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Things You Should Know


This group is dedicated to anything having to do with machines or of the like.


Anyone is allowed to join! If you like machines or steampunk artwork, feel free to add us to your deviantWATCH. Only members can submit artwork, though! Additionally, if you feel that you are Contributor material, go ahead and request the position - please be aware that we can't accept everyone, though.


*any media accepted*
We accept all works (provided they are submitted correctly), but we would greatly prefer that your works be the best you can do. Linearts, undetailed works or WIPs are frowned upon. Thank you for your cooperation!

Gallery Folder Descriptions

The Featured folder is for the works that we feel are exceptional in workmanship, concept, or execution.

Literature is for any written work. This is geared toward text mostly, but if you have a typographic image, it is probably best suited under literature. Stories, fanfictions, poetry, model description sheets - if it's in writing and it has to do with machinery/steam/etc is acceptable.

The Cosplay folder is for those who like to dress up, so-to-speak. If it isn't something you'd typically see someone wear and the work is focused on the clothing, place it here. There is also a conjunctive folder for Jewelry for works that focus on Jewelry.

Functional Machines:
This folder is for machines that you have created that serve a realistic purpose. It can be as simple as an inclined plane or a fancy light to a complex robot. It just has to have a legit purpose.

Guns, Mods, and Weapons:
By request, this folder is for weapons, Nerf Gun modifications, and other weapons. Please keep in mind that not everything is a weapon.

Blueprints and Technical Details:
This folder is for references, blueprints, concept sketches, and other technical and functional details of a machine or apparatus. Cross sections, diagrams, and detailed drawings are acceptable.

Old Works:
Please do not submit to this folder; it is meant to be a temporary storage facility to hold older works while the folder situation was sorted out.

Jewelry and Goggles:
This folder is meant for Jewelry and Goggles. If these elements show up in your work, but are not the focus, it can go in this folder's conjunctive, Cosplay. But if the focus is on the Jewelry or Goggles themselves, please submit them here.

Non-Functional Models:
This is for anything that looks like it could actually do something, but is in fact incapable of what it appears to do. This includes (but clearly not limited to) Robots, energy apparatus, vehicles, etc.

Steampunk is kind of a gray area of definition, so just be thoughtful of whether or not your work is Steampunk in nature. If you feel strongly that your Cosplay belongs more under Steampunk, by all means, place it here. But please don't just submit any cosplay to Steampunk. Steampunk is also open to Clockworks, airships and other eccentric transportation, and inner workings, jewelry, leatherwork, metalwork, and related.

Photography is for any work featuring a machine or related concept in a way that focus on the art of the presentation of the subject, not the subject itself. Photography of machinery, and stock images/resources are acceptable.

Shane-Acker's-9 Related:
This folder is meant for drawings, models, or other concepts of machines built to resemble animals or creatures, both 9-related and non-9-related.

Drawn or Painted:
This folder is similar to Photography, where the presentation of the subject is the focus more so than the subject itself. These works should be to the best of your ability and be clean of loose-leaf lines, and other blemishes. Works can be traditional or digital.

Please Do Not Submit:

:bulletred: stitchpunk-only artwork
:bulletred: Transformers and related


Affiliates will only be accepted if they are related to the following: 9, Shane Acker, machinery, steampunk, building.

Gallery Folders

Mechanic Arm by ThoRCX
Steam Quarterly by Skinz-N-Hydez
Fear of Machines by skunk257
The Machines by smorrioR
Atlas Class Cruiser by keenansun
The painter, page -28 by EmmaComics
The painter, page -29 by EmmaComics
The painter, page -30 by EmmaComics
Functional Machines
5734L3R's mecha by 08--n7R6-7984
V.T.O.L. Model 191 B by CUTANGUS
Tachikoma WIP 2 by Sunder-59
Tachikoma WIP 3 by Sunder-59
Guns, Mods, and Weapons
SteamGun 4 by dkart71
Steam Spider by dkart71
Steam Spider by dkart71
SteamGun 1 by dkart71
Blueprints and Technical Details
Motorjet airplane on catapult descriptive by CUTANGUS
Future Glyph 13 by nerdliterature
M.E.R.L.I.N. by nerdliterature
Phased Nuclear Regenerator Mu IX-XIII by nerdliterature
Old Works
323. :It's the Wrong Time: by bittersweetvenom
It's time for Autumn by Borboletra
Catcher in a Maze by TheRealMorticon
Left behind by leilani-m
Jewelry and Goggles
Steampunk Pendant 2.1 by dkart71
Steampunk Pendant 1.2 by dkart71
Bennett Valve Ocular Overmask Mark Two by janus002
Snail shell with steampunk doodle by Darkleaf333
Nonfunctional Models
Lovecraftian Chtulhu Bottle by FraterOrion
Cthulhu  Syrup Bottle by FraterOrion
ODG Transmission by ms24khan
Floating Island Model by zoomzoom
SteamDragon 4 by dkart71
SteamGiraffe 1 by dkart71
SteamCamel 3 by dkart71
HMS Iron Duke III by keenansun
Atlas Class Cruiser Fighter Deployment by keenansun
Heavy Mechanized Ground/Air Tactical Drones by keenansun
Alien Deep Space Reconnaissance Vessel by keenansun
Erebus - Cyberpunk dystopian light up helmet by TwoHornsUnited
The Eternal Plague - Royal version by TwoHornsUnited
Shane-Acker's-9 Related
Dab 9 by fnafmangl
Drawn or Painted
Protoboy: Why can't I do It? by KatMaz
Cartoons and Comics
A Robot Jones Something by FierceTheBandit


Batgirl No. 27 by AlexGarner Batgirl No. 27 :iconalexgarner:AlexGarner 2,595 111 Green Lantern Sp by slippyninja Green Lantern Sp :iconslippyninja:slippyninja 14 7 Predaking by Mjones456 Predaking :iconmjones456:Mjones456 176 39 Steampunk GLaDOS by Mad-Mad-Muffin Steampunk GLaDOS :iconmad-mad-muffin:Mad-Mad-Muffin 220 44 Steampunk Cowboys by Estruda Steampunk Cowboys :iconestruda:Estruda 133 15 ZIZ -  Beginning by LaughtonMcCry ZIZ - Beginning :iconlaughtonmccry:LaughtonMcCry 169 62 Anachrodesign by LONelloid Anachrodesign :iconlonelloid:LONelloid 387 39 Cyborg Noir by oo-voodoochild-oo Cyborg Noir :iconoo-voodoochild-oo:oo-voodoochild-oo 22 4 Robotic Man by Gnorkoid Robotic Man :icongnorkoid:Gnorkoid 4 0 Mecha heart by Iggy-design Mecha heart :iconiggy-design:Iggy-design 330 111 panic bells its red alert by CoconutMilkyway panic bells its red alert :iconcoconutmilkyway:CoconutMilkyway 1,397 156 Aperture Science Lift Platform HD2 by HassonAssassin2 Aperture Science Lift Platform HD2 :iconhassonassassin2:HassonAssassin2 10 10 Antique d2 desert by amoebabloke Antique d2 desert :iconamoebabloke:amoebabloke 3,095 333 Chrysalis by agnello99 Chrysalis :iconagnello99:agnello99 1,058 131 We've still got time... by Kahtalia We've still got time... :iconkahtalia:Kahtalia 24 2 Laser drones by AuDreee Laser drones :iconaudreee:AuDreee 5 0
Hey Guys I have had to Reject an alarming amount of submission lately. This is about 99% due to people submitting to the wrong folder. Please...PLEASE, read the description of the folders and submit to the right one.
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