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Do your worst, big man

Carol stretched and looked up at the looming giant overhead, a gasp of surprise on her lips. Then she noticed her dress was gone, leaving her clad only in the skimpy underwear and boots she wore to the party. A tremendous finger waved in her direction and she let loose with a soft sigh as she leaned back to regard her enormous co-worker, not the least bit surprised to see whose face awaited her.

"So, I see you couldn't resist using the reducing formula on me, David," she intoned in a voice as tiny as she was.

"You knew I would," he replied with a smile, clearly having no trouble hearing her despite her miniature size.

She nodded, lifting one leg in resignation, surprising herself with how calm she felt. Of course, having reviewed this scenario in her head hundreds of times, she figured she had to be ready for it by now. "Ever since we developed that stuff, I knew you'd find a way to use it on me," she remarked. "Let me guess, in the air conditioning?"

"Air freshener spray," he replied with a satisfied nod.

She sighed again. "Didn't think of that one, but whatever works. I suppose now you're going to turn me into your little pet doll, is that it?"

"Something like that," he agreed with a shrug that did nothing to hide his enthusiasm.

She settled back on her hands and managed a hopeful smile. "Okay, I guess," she told him, figuring there was no use in begging or pleading. "Do your worst, big man."

"Don't worry, my little toy," he replied as he reached for her. "I intend to."
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The worst being that he made it harder to take off her bra.😓

That is sexy underwear too.

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She could be reduced more!!! I like the smell of lavender!!!😁