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Valerie Love



This is Valerie before she became the evil Mistress Valerie: [link]


Villain: Mistress Valerie

Real Name: Valerie Love

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gray

Occupation: Dominatrix, villainess, heiress to the Love Empire.

Powers: Mind control powers with a special riding crop, power of seduction, and access to machines that control the mind.


Valerie Love is the daughter of millionare James Love, and wife Linda Love. James is the owner of the Love Foundation, a company that developes new bionic prosthetics and other futuristic devices for the handicapped. James Love was a hard worker for is company and had a history of neglecting his wife and daughter. Valerie was the classic rebellious teenager from smoking pot now and then, to riding in cars with strange boys. One night, Valerie got more then she bargined for as she got into a strange car, with 2 boys. All 3 of them were drinking heavily, the boys took it too far and raped Valerie. When she tried to fight them off, they cut her face with knife and stabbed her in the chest. Leaving her for dead, the boys tossed her body in the city dump. As her body laid among the trash, a riding crop fell into Valerie's almost dead hand. The crop had some unknown strange power as it magically brought Valerie back to life. As Valerie stood among the dirt and sludge, she held the crop to her bleeding face, and quickly she was restored with all her beauty. But her restored beauty came at a price as the crop spoke to her mind: "If you want to remain beautiful, kiss the crop, and swear to become a servant of evil!" Valerie kissed the crop and vowed to serve evil. The crop then transformed the young heiress and dressed her in a black sexy outfit. Valerie Love as no more, as Mistress Valerie was born. Valerie returned to the Love Mansion and with the power of the crop she took control of her own parents and ordered them to kill themselves. With the police and media believing that the Loves committed suicide, this left Valerie sole heir to the Love Empire. Mistress Valerie quickly took over the Love Foundation, and instead of prosthetics, Valerie's company now developed machines that controlled the mind. With these machines, she enslaved the workers to her will and ordered her slaves to make more mind control devices. As time past Mistress Valerie found the 2 boys who had raped her and with her crop she turns them into her personal servants. Mistress Valerie only has one goal in life. -- To rule the world!

Strengths: Valerie is a true dominatrix. She knows how to give plessure and pain and dominate the human soul. She likes to refer to herself as "Mama" and she thinks of her slaves as her "children" who sometimes need to be punished!

Weakness: Valerie is vain about her beauty and tends to get overconfident. Valerie can sometimes fall victim to her own mind control devices if her enemies can get the upperhand on her.


Art done in SL.

Retouched in MS Picture Manager.
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what a tragic story. where did the crop come from? How could she murder her admittadlly neglectful parents and krrp the rapists alive? So Frank? was one her original assailants? I'd love to see her get out of his clutches and ahialate his ass.