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Gallery Folders

CM: Royal siblings by P4ndora-L
TLG - Kion by AlexaWayne
Kiara's Pride by CosmicCervine
VIDEO The Lion King - We Are Family SPEED PAINTING by JR-Julia
Kion The Fiercest
Kion's Adult Version by NemuShiffer
Kion and night (fur version) by YoungLadyArt
Kion Redesign by marshvall
I'm Going Back! by Louis-Robinson
Kion's Lion Guard
The Lion Guard by AlexaWayne
The Lion Guard by AlexaWayne
The Lion Guard Friendship by AlexaWayne
lion guard kiddos by metakniqht
Kiara, Zuri and Tiifu
Father and Daughter by marshvall
Kion and Tiifu by YoungLadyArt
Fuli-vs-Jasiri by YoungLadyArt
Kion and Fuli - Romantic Night (adult version) by YoungLadyArt
Ono The Keenest Of Sight
Ono by PeonytheWarrior
Smug Ono Meme by LittleHybridShila
TLG - Ono by AlexaWayne
The Real Keenest of Sight by SirSonicBoom3
Fuli The Fastest
The Lion Guard - Fuli by AlexaWayne
Fuli Redraw by XxJoyluvxX
TLK!AU - Fuli Reference Sheet. by Apohe
Adult Fuli by WhiteKimya
Bunga The Bravest
Bunga helps with Muhimu's exercise by JoeyWaggoner
Wanna play Baobab Ball? by Leorgathar
Bunga by PeonytheWarrior
TLG - Bunga by AlexaWayne
Beshte The Strongest
With your example by SmallBlueTiger
Beshte by LiontheNorthernlands
Beshte in Simba's Pride by NostalgicChills
A Muddy Waterslide Ride by TannerxDelia
Janja and Janja by YoungLadyArt
Jasiri Halloween by littlepolka
Lion Guard: Baba/Father by Through-the-movies
Forgiveness by Maisha-Iris
Royal Family, Rafiki, Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa
Playtime by marshvall
Circle Of Life lesson with Mufasa:. by Hey--Maya
A day with Dad by Lewont
A day with Dad by albinoWolf58
Royal Siblings
First Day Outside by albinoWolf58
Scar and His Lion Guard
Kion-We are not the same!!!!!! by YoungLadyArt
Other Canon and Semi-Canon Characters
Is This Yours? by LadyAnaconda
Plushies -TLG Merchandise-
Some Christmas Presents by thefriendlycitizen
Toys and Figures -TLG Merchandise-
Heres the next blind bag  from the lion guard by aliciamartin851
Books -TLG Merchandise-
The Lion Guard Return of The Roar Book (Hard Copy) by FriendshipFan1996
Other Merch -TLG Merchandise-
My Disney World Lion Guard Items by FriendshipFan1996
Comic Strips
Splashing Wars by LadyAnaconda
Fuli Sketch by PeonytheWarrior
Stamps and Icons
TLG: FulixKovu Stamp by Lots-of-Stamps
Other Art, Photographs and Stuff
The Dinosaur Guard by Unicornarama
Fan-Made Characters for Lion Guard Universe
The Fiercest by Louis-Robinson
Human Form
Scar- human version by YoungLadyArt
Unsure- Submit here if unsure which folder
Mr. Steal-Your-Girl by Louis-Robinson

Group Info

Welcome to The Lion Guard family! A fan club for Disney Junior's adorable series! Feel free to become a member and submit your art and any photographs of your collection :meow:
Founded 3 Years ago
Jan 16, 2016


Group Focus
The Lion Guard Fan Club

660 Members
702 Watchers
201,545 Pageviews
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We Are One by Panther85
Thurston by Leorgathar
Kion by Trollberserker
Lion Guard Desktop by Samoht-Lion
Group Favourites
Mark of the Guard embroidery by PeonytheWarrior
Lion Guard: Makucha X Makuba by TSSMGreenGoblinFan
Lion Guard: Makucha Meets Makuba (Colored) by TSSMGreenGoblinFan
Lion Guard: Makucha Meets Makuba (UnColored) by TSSMGreenGoblinFan
Pending Submission
Daily Drawing #4 by Lilenpanda
Kion by eNatalkaArtPlay030
TLG - Kion Young Adult by AlexaWayne
Rani, Leader of the Night Pride by CarameliaBriana

Newest Members

Lion Guard Defend!

