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This isn't too surprising (and kinda expected), but the power tripping mods at the CP wiki have deleted Jeff the Killer, one of the most iconic pastas, from the CP Wiki as of 2:26, Feb 7 2014 UTC, due to it's poor quality!

I sense a lot of outrage toward those elitist jackasses in the near future.

Seriously, I get that Jeff the Killer was't the best written pasta (that's a given, considering it was supposedly originally in Spanish), but if they're deleting the creepypasta that's central to Creepypasta's greatest icon (2nd greatest if you factor in the Slenderverse subgenre), then LOLSKELETONS and the rest of the mods are out of their goddamn minds.


Apparently they've booted Jeff off to his own wiki 'because of it's poor quality', and then have the gall to say that their 'Jeff the Killer Wiki' was made because Jeff "is the most famous and influential creepypasta of all time", and they're giving him 'his own special place in their "network"'.

Read the IMPORTANT NOTE at the bottom of the entry.


:icontheladyblackwolf: was already working on a wiki called Creepypasta Land Wiki to replace the craphole that is CPWiki, so go there if you want to post your stories, not to the scum that is CPWiki!


Here's a quote from ClericofMadness, the CPWiki's founder, on his take on whole thing (quoting directly from the comments in this journal):
Undeleted. The reason for this story to be deleted was utter nonsense.  While the sheer volume and majority of JtK clones or spinoff/piggybacking stories are utter garbage (AND THEY ARE DON'T EVEN PRETEND THEY AREN'T) the original is still a well-established piece of internet horror fiction.
If you're reading this...do not delete any more WELL-ESTABLISHED stories.  While new stories may be faulted for grievous errors, deleting well-established pieces of fiction because you do not like them or because they spawn shitty spinoffs is 
I N T E R N E T      C E N S O R S H I P.
Don't do that.
Now, Cleric doesn't get the final word on what goes on in that wiki (That's a community-driven thing). However, it's still interesting to see what the man responsible for creating the site in the first place has to say on the matter.

As of Tuesday, February 11th, 2014 5:05 AM PST, the Jeff the Killer creepypasta has been restored to the main Creepypasta wiki by the wiki admin Lil' Miss Rarity. I don't know why she did it, but I'm just happy to see that one of the most well-known creepypastas (as mediocre as the writing is) is back on the CP wiki where it belongs.

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In my creepypasta universe, Jeff will never leave, sad about the page D: 
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to be honest with you, some people don't see his story as one of the best, and he's not that scary, and i get that. but i certainly loved his story. its what makes him my favorite creepypasta. at least he's not fucking Nina, Nina was a mistake. but Jeff was not. this is my personal opinion. but i know someone's gonna comment on it like; "Oh jeff is stupid" or something stupid as that, but i'm just saying me personally i liked his design. sure they could of made him look better and they could of kinda improved his story, but once you kinda get past that he's a good creepypasta. 
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"Well established"...i dont think i can take cleric seriously anymore. How was jeff in anyway "well established" the story was filled with bullshittery !
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I'm so happy he's gone!
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I am utterly happy that this had happened, I myself am not a JtK fan. His story was rubbish and, in my opinion, his design is not scary. He is what started the rampage of fangirls drawing and writing fanfiction about him. He was the main problem for creating horrid characters. There were many flaws in his story anyways.

So please, it isn't the end of the world.
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It's off the site again. And for fucks sake- somebody take a look at what they did to JtK wiki. That site is not even an excuse to why it's not on CP wiki anymore, it's a fucking mess. If it was at least a decently managed- just take a fucking look, I'm lost for words with that site. Shame on you CP wiki, shame on you. I avoided posting my opinion about this for the longest time, and hell- it was fucking forever since I read something other on that site other than discussion about removal of Creppypasta classics.

Fuck it, going over to the MrAngryDog's Creepypasta Land wiki. Thank you for letting me know that somebody made another site- I was starting to think about making it myself. Well, maybe I'll do my own JtK wiki...
I just hope it Creepypasta Land will be a site...CSI Miami ... to kill for. As was once CP wiki.
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Stop getting mad
Spooky-skeletons's avatar
Honestly I'm glad it's on trollpasta now, where it belongs
Artcrazy1223's avatar
I agree with you!
Lumi-Pearl's avatar
Rightfully in its place alongside Deth Trumpet.

I don't get all the weird infatuation with creepypasta characters.
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Jeff was a crappy pasta to begin with, and all the fangirls/fanboys made it worse.
Jeff the Killer was quite literally the worst story on that site, almost unchallenged, since Sonic.EXE was deleted. I'm not exaggerating or joking. It made no since logically (Bleach isn't flammable, Being burned doesn't give you superpowers), It was a grammatical train wreck, it was a story that was not only, unscary poorly written trash, but it was actively harmful to creepypastas and literature. If we say, THIS is the standard, then people will try to aspire to written pure garbage. It was never good, it was never scary and it was almost literally all reliant on that poor photoshop job. That, Squidward's Suicide, Sonic.exe and other stories like that SHOULD be deleted permanently. Those stories are an insult to written word. Goodbye, Good riddance

And remember, because I don't want my point to be taken the wrong way, you are not stupid for liking the story, the story is just, by all measures off quality very poor. You can like something of poor quality and it doesn't make you stupid or wrong.
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you know he was also soaked with alcohol, right? quote " “What’s funny,” he said, “Is that you’re covered in bleach and alcohol.” Jeff’s eyes widened as Keith threw the lighter at him. As soon as the flame made contact with him, the flames ignited the alcohol in the vodka.".
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It's been deleted, again.
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I think ClericofMadness is a cool guy, but this story deserved to be deleted, as there was nothing special or scary about it on a site for internet horror stories.
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What is saddening is that even though Cleric stood up for the creepypasta that has the 2nd most iconic character of all time in the CP fandom they still deleted it. I'm afraid to see what this wiki and fandom is coming to. I think even quite a few people left the fandom after the incident. It also makes me sad and a little hurt to see the first story I ever read in creepypasta to be put in such a humiliating position on the Trollpasta wiki. And I know I sound insensitive which I am really but I could really careless if that picture was photoshopped just to make fun of somebody. Also I don't really know why anybody would make the picture look that horrifying just to make fun off someone so I don't even believe in that story or theory that people tell about it. But then again I wouldn't be surprised by it. I think they might probably undelete it in the future but I'm not very forgiving and I hold grudges on a lot of things.
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It's been back up if you seen..
IAmLexeh's avatar
Well I just looked at it a few days ago and I didn't see it .-.
Dusk-deerfluff's avatar
there's a link at the end of the journal. I think they like made a totally new link to it or something.
IAmLexeh's avatar
Oh okay thank you.
Dusk-deerfluff's avatar
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No they deleted it again. Seriously, when you open that link, click on "Latest version".
Dusk-deerfluff's avatar
It's still there?? I literally just opened the link, don't know why
you can't see it. It might be blocked for you.
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Im a creepypasta fan but, don't think I'm a hater.

If you've never seen the background from the story it's actually based off a photoshopped version of a girl that committed suicide from a bully. The bullies photoshopped her face even the website (4chan DONT VISIT THE WEBSITE) and got a lot of hate, I think it's a good thing to take it off because it's basically about bullying and some nude thing.
Besides the whole thing will get old anyway....... We got a lot of Mary Sues from it all... I think the girls ould be glad to not be considered an insane murderer that kills his own family.

Edit: If I can find it I'll give you the link to the info if you'd like me to.
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