroshitsuji by ProdigyBombay
I spent the evening with acksonl helping carry equipment for his video. Check the video out here.…
Thornrose and I have a cameo in the background. See if you can spot us.
The Sailor Moon was one of my roommates. She was very nice and I hope we can hang out again.

We met a nice Viletta too...
Thornrose and Viletta

On Sunday I wore Merle. It was sunny and a very easy going day. It was mostly spent saying goodbye to all the people we knew. Got some ice cream and some cheescake. Yum! The food was great!

I finally got to meet Danielle a fellow Granado Espada cosplayer. I was supposed to go to Katsucon in February but had to back out. She is so sweet.
Myself and Danielle

Overall: Nice con, great location, great food, and lovely people.
I didn't get to hear that many people with a Boston accent. What's up with that?

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I hope we can hang out again too <3

Ask Vincent to say "drawer" sometime and you'll hear a bit of his Boston accent :D