Welcome to the fan club for all things Lion Guard! As a member, you are most welcome to submit artwork and photos of merchandise from Disney Junior's adorable series, The Lion Guard. Here we appreciate everyone's work, and encourage you to share your art and collections with other fans, as long as you respect our group rules :meow:

Please Note:
:bulletred: Any content not related to The Lion Guard will be removed from the group. This includes human style characters under some circumstances.
:bulletgreen: Only submit friendly general/universal rated content. Anything deemed offensive or inappropriate will be removed.
:bulletyellow: Please do not re-submit art that has been removed.
:bulletblue: Use the appropriate folders for your submissions, please read the folder names/descriptions and select the correct one to keep the gallery content organised and user-friendly. If unsure, just submit to the "Unsure" folder and I will move the art to the correct folder for you.
:bulletred: Uncoloured art, unfinished art or photos of drawings must be submitted to the "Drawings" folder please.
:bulletgreen: Lion King art without direct, obvious and appropriate reference to The Lion Guard will be removed. However, such art is welcome to our suggested group favourites.
:bulletyellow: These rules are subject to change, so please revise occasionally.
:bulletblue: If you have any problems or questions be sure to leave a comment below and I will try my best to help you! Or you can just say hi :aww:

All fans are welcome to join! :dance:

A warm friendly welcome from your group admin,



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AlexaWayne Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2018  Professional Writer
Is this group still active?
vipermoon878 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
im looking for people to rp the lion king with i rp in story form if anyone's interested please note me thank you
s233220 Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2018
Hi. For the past few weeks, I've been trying submit Lion Guard art to this group, but they haven't been accepted for a long time. Is something wrong with the accepting of submissions? 
MasterTrainer Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2018
So I just read on another forum that Season 3 of this may not be happening because Disney is losing money from this and that they are at their wits end or something? Plus apparently no new episodes will be airing until September.

Can someone confirm and/or deny this? I REALLY don't want this show to end because the DUMPSTER FIRE (MLP: FiM) is still ongoing and this show is SO MUCH BETTER than it it's not even close.

So if someone can speak to this and maybe calm my increased nervousness about this show after reading this I'd appreciate it. Thank you.
Do you have a link to the forum you read? 
MasterTrainer Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2018
Sure but I'm pretty sure you have to be a member to read it.

CallCthulhu Featured By Owner Edited Jun 1, 2018
People are saying the known pedophile SimbaAndPonies is BabsSeed4590. As far as I know there isn't 100% proof of this but it is suspicious, it doesn't help that he watched this group again on top of it all. I just want to give a warning to those who come across this comment, if he notes you be suspicious.

Here's some journals on the matter.
A SERIOUS WARNING: PLEASE READThis is a serious warning about a DA user who goes by the name of Carpa90, and Matteo90 on Discord and Skype
I'd been approached not too long before the conversation with him and me started, by Shadow429 , who warned me of this guy (who was supposedly a pedophile, but I really took no notice of this warning at first).

And wouldn't ya' know it, not long later, Capra himself sent me a note. It was just a friendly introduction, and I was lucky enough to have been warned about him beforehand, but at the same time, I wanted to see if the rumour was true: was he really what Shadow warned him to be?
It was a pretty simple and innocent conversation, but the lack of content on his DA made me all the more skeptical, but I continued chatting nevertheless, just to see where it went.
He eventually asked for my discord, so I gave it to him and he added me:

Then things escalated quickly, although starting wit
Child Wars - The Pedophile Awakens - WARNING BELOWRead this: 
The guy is back and I have proof. He messaged me under a new account SimbaAndPonies 
He noted me, I got suspicious bc of the username, introduction/talking style and date of his joining when he only JUST deactivated his other account like last night or so.
Here's the proof:
Please block and report this user. I hope you're proud of yourself SimbaandPonies, you've been played again like the tool you are.
:new: His account is deactivated but that doesn't mean he couldn't return possibly. Keep you eyes open and stay on guard of any strangers message you. Report, block and spread the message if he returns trying to prey on others.
Thank you kindly for this warning, both accounts (SimbaAndPonies + BabsSeed4590) though now inactive, have now been blocked from this group. If there are any updates regarding this matter please let me know. I will not tolerate DA members with sick intentions joining this group. 
Best regards,
- Admin, rulerofthepridelands
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