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Carter and Rogers

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the second day of February-- [and making steady preparations to avoid Valentine's day]

but regardless, I hope you enjoy this sketch I colorized a little. :) It was actually done back in September or August, last year-- but I have always wanted to revisit it and clean it up a little to look like an old sketch. And I finally got to! I've been following Marvel's Agent Carter these past few weeks, and I have to say that I've really been enjoying it. :D I'm always, always up for more Peggy, and I'm enjoying her relationship dynamics with the other characters in the show, it definitely has shown to carry the character that I hoped it would. Love it.

Not much to say about this particular piece, other than it was much fun. :) I haven't drawn any kissy-kissy stuff in a short while, so this was nice to come back to. I of course have too much fun with old textures and color burn effects and such-- I love making stuff look old.


So! for those of you who *are* doing something for 'Val in Times' day-- feel free to check out my Redbubble store! I have lots of lovey-dovey stuff for Whovians, etc in stock; so I think it might be a good place to find a gift for your special Zygon. :)

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Some upcoming pieces include Doctor Who, some Sengoku Basara stuff, and maybe even Disney! We'll have to see.

UPDATE: As part of the March print update-- this artwork is now available on Redbubble and Society6!

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Ow my heart. :(
LOVE this piece.
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Wow cool I love it
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cool! really like the vintage style :)
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These guys make me so happy and sad at the same time. GREAT picture--captures the relationship between the two perfectly, and makes me want to build Cap a time machine even more! Maybe he could hitch a ride with Eleven? :)
This, is BEAUTIFUL - just wanted to say so.  I am one of the Producers on #AgentCarter and if you sell your pieces and this one hasn't already been snapped up, I'd love to talk about purchasing it.

Either way, huge fan.  Keep it up.

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Just noted you. :nod: I appreciate it.
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