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Tempest class Battleship

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Published: November 10, 2006
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I'm working on a calendar based on the ships in my webcomic, Crimson Dark [link] - this wallpaper is based on one of the images for the calendar. I may make further changes before publishing the calendar, so don't assume that this image accurately reflects the finished product.
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Replace the turrets on that with the 360 degree swinging Tech II artillery cannons found on the Minmatar Tempest class battleship in EVE, and it might be better...somewhat.
[link] )(1400mm's)
or just watch Clear Skies, an EVE + HL2 machinima on Youtube.
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Just took a look at the comic on the strength of this drawing along. I have to say, I'm impressed with the drawing here and the amount of detailed work there as well. Wonderful.
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dmalandHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the "verticalness" of the ship.
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Another great image. I'm a great fan of the Tempest, it is my favorite ship in Crimson Dark apart from the Niobe. This really has the feel of a painting that a captain of one of these behemoths would have on his ready room wall.

Now do one of my other favorite capship, the Kestrel, and I will be content. ;)

One note: I noticed that almost all the turrets on the Tempest are aligned vertically, so they can shoot along the long axis or vertically. It strikes me as an incredible oversight that the ship's single widest profile has the least number of turrets available to protect it. Of course, the Dariniri found that out to their cost in that big battle, didn't they?

It strikes me that Darinir shipwrights tend to think offensively (attacking head-on or bombarding surface targets) while Crinn shipwrights tend to design more balanced warloads. This probably comes from the Crinn's bitter experience in the Colonial Wars against Earth when they had to primarily fight defensively.
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well I look at one from two years ago and now one fairly recent. spetacular and I love the web comic so far.
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I like the "offset" ship, the background is frikkin sweet

I don't see a conflict, I see the vastness of the universe and one vessel lost in it.
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ZHer0 Interface Designer
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LeviamickyHobbyist General Artist
Another vertical ship! Lovely :)
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planets are very unique, and the starfield is so well done! love the depth in there.
i like very much of the ship too, althought i think it's not very well positioned

nice work! :)
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the-leastProfessional Digital Artist
What's wrong with the ship's position?
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art pieces usually has a main focus
on this one, there's a 'conflict of interests' between the ship and the planet
if you don't get it, tell me and i'll send a very useful link with some tips about composition
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the-leastProfessional Digital Artist
I'm aware of the fundaments of composition. For this image, my idea was that the eye would first be attracted to the moon (since our focus normally begins at the top-left), across to the planet and finally settling on the subject of the piece: the Battleship.
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the problem is the atmosphere of the planet
i mean, the moon looks good there, but the saturation of the planet's amtmosphere steals more attention than the ship
but that's ok, that's a great work and this kind of discussion is pointless
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