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Warren Graham as a Bird (Life Is Strange)

The Bronze-Masked Peacock is the most flamboyant of peafowl. Once it has singled out another bird as a potential mate, it will dance and display constantly, seemingly incapable of relaxing in her presence. They have also been observed attacking any other bird that threatens the female, whether she has shown interest or not. When not obsessing over a mate, Bronze-Masked Peacocks are curious by nature, always inspecting new or unknown objects... sometimes to their own detriment.

This is part of a series where I am drawing all major characters from Life Is Strange as birds.

The colours I used for the plumage here all came from Warren's outfit from Episode 1 (plus his hair and eyes), and I was surprised at how similar they are to actual peafowl. I have to wonder whether that was an intentional part of his character design.

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