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You can't take the sky from me...

Wed Feb 2, 2005, 7:06 AM
I'm writing game reviews for!
Read them here:…

I have *finally* discovered Terragen, and am having a lot of fun with it. These are early days of course, and I realise I have much to learn. I'd like to publically thank: ZippoFlame3D, dadrian & Destructionist whose tips have been extremely helpful in helping out little old noobie me.

I have also discovered Firefly, Joss Whedon's prematurely cancelled Sci-Fi series. Why are studio executives such harbingers of evil? Why did such a a brilliant show have to be nipped in the bud? They could at least have let it run for a full season before axing it.

After much trepidation, I have agreed to play the piano at church once a month to accompany the singing. I have done it before, twice, and both times I felt like I was a dismal failure. I'm competant wehn playing alone, at home - but in a context where other people are relying on me to get it right I fall to pieces. At least they have promised that, to begin with, I'll be able to choose which songs I play.

  • Reading: 'Impossible Odds' - Dave Duncan
  • Watching: Firefly DVDs
sevenofeleven Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2005
Channel 5 (fox) is the closest thing to pure chaos. You get good stuff X Files, Firefly, Millennium, etc and you get bad stuff "Top of the heap". The station has a history of shutting down good shows.

Used to watch a show called "Space Above and Beyond". It was basically a show about a aircraft carrier in space with spaceships instead of jets. The writing was pretty good, the chars were memorable.

I miss Firefly, thought it had some great episodes but they had problems with the character interaction balance vs action. Not enough action and people get bored. Stargate so far seems to have a good balance.

Good job with the game reviews, I have read a lot of reviews from different magazines and none of them mentioned the multiple disks for Half life 2. 5 disks, I wonder how much it would cost them to put it all on a dvd.
Dmcdivet Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2005
Well keep it up. Playing in front of people takes practice. I know what you mean though, I feel the same way (or used to) when playing guitar for church or our youth ministry here in Cheney.
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February 2, 2005