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Victoria Chase as a Bird (Life Is Strange)

The Gold-Barred Secretary Bird, also known as the Kashmiri Secretary Bird, differs from its African cousin not only in coloration, but in its diet. Rather than eating snakes, it prefers to hunt ground-dwelling birds - especially flightless parrots - targeting the weakest for an easy meal. Dominating and territorial, but also highly intelligent, these birds have been known to hold a grudge for many years.

This is part of a series where I am drawing all major characters from Life Is Strange as birds.

The colors here are based on Victoria's cashmere outfit from Episode 1.

There's actually only one known species of Secretary Bird in the world (Sagittarius serpentarius). I chose this bird for Victoria because, although technically a Bird of Prey, I've always felt that Secretary Birds seem to think they're better than other BoPs. Maybe that's just me.

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Great work!
Could you draw Mr.Jefferson as well?
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He's on my list!