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Welcome to Stanz'! Hanna and Kindle by The-Masked-Collager Welcome to Stanz'! Hanna and Kindle :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 9 4 Happenstance5 by The-Masked-Collager
Mature content
Happenstance5 :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 53 7
Happenstance4 by The-Masked-Collager Happenstance4 :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 37 7 Happenstance3 by The-Masked-Collager
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Happenstance3 :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 76 6
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Pocket Change :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 60 2
Cupped by The-Masked-Collager
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Cupped :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 95 4
Pests at the Park by The-Masked-Collager
Mature content
Pests at the Park :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 47 7
Borrowers Remorse by The-Masked-Collager Borrowers Remorse :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 69 6 Dangling Trinkets by The-Masked-Collager
Mature content
Dangling Trinkets :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 53 2
Overwhelming Protection by The-Masked-Collager
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Overwhelming Protection :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 80 4
On your toes by The-Masked-Collager
Mature content
On your toes :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 62 4
Hand Crafted by The-Masked-Collager
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Hand Crafted :iconthe-masked-collager:The-Masked-Collager 95 7


Sam's a handfull by TinyDann Sam's a handfull :icontinydann:TinyDann 46 13 LittleBig Cafe by mike973 LittleBig Cafe :iconmike973:mike973 336 20 LittleBig Cafe 2 by mike973 LittleBig Cafe 2 :iconmike973:mike973 232 10 hey its a butt! by mike973 hey its a butt! :iconmike973:mike973 338 15
Happenstance: Chapter 11
Chapter 11
Change, Loss and Personal Growth
By Dann and Twinchy
It had been a few days since Sam had ‘helped’ Kindle fix the kitchen sink. It had been a bit of a hollow victory for him, as it truly marked the end of an era of his life he was confident he would never truly return to. That wasn’t entirely a bad thing, currently Sam had a warm place to live, fresh food that wasn’t scavenged off the bottom of a garbage pail, and clean water. More than that, Sam had somebody looking out for him, somebody to talk to, and a roommate he was actually starting to get along with.
‘Roommate…ha’ Sam’s inner dialogue chimed in, like the tower bells form the old church down the road from where he grew up. Just like those bells, Sam’s inner voice could always be counted on to ring in loudly whenever it was most inconvenient.
By this point, Sam’s confidence had grown just enough to empower him to suppress his own attempts to sabotage himself,
:icontinydann:TinyDann 9 36
Happenstance: Chapter 12
Happenstance: Chapter 12
By Dann and Twinchy
Kindle appreciated that she looked a bit taller standing behind the hostess station, she was often the first sight beheld by the guests when they entered the door and appreciated looking and feeling like an adult, as opposed to standing on her tip-toes to see over the station desk. Of course, when she stood next to Hanna, which grown up feeling swiveled down the drain completely.
“Did you see the dress that woman was wearing?” Hanna’s voice had a way of projecting itself, which always made Kindle uneasy when she thought Hanna was talking about something she likely shouldn’t.
“The big swoopy crinkly, one?” Kindle popped up from below the inner bowels of the hostess station, she had been looking for  a fresh reservation book, as the one they were using only had a few pages left, it would likely last another couple days, but Kindle liked to think ahead.
“You know, if s
:icontinydann:TinyDann 8 20
Happenstance: Chapter 13
Bad Decisions
By Dann and Twinchy
Sam was almost always awake when Kindle got home from work, no matter how late that was. He was a night owl, often outlasting her, which was why he liked to sleep in. Kindle was so used to Sam greeting her atop the Breakfast bar, that she’d often start reciting her day’s events before she even had confirmation that he was even there. She always left the light over the sink on, as well as the hallway light for Sam, because she didn’t want him roaming around in the dark. Sam insisted the dark didn’t bother him, so it was more for Kindle’s own piece of mind.
“Hey Sam,” Kindle began, as she kicked her flats off, and dumped her purse at the door. Despite the presence of the coat rack, Kindle often took hers off in transit to her destination, meaning it often ended up hanging over a chair by the breakfast bar, or the dining room table.  “The day I had…I can’t even begin to tell you!” Kind
:icontinydann:TinyDann 8 28
Happenstance: Chapter 14
By Dann and Twinchy
Kindle hadn’t slept very well that night, the day’s events continued to play through her mind plaguing her with regrets and every possible way each decision may or may not have been handled differently. She was an over thinker, it was a trait that sometimes worked to her advantage but often to her detriment. She was the sort of person who’s simple ‘Hey, how ya doing?’ relived itself constantly in her mind, self-checking for errors, inconsistencies and mistakes.
Had she come on too strong, was she being needy, did she stutter, was there something in her teeth? Clearly she was being too clingy, was it right that she made the first move, she had to be bothering somebody who would much rather she just go away! Kindle knew that was likely not the case, and had heard someone once say, ‘You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do’. Sam knew that this was Kindle
:icontinydann:TinyDann 10 19
Happenstance Chapter 15
Chapter 15
Coffee Time
By Dann and Twinchy
