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I think i start losing my skill..
Just for practic.

Vexel. PS C3.

Wallpaper. 1920x1200.

Reference photo by

© 2010 - 2021 the-marazmo
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yessss i really like your taste,bro! ;-) and your works of course :-) and this mixed with your talent makes you one of my favourite deviants here!!
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Love it! Love it!
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референс намного хуже рисунка. здорово, поставил как влп.
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NEVER.. You are amazing. I wish I was half as good as you.
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Amazingly gorgeous!! I love it!
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народ походу до сих пор не понимает, кто такой маразмо и почему у подруги капля из плеча XDDDD

как всегда на высоте, маразме =*
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Глаза сделаны бесподобно, но не понял что за красная капля на плече.
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это она через попу надувает :lmao:
Awesome vector! Love the ink drop coming out from the shoulder. It got my attention.

:wow: :clap: :winner:

Thank you for using my stock
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pretty awesome
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yeah dude, the leg totally throw me off, lol
but love the subtle colors, as always!
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Very nicely drawn :)
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Interesting concept.
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she enjoys big balls
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I love it! It's so simple and that is its beauty! :D
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not that I know anything of it, but her leg/foot seems to be a bit on the thick side.. hehe, love the colors though.
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порисуй биомеханику и прочую такую шнягу. сразу два профита: меня порадуешь и скилл проапгрейдишь :dmmy:
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You can't lose a skill unless you stop using it.
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