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My LOKI Costume Tutorial: Coat/ Cape

Here is how I made the coat and whatnot. 
This is the second of several tutorials of how I created my costume that I will be uploading.
I don't do a lot of tutorials, so I hope this is helpful!
Don't hesitate to comment or ask questions!
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This is great, but to save time and money, for the top half of the coat, I'm just going to use a black tank top and cut the front to look like that, then sew on the flaps. Then add the bottom as you did. :) Awesome tutorial, I loved it!
The-Lighted-Soul's avatar
cool beans! Link me to the finished product? :)
CRichwine's avatar
Sure will when I'm done! :)
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This looks amazing!! :3 I can'twait to try it! I do have one question, when you're cutting the side panels, what should the measurements be? Like the same height as the front and back panels, and the width of the torso?
MidnaWatchesYou's avatar
how much material did you buy? like how many yards of the black stuff did you need?
The-Lighted-Soul's avatar
I bought 3 yards, I think there was at least a yard left over, which is still a good idea in case there are mess ups. And depending on your height you might end up using all of it (keep in min that I am very short - 5'2")
i think for the green cape I had 2 yards 
and for the gold trim a half yard
MidnaWatchesYou's avatar
cool thanks! i'm only 5'3"so that should work!
also I see you made a staff. how tall did you make it? is it taller than you? (that's what most people do) and if you cut it out of wood did you use a 3 by 4 or something?
The-Lighted-Soul's avatar
Oh man the staff lol that was tricky
i made the scepter the shorter, unextended version. It's about 3" long
it was made out of a 2.5 foot long,  1.5 inch diameter wooden dowel, crayola sculpting doh/foam stuff, and several sheets of craft foam. I shaped the wider end of the center out of the doh, and when it was dried I cut out shapes of the craft foam sheets to cover the foam and the dowel, and I created the blades/layered metal looking parts out of thicker craft foam, and a crap ton of hot glue. After I painted it. I think I have some pictures of the process somewhere saved on my computer, I'll look for them
MidnaWatchesYou's avatar
That sounds super hard! I'm a bit of a newb when it comes to craft foams and such, but that's cool how you did it! And I look forward to seeing your staff pics!
The-Lighted-Soul's avatar
Oh don't sweat it, craft foam is way easier than you think, just take a crack at it and see how it goes
MidnaWatchesYou's avatar
BUT WHAT IF I MESS UP! I'LL BRING DISHONOR ON MY FAMILY! DISHONOR ON MY COW! DISHNOR ON MY FANDOMS!  and for me whatever I make has to be perfect so using that professional stuff like craft foam and eva foam and worbla makes me feel like I CAN'T MESS UP! OR ELSE! Onion Boy 6 haaaahhhh it's a hard life being a cosplayer.
The-Lighted-Soul's avatar
Oh pshh I'm hardly a professional, and so is craft foam lol. Just test it out and see how it works for you :)
animezrulz's avatar
where did you get your leather fabric from
iv looked everywhere for a cheapish leather fabric
but my fabric shop dost even sell leathery fabric :\ and i cant find anywhere else
p.s. you did an amazing job
The-Lighted-Soul's avatar
It wasn't exactly leather, it was more of a faux suede type material, I found it at my local Hobby Lobby. If you looked really closely it almost had a tiny scaly pattern to it (2 years ago, mind you, so they may have stopped carrying it since) I hope this was helpful! :)
excelente el tutorial voy a tratar de hacer algo similar, gracias por tus ideas.
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So, I'm going to do my own Loki cosplay for Japantag(a german Day in may about Japan, Cosplay and stuff) and your Little tutorial helps me alot. I hope at least my cosplay will look as nice as yours
The-Lighted-Soul's avatar
Awh thanks friend! I hope your costume turns out well and you look like you're burdened with glorious purpose!
FireofSouls's avatar
We're all burdened with glorious purpose! And if all fail, trust my rage!
You did an amazing job! How much did it cost to make it?
The-Lighted-Soul's avatar
For all the materials I would have to say less than 25$ maybe 30
all of the fabric probably came to >10$
foam was cheap enough 
the kind of paint we got was like 3.99 a bottle
Not too expensive :)
Aura075's avatar
Wow How long did this take you?!
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I'm trying to design my own Loki costume, and the perfectionist in me is doing my head in tying to find patterns that I can work off, alternitively, I could get my hands on some cheep material and rough it our first...
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