Sam was used to Kindle’s casual walking speed; it was one of those things he just seemed adapt better as time went on. Early on Kindle would shuffle at a snail’s pace when carrying him but slowly started to feel more confident, so as she did, her pace increased to match. But the fever pitch that directed her speed uninhibited by any concern for anyone else’ wellbeing was not an experience Sam ever had before this moment. To say Kindle was walking quickly was an understatement, it was as if she was attempting to sprint away from her frustrations, least they catch up and join her on her coffee date with Hanna.  Kindle had left early and opted to walk downtown rather than take the bus which was normally quite as this was the tail end of the morning commute to work for many people.
Sam attempted to compensate for the sickening vertigo by maneuvering himself as low as he could in her coat pocket, steading himself against the
:icontinydann:TinyDann 7 31
Happenstance: Chapter 16
Out of The Frying Pan Into the Fire
by Dann and Twinchy
Sam was confined to the bottom of Kindle’s pocket as she casually strolled through the park and around town with Hanna. He’d not tried to follow their conversation as it was mostly drown out by the sounds of traffic and other nearby conversations meshing together into one. It was comforting at least to hear Kindle’s voice; to Sam it felt as though she was nearby, even though she had no idea where he was at all. Down near the bottom of Kindle’s pocket Sam found a small safe zone where the fabric came together forming a narrow fold, it was small enough for Sam to huddle into but too small for the phone, keys or any other hazardous object in Kindle’s pocket to shift over and crush him.
Kindle was moving much slower now, occasionally sticking her hand into her pocket to pull out her phone where it would remain outside for some time before being shoved back in. Occasionally she would keep her hand in her p
:icontinydann:TinyDann 8 24
Mature content
Happenstance: Chapter 17 :icontinydann:TinyDann 5 25
Happenstance: Chapter 18
Chapter 18
By Dann and Twinchy
Kindle splashed cold water on her face and took a few moments to slow her breathing, she couldn’t afford to miss half a day’s pay due to an irrational emotional breakdown, nor did she particularly look forward to her what her coworkers would say behind her back in her absence if she were to bow out this early in the night.
“I can do this.” Kindle recited, attempting to convince herself, or perhaps hone in on some hidden reserve of inner strength she was unaware existed.
Sam would be waiting when she got home, she would have plenty of time to work things out with him, there was no sense returning home in this state of mind, only to start another fight with him over something else.
“I got this.” Kindle inhaled deeply, gently dabbing her red stained cheeks and under her eyes as to not agitate her already reddened skin. “No problem!” Kindle practiced a few well-groomed smiles before straightening her shi
:icontinydann:TinyDann 8 34
Happenstance: Chapter 19
Lost then Found
By Dann and Twinchy
“Hey…you awake?”
Sam groaned, as generally when one had to ask that question, they already knew the answer.
“C’mon…wake up.”
Sam rolled over, attempting to cover himself with the heavy fitted duvet, his last line of defense against the Morning and its hoard of light and sunshine!
“Wake up!”  Sam felt Kindle begin to shake him now.
“Bah, Kindle knock it off.” Sam protested, burring his head in the covers.
“Nope!” Kindle regrouped and bounced back with a vengeance, tearing the covers off Sam and pouncing on his prone form as soon as he rolled onto his back to attempt to fend her off.
“How are you this awake?” Sam blinked repetitively, exhaling heavily when Kindle leapt recklessly on his torso. “Oof!”
“Guess what today is?” Kindle’s hair was still in a morning tizzy, she had on only a pink tee and matching panties which was more t
:icontinydann:TinyDann 8 22
Mature content
Happenstance: Chapter 20 :icontinydann:TinyDann 8 28
Happenstance: Chapter 21
Sleeping it off
By Dann and Twinchy
Hanna woke up far too soon than she had any right to, considering how little sleep she’d managed to secure for herself in the first place. This was due in no small part to the previous night’s events stewing around in her head keeping her from finding peace long enough to drift off to sleep. She just kept seeing that terrible image over and over in her head, the tiny man’s body lying in a pile of garbage. Hanna wasn’t sure if the situation was made worse by the fact that he was so small and helpless, or that he had died in a pile of human excrement and bathroom waist. Hanna didn’t like to focus on serious things, because when she focused on serious things she had a habit of forming real, emotional, serious thoughts. It was much easier when you pretended to never have these thoughts at all and were nothing more than a happy, silly, well intentioned mess.
Did he have a family, was somebody looking for him. How had he even
:icontinydann:TinyDann 7 28
Happenstance chapter 22
The Truth Will set you Free
By Dann and Twinchy
The fact that Kindle managed to force herself to even look somewhat presentable at all was a small miracle. Mustering up the energy to comb her hair, find socks that matched and making her way downtown was nothing short of an act of god himself. Truthfully, the only way she could stomach what had happened was to assume Sam had left on account of her unfair treatment and was waiting somewhere biding his time until he felt she had suffered enough. It was why she couldn’t tear apart her apartment looking for him. It was why she couldn’t put too much thought into it, because there was always the possibility she would think too hard, look too deep and discover that Sam wasn’t hanging around; this wasn’t a prank, and he was really gone. As Kindle forced her way through the crowds, she tried to convince herself that she was over reacting. Sam was, in fact, his own person and had the right to come and go as he pleased. She
:icontinydann:TinyDann 10 17



Latest homage illustration for Happenstance by #tinydann . He scared me when he mentioned ending this in two more chapters. Don't GoT me Dann!


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