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For what it's worth...

Tue Aug 2, 2005, 9:59 PM
I'm writing game reviews for!
Read them here:…'s my opinion.

I don't know jark and I confess that my involvement in the DA community has been rather limited. If indeed he has been treated harshly and unfairly, then I condemn the action.

But I'm not convinced that the rampant hysteria which has swept across this site is achieving anything good. I beg people to express their anger calmly and gently. This boycot of August 7 seems terribly childish, like sitting in a corner and pouting.

But I I'm a subscriber and I have a print account and I fancy the idea of making money from my art (one day...), so obviously I must be a sell-out and my opinions are not worth squat.

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HippieKing Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2005
That is why on August the 7th we must do the opposite, submit, submit, submit. Yellow deviations for jark It's a lot more practical that way don't you agree?
Refer to `onestar for information.
Argon87 Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2005
Im sure we would all prefer community to money site. We all wish for Jark to come back, but its obvious he wont. Hes been legally put aside by those who took power over him, and legally. A lot of people here feel like the site should be put back to community and family feeling it created before, the fact is... its never coming back.
We are witnessing a dying generation of artists, while another one is taking its stand.
People just dont seem to understand this place was mean to make money anyway. Its born for this. You usually take dreams and commercialize it, thats how companies get bigger. That Jark case is just something we need to get over. Once the guy will be gone, community will still be, but in our hearts, and it will be our words that will make this site stay family.
Jark is a man falling like another, and though it brings rebellion to our minds, it will never bring no good to DA's site.
So like you said, and I agree, boycotting will never bring us anywhere.

Let us be at peace :meditate:
the-least Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Actually I'd prefer an Art site to a community or money site.
Argon87 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2005
you win :)
but what kind of website would it look alike?
what would it be different from DA?
the-least Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Nope, that's my point. Whatever difficulties DA might be going through, it is still the best Art site I've ever seen, that's why I'm not going anywhere :)
Argon87 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2005
I see... and I guess you have a point. lol
Therefore, must I comprehend you do not take your stand and stay neutral, watching the two sides fighting each other?
Thats what I've been doing lately, not that I care about who goes or stays... Justice is not a strong value these days... sadly...

We are artists, and as artists our goal is to express ourselves in various ways. The way the system works, we just got to live with it.

Same with a citizen and his country, citizen's goal is to form a family and survive, no matter how the system works, you have to live with it.

So the question is, must we stay behind, or strike...?

There are those who stay behind and watch the positions. We are not reacting to the fall of a side or another, chaos does not concern us, we fit with what we have.

I agree with your decision :meditate:
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August 2, 2005