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New Lunar Republic 10th Anniversary by lonewolf3878
Night Moon by HitBass
Tsaritsa Luna by TsaritsaLuna
Nu Woona Wepubwic by Chopsticks-Pony
Luna 1
preparation for the holiday by Skitsroom
Princess Luna by KATEtheDeath1
Triumph of justice by KirillK
Sea freshness by Yakovlev-vad
Luna 2
Luna by Imaplatypus
Princess Luna Hug Pillow by NatanVok
Cute by LunarMoonPoni
For me?? by LunarMoonPoni
Nightmare Moon
:COMM: Growth of the Dark Realm by LupiArts
Februpony Day 6 by WanderingPegasus
Nightmare Moon by HeatherBerserker
I am You, always and forever by AuroraCursed80
Luna and Celestia
I found you! by Yakovlev-vad
Celestia and Luna in mine by Ami-Gami
The Rising Sun and Shining Moon [REDESIGNED] by the-majestic-mare
We Are Happy by Cyanjames2819
Luna and others
Dear old friend [NATG XII - D5] by Darksly-z
You are so adorable by SkyeyPony
Night stories (Patreon reward) by Yakovlev-vad
TwiLuna (Fanmade poster) by tobizgirl
Children of the Night
Shadowbolt by SkyeyPony
A Winter Blessing by AlawDulac
(MLPNG):Yoru Serene by MalinRaf1615
New Dawn - Promotional Art #8 by ShootingStarThePony
Lunas Mond (Deathmoon) by DiNaboo13
Red Ghost by FlutterLuv
Woona as erythroblast by HowXu
Commission:  Kitchen Nightmares by harwicks-art
NLRAF Pegasus Weapons System by lonewolf3878
NLR Air Force Avengers by lonewolf3878
NLR Battlefield 1 Logo by Hikaro-Takayama
New Lunar Republic Emblem by Landmine752
Royal Sisters by ThatUsualGuy06
Princess Luna smiling down at you by AndoAnimalia
Princess of the Night by Negatif22
MLP luna reformed changeling by DayDreamSunset23
Icons, Stamps, and Wallpaper
Nighttime Atmosphere by Game-BeatX14
Human, Anthro, or Cosplay
LUNA: princess of wrath by mauroz
Waiting For You [Cover] by Rainb0wDashie
Good Behind Evil Chapter 5 Page 6 by LunarMoonPoni
Merchandise and Crafts
Sleepy Luna Plush by Valmiiki
Group Icons
NLR logo [animation] by AMPGamer

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The place to go for everything related to Princess Luna!
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night eternal by xLunarMoonlight night eternal :iconxlunarmoonlight:xLunarMoonlight 31 5 Nightmare Moon by xLunarMoonlight Nightmare Moon :iconxlunarmoonlight:xLunarMoonlight 31 3 Luna Redesign Preview V1 by Optimisy Luna Redesign Preview V1 :iconoptimisy:Optimisy 22 0 80s Luna by DarkestLunarFlower 80s Luna :icondarkestlunarflower:DarkestLunarFlower 90 16 not friendly by wej555 not friendly :iconwej555:wej555 19 1 twilight sparkle doodly by wej555 twilight sparkle doodly :iconwej555:wej555 13 0 night rain by wej555 night rain :iconwej555:wej555 28 0 villain doodles 1 by wej555 villain doodles 1 :iconwej555:wej555 9 0 what do we have here by wej555 what do we have here :iconwej555:wej555 39 2 how is this even possible? by wej555 how is this even possible? :iconwej555:wej555 49 2 Happy Luna Day 2018 by Steampunk-Brony Happy Luna Day 2018 :iconsteampunk-brony:Steampunk-Brony 16 6 Princess Luna by 1stAstraStudio Princess Luna :icon1stastrastudio:1stAstraStudio 22 3 Happy Valentine's Day From Princess Luna by JohnG15 Happy Valentine's Day From Princess Luna :iconjohng15:JohnG15 8 1 Happy Luna Day 2017 by Steampunk-Brony Happy Luna Day 2017 :iconsteampunk-brony:Steampunk-Brony 19 6 Canterlot Night by CuteCryptid Canterlot Night :iconcutecryptid:CuteCryptid 23 0 Zefiroth references by MagnaLuna Zefiroth references :iconmagnaluna:MagnaLuna 439 35


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April 24th was the day a decade ago, Iamnotacleverpony released a song that had a huge impact and left a mark in the fandom, and not to long after, our club was made.
It's amazing to look back and see how much things have changed and how far we've gone.
So please, share your stories, tell us how much this decade and this fandom has affected your life.
And tell us if you'd like us to make a contest in the name of this date ^^
Drake-rex, secretary of Princess Luna
Luna Nos Custodit
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Submission Rules

★ The rules are pretty simple. Post Luna, Nightmare Moon, or anything relevant to the New Lunar Republic. The only stipulation is that you need have put some effort into your drawing. Sketches, doodles, and bad photoshops belong in your scrapbook.

Being a member:

Our group is open to everypony who wishes to join the resistance and support our lovely princess of the night. Celestia supporters are welcome, as long as they behave.

Group Rules and Submission Policies:

:bulletblue: Please be aware of our different folders and submit your artwork into the right one. This will make the admin's lives much easier. We reserve the right to decline art if it is submitted to an improper folder.

:bulletblue: Pony Creator images and Gmod images will not be accepted. This falls under the effort rule, and while we acknowledge it takes effort to pose them, they end up being a bit generic. Renders are still okay, but only if they are your original work. Also, please keep the Tumblr format images on Tumblr.

:bulletblue: The Featured folder is closed for submissions. Admins will determine what is best suited for that folder and move pieces into it as we see fit.

:bulletblue: No mature art. There are also fairly strict rules on shipping. It's okay if it's innocent (Luna never turns down a hug), but we do not accept makeout images or anything of the sort.

:bulletblue: If, for some reason, we decline your art, it is not because we think you are a bad artist. More often than not, we will message you with a reason why it was declined.

:bulletblue: Sketches are subject to quality control. Please use a decent camera if you take a picture of a traditional media work. Sketchy, incomplete lineart and WIP images will usually be declined.

:bulletblue: Comments are welcome, but keep them appropriate. We are a rebellion, but we're also here to have fun. Please don't take yourselves too seriously.

:bulletblue: Love and Tolerate. Luna expects an atmosphere of mutual respect for each and every member. Respect your fellow members at all times. Disrespectful comments and or harassment towards others will result in removal from the group.

:bulletblue: Your opinion matters! If you have comments or concerns, you may note the group or the founder, or post a comment in the group, and we will do our best to accommodate!

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Yo what is up my homies! :D
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The 10 year anniversary of Iamnotacleverpony releasing the song that started it all is approaching. April 24th will be the day.
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Wait really?!
There's not much time, but we should do something to commemorate it
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A Letter To Luna. by Rock-Raider
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Might join sometime if there's still room here. 
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Your plush and crafts category is so freaking huge. I had a fun to watch that gallery. And thank you for uploading my work too. I will as soon as possible make a single photo from ten photos.

In addition, I never was a fan of MLP after season 2, but decided to make Luna instead of pokemon Gardevoir (it is much harder to glue Gardevoir for me).
gattuvem72 Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I am curious about what the general consensus on things that are not mentioned in the MLP canon is, so if you don't mind, I'd appreciate if you answered these questions:

1) Whose dreams is Luna allowed to enter? Could she possibly come into one of ours or is she only allowed into those of her fellow Equestrian citizens?

2) Is it possible that Luna could be killed or captured while visiting a dangerous nightmare, never to return to waking reality?
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