Anime Boston 2011 Con Report

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This is going to be a short one.
I didn't have the usual con excitement prior to this con. It started somewhat badly.
One of my roommates weirdtakoyaki couldn't make it because she was sick :( Hope you're feeling better.
I was sick too, which wasn't fun at all.
I didn't get Mercedes done in time and I didn't want a last minute rush so I backed away before I would regret it.

Drove down with :iconthornrose: and made it there mid-day. Boston is a lovely city.
Boston 2

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge

We got our passes then went to the mall that was attached to both our hotel and the convention centre. It was a lovely mall with some expensive stores. We went back to the hotel room when our other roommates arrived (Still need to find their DA names to link them). I got dress in Captain Yoruichi, Thornrose in Lelouch. I learned the layout of the con and visited the dealer's room and artist alley.
I met :iconcandlelights-chaos: a fellow deviant and cosplayer. She is the Zelda on the left. It was nice meeting you!

I dressed up as Beast from Black Butler
Beast - Seeing Red by the-mirror-melts
Spent most of the day hanging out. It was pouring rain for most of the day. I bought a few prints from ProdigyBombay and Virus-AC
Kuroshitsuji by ProdigyBombay Devil May Cry 3 - Dante by Virus-AC VI | Fire Mage by Virus-AC GW Triple F by Virus-AC
I spent the evening with acksonl helping carry equipment for his video. Check the video out here.…
Thornrose and I have a cameo in the background. See if you can spot us.
The Sailor Moon was one of my roommates. She was very nice and I hope we can hang out again.

We met a nice Viletta too...
Thornrose and Viletta

On Sunday I wore Merle. It was sunny and a very easy going day. It was mostly spent saying goodbye to all the people we knew. Got some ice cream and some cheescake. Yum! The food was great!

I finally got to meet Danielle a fellow Granado Espada cosplayer. I was supposed to go to Katsucon in February but had to back out. She is so sweet.
Myself and Danielle

Overall: Nice con, great location, great food, and lovely people.
I didn't get to hear that many people with a Boston accent. What's up with that?

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I hope we can hang out again too <3

Ask Vincent to say "drawer" sometime and you'll hear a bit of his Boston accent :D
the-mirror-melts's avatar
I look forward to it.

Lol I'll try to remember that. Thanks :D
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Wait, let me get this straight:
Damn . . .
the-mirror-melts's avatar
I was around. It's a big con but we may have crossed paths.
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Boston is a beautiful city but so full of crazy drivers from our standards. XD

Too bad I didn't get to see you often. ;___;
the-mirror-melts's avatar
Yeah we saw each other for at 10 minutes. :(
Next time.
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Definitely next time. :(
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I'm sorry that you weren't feeling well, I had absolutely no idea otherwise I would've given you a feel better hug, and I'm sorry that your friend couldn't go! I'm hoping you got to enjoy the rest of Anime Boston though. An... thanks for the journal tag. Also thanks for sharing your friends video with us it was amazing!
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It was nice meeting. My cold got worse one I got home. It was pretty tame that weekend.
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That sucks. I hope your flatmate recovers.

Also; Cheesecake FTW! :XD:
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The cheesecake was good but way too sweet. And I have for sweet tooth! I couldn't finish it.
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The structure is the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge, that's what a quick google search gives me anyway. Quite a design i must say.
I saw videos of the masquerade or skit contest where the mc actually gave the scores of the hockey game in progress. I bet some Montrealer in the audience reacted to that ;)
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Thanks for the info. My friend was trying to keep track of the score that night too during dinner ^^
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i'm sorry your first day was bad! but i hope the rest of the weekend was better. ^^
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Thanks. It was pretty good. It was an easy going weekend
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:icongoodgoodroachplz::iconsaysplz:Good... good.
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