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Dearest (Revisited)



Dearest —

You do not know what it is to feel love so deep that your heart contracts in the centre of your chest. You have never experienced your organs inflating at the first thought of another; I say this, Dearest, because you do not love You and thus know nothing of my pain.

I want to seize a star and trickle its dust from my hands into yours. I want the clouds to paint your name on the sky’s summit.

But for now, I shall be content with dreaming of you. I hope that incense sweetens your sleep. I hope that the rain soothes your spirit.

A Writing piece by kittykittyhunter

Loss is an unavoidable reality in life’s journey. To lose something or someone you love has a profound impact on your heart. When a wave of significant

loss occurs sadness is in its wake. Let the sadness have its season. It reveals you are tender. Anger then follows.

Honor the anger. It helps you find your voice in the numbing pain. Feel the pain. It teaches you to give thanks for what you love that now seems lost.

I've actually drawn more things then this, I've drawn some Jack Frost art, a bit of originals, and a few pieces with Oswin and Company-- but for some reason, the coloring process just flows so well, and so much faster when drawing Pond and Doktah. Just hit the right spot today. Perhaps Pond isn't the ultimate companion, but she definitely hits that sweet place for me in the Doctor's relationships. So yes, more hugs and things. Favorite bits to do were the background and that glorious, magical hair. Very warm and glowy.

So then, Enjoy!

Revisited on 7.5.2013 -

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You really want us to cry, that's so beautiful !