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December 28, 10:00pm through December 29, 12:00pm, MechWarrior Online player Xavier will be hosting a 24 hour charity stream for cancer research.

Xavier is a member of MWO team Merc Star who recently lost one of their fellow members, Whiphand, to Gastric Cancer.  In Whiphands memory, Xavier and the MercStar team has started a donation page you can can find here:…

and will be host a 24 Twitch steam starting the 28th at noon with all proceeds from Twitch stream, including subscription, Twitch bits and donation in that 24 hour period going straight to cancer research.    

Xavier original post regarding the Charity Stream can be found in the MWO forum:…

I myself have lost a family member to cancer and applaud Xavier's efforts for the cause of cancer research. I invite all Mechwarrior and Battletech fans to help spread the word and help get as many viewers for the stream as possible.

Xavier's twitch channel can be found here

I'll see you on 28th, Mechwarriors

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JonathanWayne Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2019
I know it isn't a very popular battlemech but my favorite is the Innersphere Wyvern and there is next to no drawings of it. Is it possible that anyone here could direct me to some art of the Wyvern or make some themselves?
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Hey thanks for adding that piece! Means a lot; been a Mechwarrior fan for a long time! 
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Thanks for adding me. Not an artist, but I am an author. I have two complete B-Tech series up on Kindle, with both having Audiobooks and the Cavaliers have just been released as Paperbacks! (Yaay me)
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GhostBear3067 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I have no idea how many here even keep track of this but even if there is only one of you that still warrants this message: I am taking down all currently uploaded chapters of my Battletech fanfiction novel "The Red Dragoons". This is not due to a lack of interest from viewers or anything like that, LORD knows were that the case I would have taken them down ages ago. It is that every time I look over the chapters I have uploaded I am always finding various typos and other mistakes and it has started to annoy me. I am taking them all down for more thorough proof-reading and editing. Also, I have hit a massive wall of writer's block and the delays between chapter postings are becoming unacceptable. I can and will do better. This hiatus is by no means indefinite and I have every intention of completing this story. I however have no idea when I will manage to finally start uploading the chapters again but when I do I will make sure to do so at a regular schedule. I thank any and all of you who have been reading for your interest and hope you will not hold this decision against me.
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