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Depression is an annoying thing. When it gets bad it can seize me for months at a time and convince me that I'm hopeless as an artist and a writer, and I might as well give up. Thus my lack up updates until recently. I'm better now, and getting productive again. I've already uploaded one new deviation, and hopefully there are more to come.
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Argon87 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004
depression eh?... I recently got into it and hardly went through...

I was just thinking the same you see... *maybe im a baaadd artist and maybe i should give up...

I really thought I wouldnt make my career out of it...
My dad was like... you gotta be realistic... I doubt youre gonna make a job out of it... maybe you should keep it for hobbies... and if later you get better... then show to other people you great talents...

My dad showed me who I am

He said I was a storyteller since my youngest age... and bla bla bla...
guess i will spare you the long speech...

so yes... depression can be really boring (like duh....) but it still has a use...

... you get to know yourself more and more...
its life man.... an endless cycle...

You'll see you end up quite the winning man after such a pass...

cheer up Man! :boogie:
SalviaDivinorum Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004
hey buddy, cheer up will ya :poke:
closer-to-heaven Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2004   Photographer
Glad you're still alive.. welcome back! A BIG :hug:
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December 20, 2004