Mind Maidens Art Jam Begins

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My friend :iconcaptainzammo: gave me an idea to start a new Art Jam:

Will Boosted by CaptainZammo

It also gave me an idea to host an Art Jam, and I call it The Mind Maidens Art Jam and it begins now.

Now for those who don't know the plot The Mind Maidens was an episode on Superfriends where a villainess named Medulla used a mind control device called a Will Booster to control rthe minds of all women.  Once infected, the woman had glowing white eyes and had the power to dematerialized the men to send them to Medulla's lair, where she would store the men on computer tape until the women had control of the world with Medulla as the ruler.  (Talk about a harsh Women-Lib....  LOL)

Anyway, in the episode Medulla turned Wonder Woman & Jayna into her zombie slaves to get the male heroes.

Medulla's Favorite Slave by The-Mind-Controller

However, here is the challenge and rules of this art jam.

The idea is to show other women besides Wonder Woman who got possessed by Medulla's mind control.  You must create a render of a woman or women under mind control with white eyes, pledging their allegiance to Medulla.

Here is an example:


Any form of visual art is welcomed and you can do other superheroines, female celebrities, or even normal women.  The point is to use someone other then Wonder Woman.  Female OC characters are also welcomed. And because its an Art Jam you can make as many renders as you wish.  This is not for prizes, just for fun.  When you make something for the Jam, post it in a reply in this topic, and I will take it, and repost it in a Gallery Folder giving the artist full credit for their work in here: mindcontroller99.deviantart.co…

As I said The Art Jam starts now, and will end on May 31.

Any Questions?

I also made a new group called :iconthe-mind-maidens:.  Please feel free to join the group.

REMINDER: Tomorrow is the last day of the Art Jam!  Thank you to all who contributed! :D

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ORcaMAn001's avatar
Well I think your little idea was a great hit, seems that there was plenty of people that participated, & there were some good creations, thanks for allowing us to be creative on this subject :D
EnglishDamsel's avatar
Valentine as requested: [link]
Hordaks-Pupil's avatar
Here is a photomanip I did for the art jam hope you like it :D [link]
hinter2624's avatar
master, can you do miley cyrus and selena gomez both together? so they can become one of us again. please master.
Aishahypno's avatar
adventure-art's avatar
Hi master...you have that link going to advent-art....
he or she is someone else ! :)++++
take a look ! :)+

"see' you later ! :)++
adventure-art's avatar
Hi Rob....ooops, I mean master ! :)+

....here I am...now controlled by Medulla ! :)++

"see" you later ! :)+

.....sorry I /we had scanner issues the last 3 days
EnglishDamsel's avatar
Another one, Beestung: [link]
CuriaDD's avatar
Okay I decided to give this a try:
Mr-Hypnotyk's avatar
Back from my break (but still going a little slow), here's an entry for your art jam. Hope you enjoy
ORcaMAn001's avatar
Well here is my 1st entry into your great little contest
Mine is a Animated Render hope that OK ? ?
The-Mind-Controller's avatar
I'll just have to give an honorable mention. For some reason I can't repost it in the Art Jam folder in my Gallery.
ORcaMAn001's avatar
I kind of thoughtthat would happen, I found out that for some reason the only place that accepts GIF is this catagory
Digital Art / Miscellaneous / Animation
Sure wish that DA would allow WMV, MOV, but haven't figured out why :(
but thank you
The-Mind-Controller's avatar
I tried that catagory but for some reason after it uploaded it wouldn't show a preview of the picture, and without the preview it can't be posted. I am try it again later.
ORcaMAn001's avatar
if you want I can provide you with the same JPG snapshot that I used to post for that thumbnail/preview pic, just send me you email & I'll forward it to you :)
The-Mind-Controller's avatar
ORcaMAn001's avatar
Thanks just sent you the email , Really appreciate all this extra work that you are putting yourself through to post my work, :D
ORcaMAn001's avatar
thank you for all your effort & posting my creation, sorry for the hassle & sorry it didn't work out lol
EnglishDamsel's avatar
Miss Britain and Rose Red: [link]
hypnovoyer's avatar
Here's my contribution:
hinter2624's avatar
make another miley cyrus getting hypnotized.
U1trawoman's avatar
Here is my contribution to your art jam. :w00t:--->[link]
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